Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gift From Mother Nature

This is Mother Nature's x'mas gift to me..

Blooming air plants!!!

2 different forms of ionanthas..




Top row: Tillandsia ionantha 'Fuego'

Bottom row:Tillandsia Ionantha 'Rubra'



Friday, December 23, 2005

Don't Shoot me.. I'm so shy...

Catchy title today eh?

What so shy about?

So shy till my airplant (tillandsia) isBlush3 turning Blush2red... ohhh.. its blushinBlush1g..

notice the other green neighbours of the same species around it.. they are still green.. must be the neighbours teasing this particular plant.. lol

Anyway, this is an indication that the plant is receiving sufficient light and is ready to flower soon.. will update more pics of the flowers, if it really flowers..

Anyway.. such a perfect setting for Christmas.. Red and Green!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Let it snow.. let it snow.. let it snow..

Today is the primary school class gathering at Miss Sim's (who is my Primary 6 form teacher) house. Not bad a respond this time round, managed to catch up with the soon to be Dr Chua.. who is studying in London.. Very nice of him to bring us Christmas pudding and even a ride back home at like 11 plus!!! Thank u, Dr Chua!!! I still know your song... hehe...

To people like You Reng, Cindy, Vionne, Wang Ying, Shumin, Weiling, Jingyuan and Huang Jie.. Thanks for coming.. really appreciated all the laughters we had when we were talking about Pri sch days...

Will update pics here on my blog when i get them..

Anyway.. Merry Xmas all! Hope u had fun!

My gift of chocolates from the gift exchangeXmas_present

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Shopping

After being tied down with so much things to do this festive season, I finally had the time to go down to Orchard to do some Christmas Shopping!

Went with my cousin, Clarence, who's going to Finland soon... Had a farewell dinner for him at Thai Express at Paragon!

The crowd in Orchard is massive, everyong buying as though it's all free!!!!

Luckily for me, i did not spend much despite going home with 3 bagfuls of stuff, thanks to my Borders vouchers! Bought some Xmas presents... for myself... and for other people!

Shop Shop1

Friday, December 16, 2005

It´s my party, and i´ll cry if I want to

Remember the retro song that goes:

"It´s my party, and i´ll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you"

Today's my birthday... but not many people actually knew about it... haiz... total SMS birthday greetings 3... got 6 birthday handshake wishes i even got one from Macdonald's.. maybe cos i on their membership list.. No birthday cards, no birthday presents (except one that i got myself and one that was given to me at a restaurant..) so pathetic right?

At least, i had a nice birthday lunch at Thai Express today with my classmate.. super shiok and sumptous lunch, green curry chicken, yellow curry chicken, grilled chicken popiah, tom yam soup and guessed what i was presented?


..... a bottle of wine!!!

Quite surprised, cos i was expecting like if it was wine, should be served during the lunch itself.. not after paying the bill.. and they made my walk the whole of Holland V with a wine bottle in a carrier bag... lol...anyway, i wonder what patrons under 18 actually get.. wine too?

Anyway, i got for myself.. this M&M chocholate candy dispenser today.. Pic_0112self sympathy mar.. no birthday presents.. so got myself one.. who needs people to give me.. i can get it myself.. haha.. :P

So after spending my lunch in Holland Village, I went with my lecturer, Dr Tay, to this really cool compPic_0110any.. Sensient, it deals in food colourings, both naPic_0111tural and synthetic! So amazing.. just look at the catalogue book.. like really those paint catalogue. Colourful candies, juices and stuff.. so amazing.. So now you know where those colour from foods actually came from eh? Having second thoughts?

Dont worry.. cos all the colours are all food safe.. and some are even natural or nature identical!!

Alright, thats all for updating blog on a Birthday night!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Golden Eyes


its not the old Bond Movie...

but rather a pic of my fishes took in the dark..

look at reflective eyes... hence the name.. golden eyes.. :P


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Friends... Hopefully Forever

Today..managed to meet up with a group of my primary school friends.. time flies.. have known them for more then 11 years!!!

Even though we have not met up for quite a long time, we chatted like we had never before.. all the laughing.. all the catching up.. Perhaps the friends, or rather most of them, we make during our primary school days are the most real and sincere...

Here's the unedited pics...

SHiqing, dun kill me for this..


Pic_0093 Pic_0095 Pic_0096 Pic_0097 Pic_0098


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Are you ugly or what?

Today encountered so many ugly Singaporeans around..

People that do not give way to passengers alighting from MRT... as though they rushing in first can get prize... and worst still, people who sit on the floor on the MRT.. i was like hello.. ur butt very heavy is it?

Then when i came out from the MRT station.. This girl approached me.. and just shoved up this shit, erm.. i mean sheet of paper into my face. No basic courtesy is it? Didnt school teach kids to be more courtesy? I wonder what happened to the courtesy campaign. Cant she approach me and ask nicely if i wanna do a survey or not..

Then at the bus interchange.. some people really have no idea on how to queue for the buses.. and when the buses come. they actually have the aduacity to rush up the buses like nobody's business..

sigh, what has become of Singaporeans..

Are you ugly like them too?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It's been such a long time updating this blog..

guess i must have been so busy.. and coming up with excuses not to update this blog..

actually i am kinda afraid of the notification letter that informs u that i have updated my blog..

how come cant undo that function?



today updating some pics of my African Cichlid Tank set up..

and u guessed it!!! The theme is ship wrecked.. created with porcelain ware and rocks for that sunken titanic look..

here's some low quality pics..