Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Eve finally........Ko_xi_fa_chai1


After being so busy for such a long time, its time for Chinese New Year! Hey, its the year of the Dog!~ A complete 2 zodiac cycles for yours truly!

Here's my Chinese New Year Greetings to all of ya...

DragonhorseSmileDreamcometrue Fah Fu Money_more


May you all achieve peace, wealth, health and prosperity in the year of the DOG! Kong_xi02 2004101_cny002 Cny3 Orange_kong_xi

Last Minute Shopping

Today had a busy time zitting from place to place to buy stuff for Chinese New Year. Right after school in the morning, headed to Bugis to get stuff, then to RAffles City, Marina Square and Suntec City then to orchard area.. next to bukit timah.. Super tired.. think more then 24 click route march covered today!

So busy just preparing for CNY!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Suay Suay kena summon

today.. so suay...

parked my car at a public carpark tore 4 $1 coupons.. came back 4 hours later.. only to realise that i got a parking summon..

my gosh..

so salah.. did not noticed that the charges was $1 per half hour..

guess that sure makes me open my eyes wide to look at the parking charges before tearing my coupon..

Monday, January 16, 2006

Pineapple's relative

Here is a pic of my Cryptanthus which is a kind of bromeliad that i just got recently.. doing well.. new leaves coming up... can tell that it likes it environment...Pic_0084

These plants are small, terrestrial, sometimes stoloniferous with flat, basal, symmetrically arranged, variously colored mottled or stripped leaves. They are grown mainly as foliage plants but their tiny white flowers, emerging low in the cups, are very attractive. Plants of this genus are commonly referred to as "earth stars" because their leaves grow low and parallel to the ground in a star-like arrangement. The species Cryptanthus bivattatus and several of its cultivars are among the most widely grown for use as interior plants.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

CNY products


CNY is coming..

so i thought i just devote this posting to advertise for my products... Chinese Sausages....

3tinsmall All2small Hangingsmall

Feeling Hungry?

Drop me a msg now to order!!!!!