Sunday, February 26, 2006

The worrying game

Just finished the Chemical Engineering paper on friday.. now comes the worrying part..

dunno can pass or not...I done my best liao.. re did all the test papers and tutorials... its so stressful!!!! Think the most stressful part of exams is the waiting for results part of it. Left with 2 more papers.. maths and food chemistry!

Hope no modules kena ta pao...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One down!!! 3 more to go!!! arghhhh...

Yep.. One paper down... QAAS completed.. not too bad.. guess can pass lar.. hope so..

now left the chemical engineering principles for this week.. very worried.. must star-dee and go thru a lot... since its my weakest...

haiz.. stressed leh.. after exams must de stress!!! Thinking of it already...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Scream!!!!

Scream No. 1

Stressed this week.. 2 major papers this week.. Quality Assurance as well as the dreaded, Chemical Engineering Principles... Trying very hard to work things and iron things out.

Scream No. 2 - Ice Cream...

actually this is the main scream lar.. have u ever gone to restaurants / cafes whereby they served u a single scoop of ice cream.. upon closer scrutiny, you realised that the ice cream had been most probably been scopped up some time and placed in the freezer in the serving dish.. can see ice crystals and some recrystallization of ice cream material at base... Wonder if its actually hygenic to eat or not... Kena this twice this week liao at different restaurants... hmmm... anyone any views?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

So freaking pissed and stressed!

I seriously dunno what's wrong with me these days..

Feeling pissed and stressed and having a very short temper. Maybe due to the fact that my powerpoint slides were rejected by my group mates for my project? Spent the whole CNY doing leh.. so sad..

anyway.. here's a pic of my product that we created.


Then got back my CPENG quiz today.. amazing marks too.. even more stressed up.. haiz..

Went for a little retail therapy trip, bought some stuff.. feeling a bit better.. but i still got presentation on this friday and the exams are nearing.... arggghhh.... STRESSED!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Lo Hei Phobia

New phobia term i coined..


it's Lo Hei Phobia... Cny_tpix_r2

how does it occur? After eating all the Yu sheng during the various CNY dinner.. u get this phobia.. kinda scary... lolz..

Just thinking back of all the meals i had during the previous few days of CNY will send shivers down my oesphagus.. haha..

everywhere u go.. same dishes.. roasted chicken, cold dish, yu sheng, oysters with black moss, fried noodles, desserts like red bean cream and yam paste..

looks like there is a lack of creatvity in restaurants.. maybe fellow potential food technologists can come up with something unique? Food Product Development...


till then.. Happy CNY.. or rather what's left of it!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good things come in pairs....

They say all good things come in pair, esp so during the Lunar New Year..

This is what happened to my Tillandsia ionantha Fugeo...

2 plants in the same clump blushing... fire cracker red to add to the CNY mood..

Pic_0122 Pic_0124 Pic_0123

so the good things comes in pairs...

the bad things come alone...

yea.. that's my CPENG test.. dunno how to do at all.. mental block.. anyone good at chem eng can help me or not???