Sunday, April 30, 2006

Strawberry drink....

I need help... can someone suggest me a drink that they would like to have it in a strawberry version?

doing a little project.. that needs me to come up with a strawberry drink...

Imagine... strawberry flavoured soya milk...

Think after this project... going to be scared off strawberries.. just like after the previous sesame oil project.. *faints*

Saturday, April 29, 2006

New site!

Welcome to the new site that my blog has been relocated too. Relocating from
the old server which was hosted on
due to the fact that there is limited disk space as well as it was rather use
unfriendly. i do hope that you will like this place better!


Anyway, kicking start this blog entry with a lil update on my parrot fish tank!

Going... Going... Gone...

hi all..

shifting my blog to this new site! Thank you so much for your kind visits and comments you had so far for this site. This site will still be staying here though!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Food Hotel Asia 2006 - *Warning*.. Picture Intensive!

Spent 2 days at Food Hotel Asia...

Loads of pics for this post.. hope u all will enjoy it..Kicking things off.. display of fruit carvings...

Pic_0188 Pic_0190 Pic_0192

Next, a picture of an ice carving competition taking place..


  • Yummy chocolate statues of art on display.. nice to see.. and good to eat..

Pic_0193 Pic_0194 Pic_0195_1 Pic_0196 Pic_0197

  • Goodies from Taiwan have landed in Singapore... Naruwan...

Pic_0198 Pic_0199

  • Live lobsters... swimming in the tank at temperature of 15.8 deg celsius as well as black and blue varieties

Pic_0204 Pic_0206

  • Minzee with her big candy floss!


  • Delicious pastries!
  • Pic_0201 Pic_0202 Pic_0211

  • Pastry Show piece competition... all these were made from edible ingredients.. super nice but tough work!Pic_0240

Pic_0238 Pic_0223 Pic_0229 Pic_0225 Pic_0221 Pic_0239

Pic_0241 Pic_0243 Pic_0245 Pic_0247 Pic_0249 Pic_0255 Pic_0256 Pic_0281 Pic_0282

  • Dress the cake competition... all look so yummy.. the black chocolate one titled Garuda... reminded me of my project mate, Douglas...

Pic_0289 Pic_0286

  • Design of wedding cakes

Pic_0280 Pic_0259 Pic_0261 Pic_0263 Pic_0264 Pic_0265 Pic_0266

Pic_0267 Pic_0269 Pic_0273 Pic_0276Pic_0277 Pic_0274

  • The whole event was quite enjoyable.. especially seeing the new machinery and packaging material. Thanks to friends who accompanied me there on both days!

See the clip of live lobsters kept in a marine tank during the exhibition.. big guys... Vid here