Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why so stressed?


Recently i have been feeling so stressed, been not able to sleep well at night.. then when i woke up this morning.. my head was like Kylie Minologue's 'Spinning Around'. It did not make things better to have a pair of eyes staring at me on the bus when i was tuning in to my MP3...

I guess FYP has been bugging me... lack of proper equipment, or rather lack of permission to use the correct equipment with the correct setting is just pissing me off. I cant understand why even bother to get an equipment if that equipment cant be calibarated for other settings easily.. it just lacks the versatility.. or perhaps.. the human mind can only think in a straight line and not out of the box effectively.

Other then that, today, tried to destress by going to get my FYP trial run ingredients as well as having a good Japanese lunch at Fiesta Japanese Restaurant at Jurong Point.

tommorrow is D day... hopefully product will be successful.. then can show all those pesky people that i was right all this while...

Think i better study for my biotech test tomorrow too.. till then....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Verbal Blooper Day

Today super paiseh...
I had to talk to a bunch of kids to tell them about SP Experience... I really did not know what to tell them... i think i was like super nervous in front of them.. trying very hard not to show my trembling...
After that, went to Holland Village to open my bank account with UOB and to get their bank card. Open bank account also must wait for so long.. Luckily got someone accompany me... so at least have someone to talk to.

For lunch, we adjourned to Crystal Jade. I must say that their dumpling for the Dragon Boat Festival is very unique... Why? Cos it has abalone... and of course it comes with a hefty price tag. Due to the need to return to school for more lessons and praticals, we shelved the idea of eating the dumpling as it will be hard to digest, and thus more sleepy during lessons.. Thus settled for something more neutral like noodles.. and tim sum!

Half way thru the meal, my lecturer whose lesson was at 1 smsed me to tell me that she will start the lesson at 130 as she was in a meeting, so being a blur king, i thought her lesson started at 12, I was so elated.. cos can eat slowly and go shopping (which i bought a bottle of Iseey Miyake summer fragrance from Sasa).

So when I returned to school and went back to class room.. I had the shock of my life.. Omigosh.. made such a big blunder.. When i went into the class , everyone looked at me... so paiseh...I mixed up the lectures and I missed half of a lecture...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Class outing..

Finally.. had my class outing for this semster..
when to ramen ten.. food not bad.. price also ok..

Seems like a nice place to dine at.. No frills dining..


anyway.. here's a vid that i made.. for my class outing..

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Never be stuck with only one card

Today went shopping, so paiseh.. one of my Mastercard cannot be used. So strange, even though the expiry date is still valid on the card, the transaction just wont go through!! So weird and malu!

Think must apply for one from UOB.. a lot of benefits.. thou shall do that by this week.. but must work over the school holidays to make more money first!

Friday, May 26, 2006

GSS is back....

GSS... Great Singapore Sale.. It's the first day of GSS

Wah.. you get to see all the Auntie's out in full force pulling all the clothes from heaps and heaps of clothes.. like Lo Hei during Chinese New Year like that! It's amazing to see how Orchard Road is so busy despite the fact that its barely even after-office hours.

gosh.. I am such a sucker for this sales tactics.. bought loads of stuff today.. It's just the first day.. but i'm like already 1/2 broke.. lol.. I need new resources.. anyone can help?

Anyway.. i came across this very cute thing about Da Vinci Code, its so Singaporean... check it out at

Thursday, May 25, 2006

X-Men ... Xciting...

Today went to school.. and someone said my object of desire looks like those 5 dollar kinda thing... someone even said 3 dollar.. dunno to feel happy or feel sad... haiz..

Anyway, watched X-men with douglas and his gf, Tabitha (i hope i got the name correct cos douglas always say i spell salah). Show was pretty good.. certain parts of the movie evoked a sense of deja vu in me, for example when Magneto announced to the world over television broadcast that a world will be waged.. it was so reminiscent of Osama's bombing threats.

Also, the movie kinda reminded of people with split personality, that is those that smile in front to you, only to stab you in the back... like Jean Gray aka Phoenix.

The last part of the movie.. where the scene was about a guy playing chess.. i got the fright of my life.. wonder why the sound effect was placed there.. dunno is it for the continuation of the story.

After the movie, headed to the NYDC at Wheellock Place to eat. Ordered tiramisu, my comfort food... haha.. I like it so much despite the fact that I do not like coffee. The couple obviously did not know about the romantic story behind tiramisu.....

Here is a write up just for the sweet couple:

The name tiramis├╣ means "pick-me-up", referring to the two caffeine-containing ingredients, espresso and cocoa.

Some believe it was first created during the First World War. Women in northern Italy made these desserts for their men to take with them as they were being sent off to war, presumably to remind them of their love together, as the bitter-sweet taste of the dessert alludes to the perplexing feeling of love itself. Or more practically, they might have believed the high caffeine and energy content of these desserts give their men more energy to fight and help bring them home safely.

Another story regarding tiramisu dates back even further. It is said that during the Renaissance periods, Venetian women made these to be shared with their men during the late hours because they believed it would give them the energy to make more vigorous love later. A different take on this story is that Venetian prostitutes, living above caf├ęs, would order this as a late night pick-me-up.

Whichever version of the story it is, this desert is certainly the best for the romantic couple

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Object of Desire

Just back today.. after buying the object of my desire.. A little broke liao.. but feeling happy and satisfied..
Sometimes, you just gotta splurge and spoil yourself once in a while...

Monday, May 22, 2006

What a sweet day...

It was such a sweet day, literally..
cos we made hard-boiled candy for lab today!!

very interesting!!

Fun making all the flavours.. i think the most gross one was the pineapple one.. the one that was yellow.. cos no matter how we tried.. it was turned out having a charred flavour.. the grape flavour, purple one, very nice and yummy..

Guess what the green one was?

It's mint lor... I thought the colour was apple.... duh..

Anyway.. it was so messy.. had to clean up all the solidifed candy on the pots and stuff.. headache... but i went home with many sweets to distribute.. who wanna try my art work? Maybe next time i can set up a confectionery business.. :p

*PS* I combined all the pics into one pic... lest ppl start complaining my blog take very long time to load..

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Found an old vid clip of mine...

Found this old video clip of mine..

Taken 2 years ago at the Singapore Science Centre when I was there on community service.

This was my very first attempt at making a video...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Singapore Movie

Catch this local movie.

Based on the concept of contradiction, this 9mins short film portrays a forgetful couple trying to get last minute gift for each another on their anniversary day. Being an extremely non-telepathic couple, contradicting events and thoughts happened through out the story. Cast: Adrian Gan, Edalene Tay. Written, produced and directed by Stanley Huang.

Love the singlish...

Friday, May 19, 2006

I am very stressed

I feel so stressed recently..
on the verge of breaking down....
can feel all the tension building up in me..

somemore.. today my hard disk died on me... ARGH..... good times never come together.. suay things flock together to me... Haiz...

this morning, when i went for lab lesson already very stoned... and moody...

Anyway, today's experiment was on yogurt making... like using UHT milk and exisitng yougurt to make new yogurt cultures..

See this pic, thats lovely strawberry and blueberry yogurt we created!!! No lah.. kidding.. those colour caused by an indicator to determine how much Lactobacillus (for fermenting the yogurt) is present in the different cultures.

Incubating the cultures...

Using a pH probe to test the acidity of the different cultures...

So fun.. todays experiment.. but I think i still prefer to buy my yogurt off the shelves... having second thoughts on home made yogurt.. and no strawberry flavoured yogurt for at least one week please... after seeing that indicator turning the yogurt a lovely strawberry pink... *shudders*

Anyway... on the way outta sch today.. there were this bunch of people giving out pamplets on the truth about Da Vinci Code.. Guess the movie is really having a big impact on the religion.. due to all the infused 'fiction'...

Fact or fiction.. Isnt that what life revolves about?

My Heart will go on?

See this clip... interesting about the 'sequel' to the movie Titanic...

imagine being brought back alive from frozen material..

Thursday, May 18, 2006

More potato saga...

Dunno why...
This is the 2nd entry on potatoes on my blog within a month...

Cos today did an expt about peeling of potatoes... using chemical and manual means... Sounds so tormenting eh...

You peel them manually...

... you weigh them....

...You dunk them under running water...

Next.. you compare.. the different methods of toture... :p

Moral of the story: It's not easy being a potato afterall...

My parrot cichlid music vid..

Pardon the poor resolution of the clip..
had to tone down on the file size to fit this up to youtube.
This is just a simple work of my parrot community tank..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Test....

Phew... finally finished studying for the Management module... can heave a sigh of relief liao..
for the past few days, had been so stressed studying for it.. as well as ransacking my brains for my product development.

Anyway... some people even more stressed then me... wear 2 different slipper....

Question of the day:
Why did this Iguana cross the road????

Ans: I really dunno.. and I wasnt the reckless driver!!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That's my MacTangYuan...

I saw this clip on youtube... Mactangyuan!!!!
super hilarious..

Here's the vid:

Bukit Brokeback!

Brokeback Mountain is an award-winning film that depicts a sexual, romantic, and emotional relationship between two men in the American West from 1963 to 1983.
The film, released in 2005, is directed by Ang Lee from a screenplay by Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry, which they adapted from "Brokeback Mountain," a short story by Annie Proulx.
The film stars Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, and Randy Quaid.

Move over, brokeback mountain.. here comes Singapore's very own Bukit Brokeback.

I was given this link by my webfriend:

Its a blog by a gay couple in Singapore.. amazingly I heard it has over taken Xia Xue's blog. Upon entering the site, you see the words "boy sees boy, boy likes boy, boy have sex with boy, boy loves boy. =)"

Basically the blog is like a collection of the days happenings for the couple.. all the sweet mushy things that they did.. haha..

Anyway, back to the point, I find them brave for like expressing themselves to the public, they even posted their pics on the website. Maybe due to the fact that "love is blind", which gives them the courage to express themselves.

If true love knows no boundaries, should such couples be ostracized by society?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sensory Evaluation of Soup Bases.... after my BIG BUFFET LUNCH

Nothing drives away the Monday Blues better then gorging yourself with food at a buffet. That's exactly what my FYP kakis and I did today. I cant belive it.. 5 servings of waffle ice cream (thanks to Douglas).. i can still feel it at the back of my throat plus many servings of the main courses like black peppered beef, crab claws, sotong balls, curry chicken, salads, cakes, green bean soup. We sat at the place for like coming to 2 hours, helping ourselves to the variety of food while discussing some details of my FYP. Anyway, my FYP seems to be going rather smoothly, glad I found the correct people! After the buffet, so full!!! I felt like puking man!!

Immediately after the lunch, i had a lab session today where i was supposed to analyse the different tastes of soup bases, with flavour enhancers like MSG and flavours added. We actually made the soup base powder ourselves. Some pics:

Powdered soup base ready for evaulation

My lecturer cutting the caked soup base...

Reconstitution of the powdered soup base to form the soup...

Here's the end product, served in little transparent cups for us to do the sensory evaluation to determine any differences due to changes in the formulation.... ARRGH... so full from buffet.. taste buds not working!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

po-tay-to or poh-tah-to???

Just how should the word 'potato' be prononuced has been highly debatable..

but WATCH out.. here comes a new contender....

Saw this on the packaging of some potato chips..
just in case you cant read chinese...
the words in white... is a literal translation from potato..

talk about foods with a little does of humour..
maybe can use laughing gas to do modified atmosphere packaging for the chips...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I had lunch at Marche today with my regular Final Year Project (FYP) kakis before conducting market research. Market research and other FYP matters are always done on Wednesday as that it is a common time slot for us.

It's been such a long time since i entered Marche.. I still love the Crepe with Caramel Banana. Of course, being in the Food Tech course, we went around analysing food before settling down on lunch. Sad to say, the crowd in the restaurant was dwindling despite the fact that it was the peak lunch time. I used to remember that when the concept of "bar code" dining was first introduced by Marche like when i was in Sec 4 in 1998, long queues used to form outside the first restaurant at the Hereen shops at Orchard. Perhaps, such concept of "bar code" dining has been copied by other restaurants already, like Mezza9 which has a slightly more upmarket and trendy touch to it. Also Banquet, has also come up with something similar at IMM, Jurong East.

Another point, i noted was that the same menu still existed since like 8 years ago, Rosti with sour cream, roasted pork knuckles, grilled seafood, grilled steaks and hotdogs, fish and chips, salad bars, as well as my very favourite, crepe with caramel bananas. I can already imagine how many people have already grown tired of the exisiting menu.

From this real life example, I have learnt that in order to have a successful F&B outlet, one needs to have innovation, like coming up with different dishes to add on the usual fare.. as well as more product differentation, in this case the "bar code" dining could have been made more different from competitors, maybe by having special privellege cards with stored values that can accumulate rebates upon visit. By the way, the humble Kopitiam chain of foodcourts have come up with their stored value cards to get food.. It certainly seems that going cashless in the food industry is slowly on the rise. Let's not forget about Macdonald's payment by Ez-link system too..

Thus, setting up a business is difficult, maintaining one is even more difficult as we constantly have to keep with the trends of the market.

So much for the increase in bus fare..

Have you ever boarded a really crowded bus before?

I was in the bus earlier this morning.. Really crowded.. Then i came across this sticker indicating how many people the bus is licensed to carry. Judging by the fact that the people in the bus were packed like sardine, the bus would have been at least 1.5 times the number of people it was supposed to carry legally. I was wondering.. if other vehicles like lorries, could be stopped by the Traffic Police for carrying more then the number of passengers stipulated, why arent the bus companies doing anything for safety? I can imagine what will happen if a bus that is heavily louded tries to manoevuer a sharp turn and over turns, if found to be over loaded, will the passengers still be able to claim their insurance?

Also, buses that tend to be crowded often, indicate that the bus duration frequency should be increase to match the demand of consumers who are paying the fares..

And, why are we paying so much for bus fares and still squeeze onto the bus despite being overloaded? Maybe the Ez-link method of payment can incorporate a counter such that when passengers board the bus, the number of passengers is taken note, while those alighting are also noted. Thus, when there are more then the legal number of passengers on board, the Ez-link system will not work for those passengers boarding the bus.

What do you think?
Is safety more important?
or would you rather squeeze onto a crowded bus?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Da Vinci Code...

From Channel News Asia website:
Posted: 08 May 2006 2116 hrs

"Board of Film Censors gives 'The Da Vinci Code' a rating of NC16

Board of Film Censors (BFC) has rated the film 'The Da Vinci Code' NC16. The
film has a "mature content" advice and no children below the age of 16 will
able to watch it at the cinemas in Singapore. BFC says that, in deciding
on the
rating, it sought the views of the Film Consultative Panel which
comprises a
cross section of society, representing different professions,
age groups, races
and religions. The majority of members came to the
conclusion that the film
should be viewed as a thriller and a piece of
fiction. Members agreed that the
film can be shown, but at a higher rating
as only a mature audience will be able
to discern and differentiate between
fact and fiction. - CNA/ch "

Yea... finally.. got the rating for the show.. so exciting... looking forward to watching it... FREE... courtesy of my friend!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pissed off...

Some group of people decided to piss me off today...

Thanks to them.. i think the whole experiment screwed up. But i dont care... its not my problem..

they utterly have no iniative to do work... Someore, they are deemed as being elitist... *pui*

Can imagine how they going to screw things up in future...

so many ppl asking me what happened on MSN!!!

let me tell you all here once and for all.. repeat liao also fed up...

THESE f**kers were supposed to bring some samples back to evaluate.. when i asked them a day before.. they said ok.. they will bring.. then over the weekend.. asked them if brought back no reply.. went back to lab in the morning.. samples still there.... UNTOUCHED... key word is UNTOUCHED .. went back close to lunch time at 1130pm.. those F*****s said that they bring the sample back to lab for testing from home.. so when i asked who brought the samples home.. they gave me the i dunno look... so obvious samples were in the lab over the weekend.. SCREW THEM!

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Sometimes, the setting sun just has so much charm...
was typing my report earlier today... when i was captivated by the sunset...
enjoy the warm glow...

We are often caught up in the hustle and bustle of city life these many deadlines to time to eat.... When was the last time you had a chance to appreciate sunset peacefully?

Which reminds me of this email i got in my inbox just a couple of days ago:

This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital.
It was sent by a medical doctor - Make sure to read what is in the closing statement AFTER THE POEM.

Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?
You better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?
When you ask How are you?
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Ever told your child,
We'll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see his sorrow?
Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say,"Hi"
You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.
When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift....
Thrown away.
Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

So let's all slow down our pace of live... Enjoy live while we still can....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Staying up late.....

I cant believe this... I am actually staying up late to catch the on goings of the Elections 2006 'live'. Can hear the cheers coming from the opposite blocks....
Must say this is exciting.. so far opposition won 2 votes already..

catch more updates at

Anyway... tune in to the website for more updates!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Communication breakdown occurs even in corporate banks!!!!

What in the world are banks coming to these days? It seems that even within the same group of banks, they seem to have communication breakdown.

I remember yesterday when i accompanied my friend to open a savings account at a POpular local bank, we were rejected by the bank, citing the reason being my friend had another savings account in the same bank, and that the best way to get another savings account was to open another in the the other bank of the same group, as he could qualify for some monthly waiver even if his bank account drops below some monthly level. After going to the bank which was just opposite the road, we heard another version of the story.

My friend could not qualify for such a waiver as he had already two accounts. When I informed the lady that her story was extremely conflicting from the version that we had heard from their sister bank which was just across the road and that it was not the first time that i had encountered conflicting information regarding their services, that stupid bitch gave me that one cent look and tried to change the topic. WTH.... Such a bank, and they still claim on their website, that they are committed to listening to you, whether it is in person, by phone, by mail, or by email.

Actually, i dont even know why banks should make it so difficult to open another bank account even if we have one with them already:

firstly, we are giving them buisness by saving our money with them for a meagre annual interest.

moreover, with modern technology today, maintaing another account does not involve much additional costs, since much facilities can be done via the internet.

So, what the big fuss about opening another bank accounts... anyway, it should be noted that there are many foreign banks that are willing to do business!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yawn.... Sugar... Suga... Whatz next?

It's been a boring day...Early in the morning, lecture....

see how bored my classmates are...

Some people already fighting the zzzz monster in one corner liao...

Anyway... today went to town to do market research... it was an eventful trip..
gained a lot of new perspectives and products.. in terms of like soya bean yogurt (dont ask me how they did that - but is super expensive $5 for 2 bottles), then there were a wide range of organic foods, i think the trend of Singaporeans now is that they are getting more and more into healthy holistic eating.. Gone are the days of fatty, rich foods...

So after Ms Jasmine Leong's relevation that the worlds hottest chilli now comes from Englang, we went to try out the food at Thai Express at Paragon..

Being the adventorous type, we ate quite a lot spicy stuff, like tofu with sweet chilli sauce sprinkled with dried chilli powder...

Here's milo man devouring the tofu, after he finished, he claimed not spicy what, only water drinking his iced water, did he feel the effect of the chilli, can tell that must be very spicy as his looks gave it all away. Prespiration at the eyes area, and cheeks... and his face turned red lor..

Anyway, here's an article about the world's hottest chilli:

'Hottest chilli sauce' launched

US manufacturer of hot sauces has made what he claims is the fieriest
chilli powder it is possible to make. The powder is so hot that Blair Lazar's customers have to sign a legal waiver before tasting it. When Mr Lazar himself tried his "16 Million Reserve" he says his tongue swelled up and hurt for several days.
The pure capsaicin, 30 times hotter than the hottest pepper and 8,000 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, is distilled from several tons of fresh peppers.
Mr Lazar describes the powder, produced in a laboratory by workers wearing sealed suits and masks to avoid inhaling the dust, as "pure heat".
The final product is a white, crystalline powder. Capsaicin does
not actually burn, instead it stimulates nerve endings in your mouth, giving the
sensation of burning. Over the past decade or so, manufacturers have taken
the humble chilli pepper and distilled it into ever more fiery sauces.
The names of the concoctions - After Death Sauce and Insanity Sauce are just two -
give some idea of the pain that is involved during and after consuming them.
The spiciness of the sauces is measured in what are known as Scoville Units.
The higher the number of units, the bigger the burn, although some
manufacturers say that beyond about 350,000 units, the measurement becomes

123456 - the moment

Report from The STAR dated Saturday 29 April 2006 :-

123456 moment that comes only once in a century

PETALING JAYA: Do you know that at exactly one hour, two minutes and three seconds after midnight on the fourth of May, the time and date will read: 01.02.03 04.05.06 ?

This combination comes together only once in a hundred years, so we can consider ourselves fortunate that it is happening in our lifetime.

So do not let it be said that you slept through this 123456 moment.

Come up with something to do at that point in time and The Star will help you to record this historic hour.

Plan something meaningful, if not spectacular.

It could be the perfect time to uncork that 15-year-old Burgundy that you have been saving for the right occasion.

If you have agreed to marry him but do not know how or when to break the news to your parents, try 123456.

Or, if it is your wedding night, you could choose that moment to ...... well, you get the idea.

So at that precise moment, tell us what you are doing. Watch out for more details in the Sunday Star tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bloody Fried Chicken

Today was with my click of friends at a particular food court in school...
When i encountered Bloody Fried Chicken... but luckily, it was not my plate that kena.. but Mr. Milo's plate..

So repulsive.. dunno if the auntie knows how to cook or not.. but its really gross, upon cutting the chicken, you get to see the colour of uncooked meat and a very repulsive odour..

Maybe the auntie must undergo culinary training esp by Ms Jasmine Leong on how to mask all those offensive odours...

Total failure for that auntie..

Milo man and I agreed that it's going to be the first and last time!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Retirement Village abroad... Time to send your old folks away to foreign lands?

From Channel News Asia
Monday April 17, 10:17 PM
Government shortlists potential sites to build retirement village

"SINGAPORE : The government has shortlisted a few potential sites for the construction of a retirement village, and the National Development Ministry is currently studying the details.
The sites are on a 30-year land lease.

And one of them will be picked to test market demand for such villages.

In an exclusive interview with MediaCorp's Channel 8, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in the past, the idea of building retirement villages was put on the back burner as Singapore's problem of an ageing population was not as serious as that in Europe and America.

The Singapore market was also too small for retirement villages to be commercially viable.

But the prospects have since changed.

With a rapidly ageing Singapore population, Mr Khaw said in five years' time, retirement villages will become economically viable.

One obstacle is the high costs of land in Singapore.

"My personal view is, our land is expensive. But we have nearby neighbours in Johore, Batam and Bintan. The elderly want to reach their doctors within half to one hour. So retirement villages in neighbouring countries is possible, barring the cross-border hassle. It is best to find cheap land on short leases," said Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan."

- CNA /ls

So what do you think of sending our older generation overseas to cheap land?
Is it morally right?
Find it disturbing.. imagine one day when you grow old and are unable to contribute to the economy.. you find yourself shipped out to foreign countries...

Some people might not even feel morally right to send their parents to old folks home locally... and we are going one step further to building retirement sites overseas?

Talk about uniquely Singapore..

So will you wanna retire in such a 'site' overseas?