Monday, July 31, 2006

What goes around.. comes around..

For the last couple of days, i have been trying my sense of smell with douglas to practise for the Food Flavours Practical Test that took place today. We had to identify herbs and spices, blended essential oils, essential oil components, as well as ingredient components that are used in flavour components.

Been smelling until nose blocked and spelling until the alphabets got jumbled up..

ethyl caproate - pineapple fruity scent
gamma nonalactonate - coconut creamy scent
cis-3 hexenol - green grassy scent
furanol - roasted, bitter notes

all these and more.. so while helping Douglas, i think i helped myself in the process as i became more confident and sensitive to the scents and aromas.. thus.. scored near perfect score...

That's why.. i think i must dedicate this post to Douglas... thanks for practising with me.. else, i will be just lazing and procrastinating.. :)

Thus what comes around, goes around... must do more good...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Where have all the taxis gone?

Where have all the taxis gone?
Long time passing.
Where have all
the taxis gone?
Long time ago.
Where have all the taxis
They're all in cahoot.
Oh, when will you ever learn?
Oh, when
will you ever learn?

Was at the annual SIFST dinner at M Hotel in the evening (28/07) yea.. its now past midnight.. and i just got home.. dont ask me why.. it's going to be a long long story.. read below.. lol.. . Anyway, the event had 12 tables in a small little ballroom.. Food was so=so, quite an enjoyable evening.. but i preferred the AVA Food Safety Night I attended some time earlier.. think u can read my blog on it..

Had such a hard time waiting for a cab after the event at about 11... Not one in sight... some even refused to stop despite they were not hired. Waited for so long, until i gave up and took the good old MRT back home.

Guess they were waiting for the clock to strike 12 so that they can earn the surcharge for the midnight trip.

Something should be done to such errant drivers..

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A change for the better?

Have been pondering about this subject matter for over the weekend after someone told me that i have changed after coming back from holidays...

And guess what aspect of me has changed?

I was told that my temper has changed for the better... wah... is that supposed to be good? What has happened to the sacrastic persona that used to reside in me?

So does that mean no more caustic remarks from me anymore.. i hardly think so.. in fact.. i hardly believed my ears when i heard that..

What do u think?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beancurd War...

Read about the beancurd war that is taking place in Singapore in the newspapers for the past 2 weekends.

Apparently, a famous bean curd store in Singapore is facing competition from members of their immediate family, so both sides taking turns to put the other party down by washing all the dirty linen in public.

Wonder when all this back stabbing will ever stop. Anyway its quite amazing that the newspapers will actually publish stories like this? Do stories about such gossipy news sell better?

It's kinda disgusting to see family members fighting over such trivia matters to the extent of washing their dirty linen in public. What's more, competition in industries should be deemed fair and only encourages one self to constantly seek to improve themselves without being far behind.

Is the lure of money greater then one's blood ties?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spelling Bee... Wanna watch?

Looks like an inspiring movie when i watched the trailer..

Summary of story:
Eleven year-old Akeelah Anderson's life is not easy: her father is dead, her mom ignores her, her brother runs with the local gangbangers. She's smart, but her environment threatens to strangle her aspirations. Responding to a threat by her school's principal, Akeelah participates in a spelling bee to avoid detention for her many absences. Much to her surprise and embarrassment, she wins. Her principal asks her to seek coaching from an English professor named Dr. Larabee for the more prestigious regional bee. As the possibility of making it all the way to the Scripps National Spelling Bee looms, Akeelah could provide her community with someone to rally around and be proud of -- but only if she can overcome her insecurities and her distracting home life. She also must get past Dr. Larabee's demons, and a field of more experienced and privileged fellow spellers.

Anyone wanna watch????"

A movie clip from youtube:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An overdose of Courtesy...

This morning, on the bus to school...

was greeted by a bus driver when i boarded the bus.

It's heart warming to be greeted in the morning, especially, since these days, no one ever seems to say "Good Morning" anymore... perhaps its due to the busy, apathetic culture. That phrase seems to belong to my childhood days when being a primary school kid, we used to greet your teachers "good morning, mr x" or "good afternoon, mrs y".

However, as the bus continued on the journey to school, I realised that the bus driver just continued to greet everyone with the same phrase. It's kinda irritating, reminiscent of the ever familliar "ding dong" of seven-11. Lack of the personal touch, it becomes a mudane phrase, lack of sincerity. Maybe the bus driver is just doing this for the sake of getting some courteous bus driver award from SBS, hopefully someone will write in to Straits Times to commend him on his effort, especially since the government is introducing GEMS , which stands for "Go the Extra Mile for Service", is a national movement that aims to improve service levels.

Something to wonder, when the people around you say words like "good morning" or even "sorry", how many of them actually mean it from the heart?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Exam blues...

argh.. time tables out already...

got papers on 16,18,22 and 25 of next month.. must start mugging..

feels like this semster just seems to fly past so fast with all the projects and deadlines... makes me wonder how am i going to do well in the exams this time..

somebody please help me....

form study group...

i came across this local flick about a girl that left her photo in a instant photo machine booth, which acccidentally was stumble upon by a guy who slowly became obesess with her...
kinda interesting clip

Monday, July 17, 2006

Blue Moan-day....

It's monday again... really amazing how fast the weeks fly past.. exams are just round the corner..

Had quite a nice weekend.. which was why i did not update over the weekend..

Bascially spent sat night watching Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest.. the plot of the story was a little confusing as the scenes in the movie kept changing. pretty hard to keep up with the story line. Other then that, effects were pretty good. Johnny Depp's acting was A+, hilarious.. This time, i got the tip off that there would be a scene after the credits roll.. so we stayed back in the cinema to watch only to be disappointed.. so the ending was like so abrupt and did not make any sense. Personally, I preferred the Black Pearl over Dead man's chest...

Sunday evening was spent making agar.... for FYP.. not bad results this time.. cos we heated in the oven today.. and 3 samples did not melt due to heat.. so things looking pretty good now.. :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Are you a victim?

Are you a victim of temperature abuse?

Have you been to a supermarket whereby the store actually overload the frozen products way out of the 'safety line'?

I was at a supermarket earlier on an assignment.. when i came across this:

The frozen food has been way loaded out of the freezer.. can imagine.. if the consumer buys the food after a few days.. how badly contaminated the food will be...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Food poisoning...

After yesterday's feast of buffet sushi.. today.. I was down with food poisoning.. so jialat.. hate the feeling.. MDD's down too.. Think most probably cos of the raw stuff that we ate..

Think that conveyor sushi in Singapore should have RFID tagging done below the plates.. so that once the particular plate of sushi has been circulating round the sushi conveyor for a period of time, it is automatically flicked into the waste bin to prevent consumers from eatting contaminated food...

luckily for me, i am recovering soon.. phew..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Down town....

Today went down town to do market research for my FYP..
supposed to go supermarket to check some stuff out..
but ended up at Sakae sushi buffet for makan session.. and go walk walk at Hereen...

Only after when my friends bade me farewell, did i manage to find the info i want from supermarkets...

but thoughts of people's comments came flashing my mind.. someone actually told me that the impression i gave out was I looked very bossy.. someone else said i looked very fierce... Wandering through the busy peak hour crowd.. my mind seemed to wander too in a different dimension looking for an answer...

sigh.. are these signs that i am a loner.. as in i can only do work alone?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Strawberry drink: the cross roads

after since showing the drink on my blog, i have got so many of comments from my friends..

some say looks so bright colour..
looks familliar concept..

the concept might be familliar.. but this drink is sugar-free, fortified.. its 'near-water'.
the jelly is made bright red to attract kids.. cos normally kids do not like to drink water.. thus this product is ideal for them.

hope u guys will get a chance to try this one day..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Strawberry drink in transformation...

Finally carrying out the finishing touches to my strawberry drink..
doing strawberry flavoured water, with jelly balls suspended throughout the drink..
Best thing is its sugar-free...
nothing beats drinking more water anyway..

Heres a little preview pic of my creation..

I shall name it berry fresh..
p/s: the red stuff suspended is jelly..

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wah... Featured again..

Stumbled across this when i was surfing channelnewsasia website:

SINGAPORE : Your favourite local fare might well be available soon in other
countries, thanks to a new frozen food technology called vacuum skin packaging.
In conjunction with Singapore Polytechnic, a local food manufacturer hopes to
utilise this technology to export local favourites to Japan, China and even the
US. Said Terry Tan, of Singapore Food Delight Manufacturer, "Every time I travel
overseas and I try the Hainanese chicken rice, it's different. We don't have the
authentic chicken rice over there; even when we try our laksa, we don't have the
authentic (taste). So I think we should bring our authentic Hainanese chicken
rice, our laksa to other countries." These ready-to-eat meals have a shelf life
of at least a year, and are all Halal certified. To prepare the meals, just heat
them for three to five minutes in the microwave, or simply boil the packet in
hot water. However, not anybody with access to the same equipment can easily
duplicate this product. Said Samuel Aw, lecturer in food technology at Singapore
Polytechnic, "It's not so simple just to buy equipment and then you can mass
produce, because we actually have to add some ingredients to achieve the shelf
life of one year, in this case." The frozen meals are currently available at
Cold Storage, Isetan, Carrefour and various petrol kiosks. - CNA /ct

So now, i know why some people's notes got all the extra stuff..

so impressive right..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Help me.........

I'm getting so tired with school work recently.

Had to forgo so much stuff, just for my Final Year Project. But I always get the feeling that not enough is being done. Just don't feel secure espcially when I feel that my group members are not motivated enough.

Deadline is approaching in 2 months time, exam is approaching in 1 month time. How can I ever overcome this alone?


*depressed and stressed mode switched on

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Of cracked mudcakes and near failure...

today i went back to lab to check on my final year project..
go a shock of my life when i saw my "cracked mudcakes". Very heart wrenching to see that nearly all my formulations for FYP failed..

Pic of cracked mudcake... MDD says look like dolphin lar..

More cracked mudcake.. plus repulsive smell too..

Luckily for me, i was comforted by the fact that there were sample that tasted quite nice.. phew... nice little heart shape jerkies...

these were much nicer... but still have room for improvement.. hehe.. see those empty ones.. mostly eaten by MDD!

At least, I don't feel as disappointed as the first time i did my trial run...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The race against time...

Just flipped through my calendar of events and realised some stuff shocking...

Exams in a months time.. after National Day...

FYP project deadline coming soon..

so many deadlines and exams... headache..

wish every day had more then 24 hours!!

somebody help me... ok. back to doing work...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cant believe i did this!!!

Haha.. updating my blog during lesson time...

cant believe that i actually did this computer animated bottle design using Autocad in less then 1 hour..
kinda interesting and new to me...


Sunday, July 02, 2006


Was out today... when i came across this little poem...
gives me the reason to smile.. especially in times of stress and disappointment.


Basically, it translates too... (pardon my lousy translation):

Laugh once and troubles flee
Laugh twice and anger subsides
Laugh again and all's fine
Fourth Laugh drives illness away
Fifth Laugh and you'll stay youthful
Sixth Laugh to being carefree

If you Laugh often
And everything will be smooth flowing
Laugh from day to night
And forget all your difficulties

So apt right... but do the laughing and smiling in moderation... lest you end up in IMH... :p

Reminds me of the lyrics to a song too:
We live in a free world
I whistle down the wind
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you
Life is a flower so precious in your hand
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you
When every race is run and the day is closing in
I don’t care about the world I’m living for the light
Don’t cry for me today

/ oh We live in a free world I whistle down the wind
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you
Life is a flower so precious in your hand
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Disappointment.... It's all in yourself....

Recently, I was rather disappointed by some friends... different ones.. which explained why i did not update my blog recently...

Well, they did not perform up to my expectations and failed to do what i thought they would have done.

Thus, i was rather unhappy about it and thought that i was utterly disappointed with them.

Upon reflection, I felt that such disappointment should not lie with them, but with myself. Why? Because, all the disappoinment arised because i had a fixed expectation of them and thus developed a 'marking criteria' for them. Thus, i can only be disappointed with myself for making too early a judgement and having too high expectations. Moral of the story, do not judge the people around you too quickly and never have high expectations as the disappointment will not only leave you with disappointment, it will also jeopardise the relationship, be it with friends or love ones.

In ending, here's some pics of sunset taken at Changi Airport where i went to chill out:

Hope every bad day i have will have a nice ending like the sunset.. goodbye bad days... hello to good days ahead!