Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oodles of Noodles

Made wan ton noodles in school today for evaluation of how the number of eggs affect the sensory characteristics of noodles..

First: mix the ingredients like eggs, flour, water, salt, sodium bicarbonate together

Next sheeting of the dough is done by machine to make the dough thinner

The last step of the process involves the mechanical cutting of the dough into noodle strips.. and voila!!!! Wanton noodles!

Making the noodles was sure not easy... next time i eat noodles.. will appreciate them more.. especially those hand made ones!

What i learnt from FYP

FYP might just seem to be another weird combination of alphabets to the unitiated. (It stands for Final Year Project). Having spent the last year on my FYP, I came to learn several values about it:

  1. People always seem to be busy over nothing
  2. They have a thousand and one other priorities over FYP
  3. Never trust anyone to do work without supervision
  4. Benchmarks and standards should be in place, especially so when working with friends.

On a very personal note, even though my FYP might seem to be a success to others, I find that behind this facade lies a very sad and disturbing story..

Know i know my FYP, next time, please don't work with me!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I hope i am feeling better...

I feel so tired lately despite the fact that I have sleeping quite a lot.. waking up late in the mornings too..

Trying to recover from my flu, migraine and mild fever. To make things worse, i feel so stressed whenever i step into school.. some how or rather, its developing into a phobia for me..

came across this game that someone posted on a forum:

Quite cute.. must try..

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Really feel troubled these days. Not to mention the fact that I am physically sick.

I dont understand how things could have turned out this way, i suddenly feel like i am a victim of circumstances and that no one understands me, even, some people avoid me like an epidemic..

Hope things will be better..

Friday, November 24, 2006

All's Well.. That (didn't really) Ends Well

Had a relatively short day in school today..

Thankfully, lost item was found... but still quite shocked at how such stuff could happen.

Was busy rushing from place to place today.. first to City Hall for lunch with my friend at Chin Chin. Went into Actually at Seah street.. Nice stuff as usual. Saw this belt made of the inner tubings of tyres.. really interesting how people can recycle stuff.

Next rushed to Outram area for submission of some documents and then back to school again for meeting..

Seems like the whole week was spent darting from place to place..

Anyway, overall feelings for today is still on the topic of white lies: yes, they might seem to be good in a sense that it doesnt harm to such a large extent.. but yet at the same time.. its still a lie.. so what to do?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lost in space

I cant believe that something so important will get lost today...

And i hope that something can be done by the relevant authorities to prevent such stuff from happening again... It's such like that can happen in an aspiring world class institution..

Utterly disappointed... Hope something can be done!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Deadline... Dead Beat...

Today's the deadline for FYP report and log book!!!

Had a hard time printing my report last minute in school.. There's a huge crowd all queuing to print... also, the stupid system in school.. only allows us to top up credit using EZ link card and somehow or rather.. it discriminates against Giro-linked EZ link card users like me...

Therefore had no choice, but to find alternative venues for printing.. went to Holland Village, hoping that the Internet cafe had printing services.. but sad to say... colour printer was down...

Thus, had no choice, had to take a cab all the way to Century Square.. buy printer ink cartridges and go to MDD house in Tampines to do the printing.. it took such a long time to print on the deskjet printer.. but i enjoyed watching the crocodile show "some Thai legend of some river" at his place..

Finally after printing, he went to bind at his place and realised i was late for my Seminar on Functional Foods at Republic Polytechnic, thus took a cab to rush all the way down to its Woodlands campus without lunch.. (spent almost 30 over dollars on cab today!)

Attended the talk.. could hear my stomach rumbling as all the talk about functional foods simply only made me more hungry.. :p

Thus after the talk, zipped down to Clementi to eat western food at Botak Jones.. which really lives up to its name.. Damn good food.. damn good price!

Had a busy day today!! Dead beat!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stressed but still shopping

I am so stressed today..

My FYP lecturer told me that my report conclusion and discussion cannot make it!!


so stressed redoing it alone.. dunno what the other people doing..

anyway.. today bought new plecos.. hehe..

a L128 and a dunno what L no.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The new Newton Circus of Bukit Timah

Think Newton Circus and is synomonous with it is: touting... gasp.. though illegal.. but its still carried out in Newton Circus...

Was at Cheong Chin Nam Road area for dinner today.. and my oh my.. the whole area is slowly evolving to that of Newton Circus!!!! Persuasive hawkers shoving their menus of their eateries right into your face as you walked by!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Thai Food with Tiramisu

Today, while waiting for the shooting for the Spinnovex video..

went to holland village for lunch...

Had lunch at Thai Express with MDD, he treated me ... second time at thai express this week... 20% discount.. foods soso... guess, i prefer the more upmarket Thai Express Bistro at CityHall already..

Went over to Da Paolo to get some cakes... Tiramisu... so sinful and rich... as well as meringue... which someone had never eaten before.. haha...

The video shooting today was surprisingly faster then the Newpaper feature.. maybe not much NG scenes... so it ended pretty early...

So its back to tying up the loose ends for my report!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Choking on Orange Jam

Nearly choked on this innocent looking orange jam that we were making today for experiment..

Why? cos it was buffered with sodium carbonate to a pH of 5.5.. thus the taste was so horrible.. felt like having an asthma attack after eating it... gross...

Anyway.. rushing FYP report and appendix now.. so much things to do last minute.. reformatting.. tidying up work... wednesday the deadline for it!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Food for destress

FYP report deadline is fast nearing!!!!

Today went to Thai Express Bistro at Raffles City, a slightly different ambience as well as menu, distinguished it from the many other ThaiExpress franchises. Had Garlic Beef with rice, the beef was amazingly tender.. and went well with the assortment of spices that accompanied the platter of beef.

After lunch, was supposed to head for National Library to continue touching up report and adding in stuff, but sad to say, it was raining so heavily.

Thus hopped over to CoffeeClub .. and had fresh fruits fondue... so sinful... and rich.. i think my nose is going to bleed already!!!

Anyway, i found the selection of fruits kinda weird for a fondue.. the mango, banana and strawberrries were nice with the chocolate coating.. but the kiwi tasted too sour and astringent..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Price of Publicity

Today was the day that the reporters actually came down to school to interview my FYP group as a feature for the newspapers...

Trust me, it wasnt as easy as it was. Having to answer questions correctly and accurately..

Also, the photo shoot session was horrible.. so many NG scenes... we had to re pose, re shoot.. re pose.. re shoot.... so troublesome.. just for 1 feature....

I can imagine that this Friday, the video shoot session will even be worse... God bless me!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Vexed over SpinnoVEX

I'm still up rushing my FYP report..

while the rest of my group members are either studying for test tml or already in dreamland...

FYP is taking a toll on me.. especially since its been selected for Spinnovex.. which means more work have to be done.. and more quality has to be emphasized on the report.

As such, I have been fine tuning.. re editing lots of stuff for my report..

really hope it will be a success...

hope can sleep early today.. so tommorrow when the interview session goes on.. I wont have panda eyes..

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fruits of Labour forming

The fruits of months of hard work is slowly forming.. and growing..

Just got confirmation that newpaper will be featuring my FYP soon.. so excited but nervous at the same time..

anyway, today went to VivoCity for some shopping.. bought myself a belt from TopShop.. went to this Candy Empire cos i wanted to buy some stuff.. its so crowded despite the recent saga about the shop discriminating about the handicapped on wheel chairs... was about to pay for my pralines... when i realised something!!! The security label on the tin was tampered with.. went back to shelf to check for others... Nearly all had their labels tampered.

I think they arent really coping with the hug crowds in the shop.. the layout and arrangement is more messy then the Millenia Walk branch.. Think i prefer to go to Millenia Walk...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Steak to me

Today I had rib eyes steak while waiting for the agar gel to cool down for my FYP...

nice succulent steak.... medium rare... not medium raw as what the person having lunch with me suggested.. lol...

After lunch, went back to FYP.. and did filling of sausages into casing... quite successful for today...

And I'm still rushing my FYP report!!! So many things to do, and it doesnt help when some people do not even give a damn about doing the report!

Anyway.. today had news that Newpaper might wanna interview us for our FYP next week.. dunno whether to be excited or not.. so many things to do.. and so little time!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back to school... Then to library

Mid week wednesday...

another day of the stupid e learning week..

no school... but you gotta do your assignments online at home... complete waste of time.. especially since for us, there is FYP projects to juggle with.. so the homework load is extremely high..

Anyway.. went back to school today.. was using the bomb calorimeter to measure the caloric energy value of foods... then used the texture meter to determine the texture of food.

Next went to Bugis Junction.. to destress... ate at Siam Kitchen Ala carte buffet.. the spread of food was pretty reasonable... Look at the spread we had: we kept asking for chicken wings.. hehe... i think i know why.. duck jealous of chicken.. and wants to eat more chicken (private joke)

Then off to Bugis Library again.. been frequenting that place so often recently.. especially Level 7, reference area.

After which, feeling hungry from all that research and restructuring of report.. headed to the Japanese dessert restaurant at Bugis to eat some high tea dessert set. Not bad, but the taste can be further improved.. Japanese desserts just reminds me of the one I had with added ingredients at Paragon.. yikes.

Anyway, thanks to someone who gave me a tube of aloe vera gel to sooth my skin after it got irriatated thanks to the concentrated hydrochloric acid I worked with yesterday.

I got my 2nd net banking security device from DBS... its red in colour.. and comes with skins to paste on.. like I-pod skins? haha...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Something meaningful from my mailbox

Got this from my mailbox today.. in fact thrice in a day... I even got the same email twice by the same person who sent it to both my email accounts... Wonder what it means

As I jumped off the building...

Moral of the story: It doesnt pay to jump.... MRT tracks faster.. .lol

Friday, November 03, 2006

Final Sensory Done!

I had my final sensory evaluation done today!!!!

At long last, finally wrapping up with my final year project.. left mostly lab tests which will be packed into next week....

Then, the presentation on December the 6th....

Hope all will be fine!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My first Security Token!

i had a really bad day in school today..
firstly, some b*tch pissed me off.. felt like going up to her and land her two tight slaps on her face. gee... been feeling very violent recently..

next, experiment today was so long.. so hot in the workshop.. not to mention the fact that there were plenty of mosquitoes.. think there's quite a lot of breeding places in school..

Anyway, got my first Internet Banking Security Token from Maybank today... guess more banks will be sending out the token soon!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The aliens have landed..

Today was the usual Wednesday half day of school kinda day... Had chicken rice at Chin Chin Eating House at Purvis Road.. Nice yummy roasted aunthetic Hainese Chicken Rice

Took this pic after I finished my research at National Library, at Bugis..

Found a lot of relevant topics for my research field, thank god the last minute stress of rushing report is working out to be eventful.

Look at the huge DHL hot air ballon right smack in the middle of the buildings..

The aliens have landed...