Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Blues....


it's Monday again!!!

and I have been so busy rushing application forms, reports, data entries and presentation.. i even went out in the morning to meet a supermarket client today!!!!

Quite unbelievable how i can cope with so much stress and output so much stuff!!

Going to take a good break tommorrow on labour day!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New L114

Bought this L114 pleco akaLDA07, Leopard Cactus Plecotoday from a fish shop at a very attractive price.. The pic below still shows it bagged in the bag...

too good to resist!!!

Its a nice looking fellow, who is unbashful about swimming in the open...

nice reddish tinge on the tails..
hope to see it grow fast...
anyway.. this lil one is a predator who will feast on the snails...
at least have someone to control my ramshorn snail outbreak!

It all began with a leaking roof...

It's amazing how coincidental things can get sometimes...

With all the heavy rain pouring down onto Singapore recently, rain water has begun seeping down my office ceiling. So called in the building mainteance people and contractors to take a look.. and surprisingly, one of the officers in charge of the building says that his son knows me from ACS and ACJC *gasp, that's like soooo long ago*

He told me his son's name, not really much of an impression... anyway when i went home, i took out my year book and flipped the pages to see who that person is..

Flipping thru the ACS(I) 1998 yr book just brings back memory... anyway thanks to the wet weather.. i managed to find a friend from my graduating batch at ACS(I)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dontation gets a new meaning?

In this era, has the word donation got a new meaning????

This is the meaning of donation from WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University:

donation noun
a voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause [syn: contribution]

This ad appeared in the Straits Times today... it clearly reads "or donate 10 cents for every plastic bag...."

and i thought a donation was voluntary????

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Channel U Documentary

Got a call from a director today... whose quite interested to get me to do a documentary for Channel U on traditional foods...

Quite excited about it, but at the same time, not too sure if i can cope with the technical knowledge..

Other than that, should be pretty confident... maybe not.. speaking in Chinese... argghhhh!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lost in Spiderman's web!

Spider-Man 3 officially opens in Singapore on 1st May 2007.

Saw the advert for it on TV and brought back memories... was supposed to watch this with someone but not sure if going to watch it as promised..

It's been some time since i went to the movies... during exam times, busy with studies.. after exams, busy with work... and now.. busy with both work and studies.. Life's just a messy spider web!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Studying and working at the same time...

Working and studying at the same time is no easy feat.

Been feeling the toll on me these days, especially since classes are in the evening. Sometimes, i just don't feel like going for lessons.. but got to persevere!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you still remember how we used to be???

Do you still remember, how we used to be,
Feeling together, believe in
My love has said to me,
Both of us were dreamers,
love in the sun,
Felt like my saviour, my spirit I gave you,
We'd only
just begun

Hasta manana, Always be mine

Viva Forever, I'll be
Everlasting, like the sun,
Live Forever, for the moment,
Ever searching for the sun

Yes I still remember, every whisper word,
The touch of your skin, giving life from within,
Like a love song that
I'd heard,
Slipping through our fingers, like the sands of time,
made, every memory saved,
Has reflections in my mind

Hasta Manana,
Always be mine

Viva Forever, I'll be waiting,
Everlasting, like the
Live Forever, for the moment,
Ever searching for the sun

But we're all alone now, was it just a dream,
Feelings untold, they
will never be sold,
And the secret's safe with me

Hasta Manana,
Always be mine
Viva Forever, I'll be waiting,
Everlasting, like the sun,
Live Forever, for the moment,
Ever searching for the sun

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Morning Tim Sum

Had a nice tim sum breakfast in Malacca before coming back to Singapore.

The tim sum they have there is pretty authentic like those in Hongkong whereby they go around the restaurant, with their trays of food, for you to choose...

Simply delicious!

if only we had such nice and affordable tim sum in Singapore!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Long awaited break!!!

My long awaited break from work has finally arrived!!!!

Going to Malaysia with my family and aunt today!!!!

I can already feel carefree now!!!!

Yummy food....

kampong life!!! here i come!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Featured on Newspapers again...

My phone interview finally came out after such a long time today!!!

Nearly forgotten about it until I read the front page of the Straits Times today about the article of how food science related courses is fast catching up in Singapore.

My picture was not featured so, just mentioned my name and views.. :p

Once again, thats not me in the pic!!!!!

Science takes kitchen creativity to the next level
Prime News
Tessa Wong
987 Words
19 April 2007
Straits Times
(c) 2007 Singapore Press Holdings Limited
WHEN Sean Gwee drops a mixture of mango juice and sodium alginate into a tub of water and calcium chloride, it is no ordinary chemistry experiment.

For the Secondary 4 student of Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), it means transforming food.

A fan of molecular gastronomy, Sean conducts food experiments at home, and has created skinless mango ravioli, his tropical version of the skinless pea ravioli invented by acclaimed Spanish chef Ferran Adria.

Popping an orange glob the size of an egg yolk into his mouth, he said: 'It's fun to do a bunch of different things to what you eat. The science of food is so fascinating.'

He is not alone in getting clinical with nosh.

Schools here are raising a new generation of food innovators who are tinkering away in kitchens and laboratories, hoping to invent the next big food product to thrill the gastronomic world.

Several students have already seen their school projects go commercial and win space on supermarket shelves. The number of such deals is unclear as schools commonly sign confidentiality agreements with food companies.

But The Straits Times understands that least 40 food-science innovations by students have gone down this route in the last decade.

Depending on the deal and product, the schools can earn anything from a few hundred dollars to $20,000 per project, most of which goes towards covering research costs.

The student inventors do not earn much money, if any, although their contributions have to be acknowledged by the companies when the product goes commercial.

Products churned out range from XO kaya (coconut jam) and two-ply noodles to flavoured cheese and insulin-infused chocolate for diabetic chocoholics.

A recent innovation is low-fat lap cheong, or waxed sausages. Invented by Singapore Polytechnic students, this version has less than half the fat of the regular thing.

After more than a year of research and experimentation, the product was selected by Golden Glory Food Industries for commercialisation. Since its launch two months ago, over 300 packets of these sausages have been sold every week.

In answer to the surge in interest in culinary science and technology, seven courses in this area - leading to diplomas, bachelor degrees and even PhDs - are now offered in five tertiary institutions.

Two courses started just this year - the baking and culinary science diploma at Temasek Polytechnic and an applied food science diploma at the Institute of Technical Education in Simei.

The demand for such courses has been robust: They have been oversubscribed two to three times, say school officials.

Students are attracted to the industry's stability and ripening opportunities.

Mr Ivan Siew, one of the inventors of the low-fat lap cheong, said: 'I like working in the food industry as it is fast-developing and exciting.'

The 24-year-old recent graduate in chemical-process technology hopes to develop more products with Golden Glory, which happens to be his family's business.

It does not hurt that there is growing interest in food and cooking in popular culture these days.

Dr Lionel Lau, deputy director of Nanyang Polytechnic's school of chemical and life sciences, said: 'There is some glamour in the industry as a whole, thanks to celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver.'

But Singaporeans' love affair with food is at the heart of it all, said Professor Zhou Weibian of the food science and technology programme at the National University of Singapore.

The popularity of food courses, he said, was 'a sign that Singaporeans are paying more attention to what they are eating and actively want to improve their food'.

Experts in this field note that the industry's image is undergoing change.

Where food production in the past meant labour-intensive work in hot, wet and dirty conditions, one is more likely to see modern factories with advanced and automated technologies nowadays, noted Mr Wong Mong Hong, the deputy president of the Singapore Food Manufacturing Association.

The growth in interest and opportunities in the science of food is part of the growth in the larger food and beverage industry as a whole. In the last five years, the total trade in this sector went up by over 40 per cent; annual growth of five to 10 per cent in the next three years is forecast.

Official 2004 figures put the number of food industry companies here at 700. The number includes at least 10 major multinational food companies, such as confectioner Cadbury-Schweppes and Nestle, the world's largest food company. They have set up research and development centres or factories here in recent years.

Singaporean food companies that have ventured overseas are fast making their mark as well. Besides homegrown brands such as Ya Kun and BreadTalk, Singaporean products such as DoDo fishballs have also popped up overseas.

They have contributed to the $800 million jump in domestic food and beverage exports between 2002 and 2006.

Companies looking to venture abroad can receive support and networking opportunities from government agencies Spring Singapore, the Economic Development Board and International Enterprise Singapore.

But what is also important to these companies in the longer run is a steady influx of new ideas pioneered by new faces in the industry.

Take Pokka's Lemonsi Delight drink, concocted by Singapore Polytechnic students in 1996.

Eleven years on, it is in the top 15 of the 50 drinks sold here by Pokka, which, incidentally, began in 1957 as a maker of lemon beverages.

Mr Alain Ong, the domestic business manager of Pokka Corporation (Singapore), said that in the mid-1990s, combining lemon and calamansi, a South-east Asian citrus variety, was a refreshing idea.

'So it was very encouraging that the students came up with something creative and great-tasting. Students like them have given the industry opportunities to look at food from fresh perspectives.'

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you paid for your plastic bags?

April 18th..

the first day of the monthly.. pay for your plastic bag scheme!

Honestly, I totally forgot about the whole issue until I went to Sheng Shiong supermarket today and they were making announcements over the PA system. There were even a bunch of school kids there promoting the use of the enviromental friendly reusable bags and taking some statistics...

But, I found the crowd there lesser then before.. not sure if its the impact of such a scheme...

Anyway, the cashier did not really care if you made a donation to NEA..

I still find it strange, as consumers, why cant we ask for free paper bags? why must we die-die must buy the shopping bags?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are your tastebuds sound?

Saw this appearing on AFP news

Diners at one of Britain's top restaurants are being invited to listen to MP3 players as they eat because its chef believes sound can make the flavours more intense.

Heston Blumenthal already serves up unusual dishes such as snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream at the Michelin three-starred Fat Duck in Bray, west of London.

But now he is pushing the boundaries of gastronomy even further by asking customers to listen to the sound of breaking waves to heighten the taste sensation of a new dish called Sound of the Sea.

The dish consists of seafood such as baby eels, razor clams and oysters plus seaweed on a bed of tapioca, which resembles sand.

Blumenthal told Square Meal magazine said he had conducted a series of tests with experimental psychologist Charles Spence at Oxford University three years ago, which indicated that sound could enhance the sense of taste.

"We ate an oyster while listening to the sea and it tasted stronger and saltier than when we ate it while listening to barnyard noises, for example," he said.

Other dishes currently being developed by Blumenthal include whisky-flavoured sweet gums served up on a map of Scotland and a sculpture of a rosebush hung with crystallised rose petals.

Blumenthal is an advocate of molecular gastronomy -- the application of scientific principles in the kitchen -- and often uses stills and water baths to prepare food.

Quite interesting to note that how sounds can affect the taste buds... maybe should do more sensory studies to determine!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Of sun biscuits and pineapple cookies

After spending like 4 weeks in Taiwan for his NS stint, my younger brother is finally back in SG!!! Yeay!!! But then boo again, no more freedom (joking)

He came back with loads of tai yang bing aka sun biscuits... still feels and tastes as good as it was when i was in Taiwan some 4 years ago!!!

and he stunted a lot of FOC pineapple biscuits from the cook house too.... yummy!!!

He got me a silk tie... with strips... quite nice looking.. just can wear for a upcoming function..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sick fishes!!!!

woke up today... my 2 big red hooks are sick!!!!

developing loads of body slime with cloudy eyes.. the other fishes in the tank are all fine.. with no sypmtoms...

isolated them and added medication.. hope they will be fine and recover soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Crash and army memories

Was driving along old woodlands road today... just before the junction leading to Ten Mile Junction, an army mini bus collided into a motor cycle and was badly damaged.

Not sure about the status for the motorcyclist.. but i think as a driver, especially when you are driving an MID vehicle, the kinda feeling must be indescribable.

It brought back memories of when i was in the army and met with traffic accident while driving a 5-ton truck, though it wasnt really my fault, but i kinda feel bad about it. I didn't go to dentention barracks.. but the tension and uncertaincy of being thrown in did linger for a while..

Hope that the driver will not malinger and that his superiors will help him, it does not seem to be his fault from the way the vehicles were positioned.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Fry Day the 13th!!!

Friday the 13th..

What a great day to start it off when i got off bad with a nightmare!!!!

A total nightmare!!! Really.. But it kinda made me realise something.. that its only when you think you lost something, that you treasure it..

Signing off with this song....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Must had been love...

This song just brings out the nostalgic moments in me today..

Heard it on radio this morning..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What can 10 cents buy this days????

........... a plastic bag from IKEA or the supermarket!!!

Read the news on CNA:
NEA launches campaign to encourage shoppers to use reusable bags

Well, it may seem a good thing to cut down on plastic wastages, but how feasible will it be in Singapore?

Will the lack of such plastic bags actually cut down on people using the plastic bags to package their refuse first before dumping down the rubbish chute?

Another thing to note, is it ethical to pay for a plastic bag that has a company's logo or branding on it? Consumers have to pay for such adverts?

I personally feel that as consumers, we should not pay for the plastic bags, unless you take extra plastic bags. How are we going to carry them without plastic bags. Are the enviromental friendly shopping bags able to take in big, bulky items?

NO! Are paper bags able to withstand heavy loads?

NO!! Not to forget, paper bags might even break if you happen to get caught with Singapore's unpredicatable rainy periods!

I can already imagine people pushing their trolleys to the supermarkets like the ah soh's (aunties) doing so at the wet markets!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lays Potato Chips with Nori

Just tried this pack of Lays Potato Chips (Nori flavour) which was given to me by a friend who just came back from Thailand. Not sure if they have this flavour in Singapore..

The blend of flavour is pretty good..

a well balanced savoury flavour..

looks like potato chips is trying to get a healthier image with all the seaweed and stuff.. maybe one day we might have high fibre potato chips?

Monday, April 09, 2007

SP Meeting

went back to SP today for a meetign regarding the FIRC opening ceremony next month.. Looks like SP is going to become a centre of food related research centre pretty soon..

Let's just hope and pray that it will be a success!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Qing Ming

Thank god it didnt rain today.....

Made my way to An Le Memorial Park with my entire family today for the Qing Ming 'festivities'

The place has changed quite a lot with new decorations.... and course after praying and burning the 'LV' set that i got for my parents, we went to Ah Yat Hunan Cusine at Turf City.

It's pretty much a default to go for a meal after such stuff.... Had a nice chat with my cousins too.. talking about travelling and stuff...

And he's going Taiwan soon!!! HOW NICE!!!!! i wanna go too!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunshine Pleco

Got myself a sunshine pleco aka L14 today...

pretty nice piece...

Fish still looking stress in photography tank..

supposed to have reddish fins..

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why again?

Its been such a long time, that I did not talk to you.. so why are you keen into re-entering my life again???

Anyway, had yummy ice cream with bread today... kinda reminds me of the good old days of HPPS... :P childhood memories again...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The forbidden word.....

Read this on a forum... Really amazing that such things happen in Singapore Changi International Airport!!!

Dear everyone

Thank you so much for your concern for asking why I did not make it
for my trip to Australia. I have told some of you, and not had the
chance to explain to all of you. In short, something completely out
of my imagination happened and I could not board my flight.

Following is an email complaint that I have filed with CAAS, cced
to whoever that is important.

It's 4 pages long - for your leisure reading and entertainment.


Dear Mr. Foo,

My name is Sandra Tan (I/C number 7328669G). It is with great
disappointment and distress that I am filing a complaint to you
with regards to my situation.

My family (including myself, my husband, my daughter, and my son)
planned a Darwin holiday for the March school vacation period and was
supposed to depart on 09 March. Unfortunately, we were put in a
situation by the security officers at the departure terminal, that
was way beyond our control and we were not able to make our trip.
The following is an account of what had happened : -

I entered the Immigration gantry at about 7.15pm with my daughter
(Belle Lee, 13 yrs old) to have our passport scanned and our hand carry
luggage checked whilst my husband (Lee Ming Chong) stayed behind with my
son (Caius Lee, 8 yrs old) at the ticketing counter to sort out my son's
After having mine and my Belle's passport scanned, we proceed to the
security gantry to have our hand luggage and our bodies scanned.
Belle passed the security gantry first, whilst I followed right behind her.
A lady
officer asked me to remove my boots for scanning, and I did as told
immediately and put my boots inside the basket provided, for it to
be scanned together with my hand luggage. I then proceed to the
metal detector of which I cleared without the gantry beeping or detecting
any metal objects. I was then asked to collect my luggage and my boots.
In the mean time, Belle was throwing away a sweet wrapper and retuning
to me and saw me putting on my boots. Belle then asked casually
"Mummy, why do you have to remove your shoes?"
Whilst putting on my boots, I replied her and said that "they (the
security officers) are afraid that we might keep bombs in our shoes (which
is why I need to take it off to have it scanned)"

Immediately, a security officer standing at the conveyor belt
(Stephen S Naidira) who was standing in front of me said with a very rude
"repeat what you just said". I clarified with him what he meant - is it for
to repeat what I had told my daughter? He said loudly again, to repeat what
had just said. So I did exactly what he told me. I said to him that
"my daughter asked me why I need to take off my shoes, and I told
her that you guys (the security officers) are afraid that we will
keep bombs in our shoes." He immediately asked me to stand aside
and said that he had to report it to his superior that I said the
word "bomb" twice. Then an Indian lady (Sivamalar) at the customs
started hurling at me and my daughter and
said that I said the word "bomb" twice and it is against the law
and I can be sent to jail and they are calling the police. She
(Sivamalar) was so loud and rude and she shoved us to the side, and
refused to listen to my explanation. In fact, she got so aggressive that
another officer
Ricky Lim (I guess it's her supervisor) had to come forward to stop
her from further attacking me and my daughter verbally, and
specifically asked Sivamalar to "shut up". I told Ricky Lim that I
would like to know the names of his staff because their attitude
and rudeness were simply beyond any acceptable level. Immediately
Sivamalar got so angry and aggressive that she
started charging at Ricky Lim and hurled "What?! What?! What?! She (she
meant me) said the word "Bomb" twice, so what is wrong with arresting her
(which is me) and we were told that if we heard the word twice, we will
At that time, Stephen S Naidira came to me again to intimidate me
further by asking me to repeat what I said earlier to my daughter again. I
refused to repeat again then because I believe he was deliberately
asking me to repeat so that he can count the number of times that I
mentioned the word "bomb".
I also believe that that the officers were deliberately provoking
me by being rude and intimidating, in the hope that I will
retaliate in kind, thereby making their unreasonable actions

Despite my anger and the fact that my daughter was scared to tears
by the situation, I knew I had to keep my cool. I sat aside with my
daughter taking down names of the personnel involved on my mobile
phone. I was told to wait for another officer of a higher rank to
decide on the matter, and I was still hoping whoever the higher ranked
officer that was coming will have the logical thinking to acknowledge
that what I had said to my daughter was a simple, harmless private
conversation taken completely out-of-context.

At about 7.30pm, the Sergeant-in-charge, Amran Buang came. After I
explained the full context of the incident to him, he refused to
make a decision and decided to escalate it further to the Auxilary
Police and State Police. He said that the word "bomb" is very
sensitive and I should not have mentioned it twice. I explained to
him that I did not know saying the word "bomb" is against the law,
and I further explained that I did not say the word "bomb" in a threatening
context to the officer, the word "bomb" was taken completely out of context
part of an answer to my daughter's question. Despite my explanation, he
he cannot make the decision and my case has to be escalated to higher

Meanwhile, at about 7.40pm, my son's visa cleared and my husband
and my son came in through the customs. After knowing what had
happened, my husband tried to talk to Sergeant Amran Buang, further
explaining to him that we are just a family going on holiday and what
I have said to my daughter had been taken out of context. Again, no one
was bothered to listen. And again, we were told to wait for another officer
with an even higher ranking. With time ticking away and at 7.55pm with no
sign of the higher authorities appearing, we knew then our hope of boarding

our flight had diminished.

Whilst waiting, Stephen S Naidira (the security officer) gathered with
a few security officers at the side, including Sivamalar to discuss
how they should present their statement to the police when they
arrive later to make sure that they are adequately covered, and
that they are just following the rule and doing what they were told
to do. They said by insisting that they are taking actions
"by-the-book", they would be ok.

I hope by now you have a clear picture of the situation. My kids
were both crying then, with more and more policemen arriving which
scared the living daylights of them, and with no hope to continue
our holiday plans. I believe every action inside the terminal is
recorded and I would insist that your review the CCTV recordings on
that night to know that I am only stating the truth without exaggeration.
You can also see that during the entire episode, I was not at any point
defiant or rude or refused any further check by the officers, despite
the infuriating situation that me and my family were put through.

I know it is important to stay vigilant to protect Singapore. I
have young children, I know how important it is, which is why I
complied without complaining when I had to remove my boots for
scanning. However, here is an obvious case of the security officers
trying to get away with their rudeness and aggressiveness by taking
things way beyond what was necessary, in the name of following
the security protocol. They were really angry when I asked for their
names from Mr. Ricky Lim, and they knew very well then
that they can abuse their power to make things very difficult for
me and my family.

At around 8.05pm, we were informed by the Tiger Airways personnel
that the plane will have to depart and they will off-load our
luggage from the plane. At around 8.10 p.m., the State Police and
other policemen arrived to take our statement.

In the entire episode, the State Police and the SWISS PORT
personnel were the only ones who conducted themselves professionally
and offered us consolation and meaningful advice. They have also at some
expressed their personal views that they acknowledged this incident
was gravely mis-handled on the part of the security officers. The
State Police further confirmed that there is no case against us,
and they would just need to complete the paperwork.

The Budget Terminal manager came to meet me and said that whilst he
empathized with our situation, it is an airport security protocol
and frankly, it's "just too bad" that this happened to us.

My statement and my daughter's statement only completed at about 10.45p.m.
The counter service staff, Ms Nur Aisah Bte Ali Hassan was very
helpful and advised us on our next steps. She was kind enough to
ask us to return the next day to change the traveling dates and advised the
charges involved.

I am not given a report for this case, but my case number with the
State Police is P/20070309/0015. I was already told by the State Police
that the case is closed without further action.

For the ordeal that my family had been put through, I would want an
official reply from CAAS and all relevant authorities addressing
the following : -

Whether the security officers were trained to handle passengers
with such bad attitude and rudeness and if such actions by them are
condoned by
authorities. I would insist you to refer to the CCTV recordings
during the period of the incident.

What actions would be taken by CAAS and all relevant authorities
with reference to both the security officers, Mr. Stephen S Naidira ad
Ms. Sivamalar, for their unruly behavior and attitude? Surely, characters
as such do not belong to a national airport that aspired to be a world
class traveling hub.

What actions would be taken by CAAS and all relevant authorities
with reference to Sergeant Amran Buang, who had the authority to
end this episode promptly, but instead decided to prolong our ordeal
for no justifiable cause? Is it a protocol that even after establishing the
facts that we, as a family poses no security threat, there is still
a need to escalate the matter to the authority and have the State
Police and other policemen carry out a full investigations only to
end up in vain? Why is it that even at level of Sergeant, whom I
reckon is better educated, experienced, and able to make logical
sense of the whole situation, refuse to make a simple decision and
end our ordeal quickly? Is this a Singapore civil service practice
where decision making is pushed and shoved from one level to
another no matter how obvious what the final decision should be
from the very beginning?

Whether all the officers concern are properly trained and competent
to handle such situation. Besides hardware ( i.e. the protocol
book), are they taught to apply the software (i.e. common senses)?
Is it really a protocol that as long as the word "bomb" is
mentioned twice by a person (once being asked to repeat by the
officer) - then no matter what context, tone, situation and profile
of the person who said it, it would not be taken into consideration?
What if my daughter instead of asking me a simple question about my
shoes, decided to say: "mummy, according to news report, there are
speculations that the recent Indonesian air crash may be attributed to a
inside the plane." Would your security officer would come up to her
and ask her to repeat one more time, and she would be put under
arrest? Your staff kept telling me that saying the word "bomb" in the
airport is illegal and I can go to jail. They quoted newspaper examples
of how people have gone to jail because of that. I think your staffs need
to be
trained to understand anddifferentiate situations and circumstances.
As far as I knew, the people that went to jail had VERBALLY THREATENED
staff members in the aviation service or had DELIBERATELY caused public
alarm using
sensitive words.

My case was clearly none of the above. Even if, I am saying if, indeed
its illegal to mention the word "bomb" in the airport no matter what
context, the person involved need to be warned ahead of time. You cannot
arrest a person for committing something illegal when the person has no
that the word is illegal in the first place. Your staff could have given
me a verbal warning to say that such sensitive words should be refrained
in the airport and I would have walk away remembering the warning.
But instead, they decide to let the matter escalate further.

Who is to compensate for the expenses that are already incurred and
forfeited for this trip, and our emotional stress and duress during the
entire episode? The total cost incurred, including air tickets,
accommodation, and land tours amount to about $4,200. We had to put
up with hours of humiliation with more than twenty policemen and
officials surrounding us, questioning us, checking our luggage
through and through.

We had put up with never-ending questioning from different
departments, and best of all, repeated checks on my same pair of boots.
My kids were terrified, puzzled, disappointed and exhausted from this
entire ordeal. My husband and I are left with one week of applied leave
and no vacation and holiday to look forward to.

I would like to state that not everyone that we came across in this
episode had been unpleasant. I wish to take this opportunity to
express my gratitude for the empathy shown by the State Police and
the SWISS PORT personnel.

I will be waiting for your reply. Please let me know when to expect
it in email. In the mean time, I may seek legal advice for my rights and
entitlement in this incident.

Yours sincerely

Sandra Tan Hong Lian

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chantaburi No. 1

imagine a durian without any smell..

Thats what a Thai government scientist working at an orchard here near the Cambodian border claims to have come up with after 3 decades of research...

But just how appealing would such a durian be without the smell?

True, without the smell, it will be easy to transport the durian, esp on the public transport systems like MRTs or even eat them in hotel rooms..

But to me, i feel that a durian without a characteristic smell is equivalent to a body without a soul. The acceptablity of food depends on factors like smell, texture, colour, taste and mood.. smell is an important component to the palablity of foods.. thus.. will such a durian remain popular? Only time and the consumers will tell..

Sunday, April 01, 2007

LV in the underworld?

The burning of paper replica items during Qing Ming has been quite a common practice in Singapore.. it is thought that the deceased will be able to receive the offerings in the underworld. As such a multitude of offerings are available like, clothings and jewellery set.

Today, when i went to Ghim Moh market to get some offerings for my grand parents, as my whole family will be going for the Qing Ming prayers next week, i came across something interesting!!!

Paper replica Louis Vuitton wallets!!!! But a bit pirated version... cos the words mean LX or XL? hmmm..

will try to post a pic soon!!!!

update: pics here... ladies version

male version: