Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pork Floss and Bak Kwa

Fancy some prok floss and bak kwa to usher in the Lunar New Year???

Place your orders of Dragon Phoenix Brand Bak Kwa and Pork Floss.

There is pork and chicken floss.... For BBQ meat slices, there is the original flavour and the Golden Coin BBQ meats.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amethyst and Kunzite

Got a piece of carved amethyst today as well as a nice faceted kunzite...

When I went to my friend's place.. I realised that the amethyst had an air bubble in it... and could possibly be just purple glass.. went back to the shop. Thankfully, the shop keeper was nice and allowed me to change another piece...
Anyway... I really like the kunzite a lot... its really at an affordable price.. apparently the owners have a mine in Madagascar!
Here's the pic:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Error logging onto Intranet

Been trying to log in to my school's Intranet for the whole day!!!!!!

Been I kept getting an error message invalid user id and/or password.

Called the help line and was told that I have been logged out after multiple attempts....

Turned out that my password had expired... and I had to log into the identity management system to reset my password... utter waste of time.. what a slave to technology...

Anyway... exam's schedule out!!!!

Scary... I can already feel the stress:

28 January 2008 - Food Analysis
31 January 2008 - Food Bioengineering

New food for my parrot fishes

Just bought this new packet of pellet food for my parrot fishes...

hope the feed will make them as well and nice like the fish on the packaging!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Clip from the interview of the Living Room...


As promised... here is the clip of the Interview from the Living Room (News Radio 93.8FM)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas - Giving, caring and sharing

Christmas : a time for giving and sharing.. Somehow... without fail each year, I always count the number of greetings that I receive and compare it with those that I send.

Disappointment always overcomes me when I realise that I received much lesser then what I gave. Especially so since this year, I took a lot of time and effort to find someone, whom I regarded as a a very good friend, a gift. But I did not even receive a word of thanks or any festive greeting from this person.

Perhaps, I really detest being taken for granted....

Was at the fish shop today after work, browsing thru the tanks full of fishes and starting to stock up on my fish supplies, since in the next upcoming months, I will probably be busy preparing myself for all the Chinese New Year sales.

Something caught my eye, in a corner of a tank, a dark looking discus with its fins ripped off, with signs of recovery from a bad nasty infection of sorts, I examined the words written in a haphazardly manner on the glass tank wall and read " San Merah x Golden"

Thru a stroke of fate, the store keeper passed by and saw me looking at the injured fish.

"That fish's sick! Injured, with its torn fins, it will probably never make it, no one will buy it... you can have it for free if you want!"

I thought to myself quietly, should I just simply just walk away? Pay to get a better looking fish since tank space is scarce and I should reserve it only for fishes that are should be deemed a beauty to our eyes?

Overcome by thoughts on how the fish would probably suffer if left in the shop without proper care, i decided to adopt it, and thus left the shop with bags of stuff,

When I reached home and released the fish into my tank with a suitable setup, a sense of warmth filled my heart.

Though, I did not receive gifts and not as much greetings from my friends, I felt happy...
Happy to be able to save a life that was not capable of fending itself...
Happy to be able to save a life that is deemed to be imperfect...

It really made understand the true meaning of Christmas... Physical numbers are just imagery, what matters is the experience of truly being able to give, care and share...

I'm grateful to be able to learn much from this deformed discus... and of course, hope that it will grow well under my care....

Have a merry Christmas....

Cockroach infestation!!!

I had enough!!!

More then enough!!!

Saw cockroaches running about at the drink stores of the same food court I was complaining about yesterday!!!

The roaches were running about at the straw area.. wonder if they had infested the straws! So now, you know what's that crunchy little thing you were sucking up from your drink.. eeeww...

Think its time to call NEA about this!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Rogue Roach

I just got back from Lunch at Horizon Food Mall at Causeway Point, feeling utterly disgusted after a meal!!!

There was this live cockroach crawling on the plate of fried fish and it was only observed after the meal was almost finished!!!

When I brought it back to the store holder, all she could say was paiseh, and that their store was very clean, cockroach could have crawled up from somewhere.

This incident just reminds me of the Prima Deli incident again!!! How so?

The store at the Horizon Food Mall had an 'A' grading from NEA, and yet roaches are still found in its premises, worst still on its dishes... Really wonder, how effective are such ratings, since they are only based on the time of the inspection?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Henry Park Primary School 1994 Class of 6E : Xmas Gathering 2007!

Every Christmas, I look forward particularly to a gathering, which is none other then one where friends of some 13 years gather together at my former Primary School Form Teacher's place to just sit, chat and relive old memories.

This year not different, the amount of food was so sumptous, that we had to takeway a lot of it.

One of the highlights of this year's gathering, was the games!!!! Yes, without fail each year, our kind hostess, never fails to prepare interesting games for us, her students... I still remember, last year, when sudoku was all the rage in Singapore, we had to wreck our brains after a hard days work to solve the puzzle. This year was slightly better, we were promised a game that did not involve much mental activity!!! Getting in pairs and given a stack of 20 cards, we had to arrange them to form a structure that was 3 storeys high!!! Gasp!!!

Another event full of merry and laughter was the gift exchange!!! Our dear lawyer friend, Ms Cindy Lim, brought such a nice wrapper last minute, it was wrapped in tissue and of course, we were all teasing her as to how it looked like used tissue paper from someone who had flu! :p Thankfully, her gift turned out to be a pair of cufflinks! Moral of the story: Just a the common adage, never judge a book by its cover, we shouldn't judge a gift by its wrapper too...

Really, I am already looking forward to my next gathering with my Henry Park Primary School Classmates... Merry X'mas Guys!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I had enough....

.... of match makings!!!!!

Stop trying to 'match make' me with other 'suitable candiates'!!!!!!!!!!

Was at another cousins wedding today at Civil Service Club at Bukit Batok.

And I was naturally being marketed to 'potential candiates' at the ceremony. Really cant stand it!!!

How early should i get married... no C's at all at the moment... highly unfavourable position.. I dont want to end up in a big 'C" , ala coffin... as we all know.. marriage is like a tombstone... lol...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Salmonella : a new threat in Singapore?

16 people fall ill with food poisoning at Sentosa Golf Club
By Chua Su Sien/Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 21 December 2007 1933 hrs

SINGAPORE : Sixteen people fell ill with food poisoning after participating in a seminar at the Sentosa Golf Club on Tuesday.

They subsequently tested positive for Salmonella strain D.

Sentosa Golf Club then arranged for full medical checks on eight food handlers involved in the event.

Among them, a chef was found to be carrying the bacteria, Salmonella strain C.

National Environment Agency (NEA) and Ministry of Health (MOH) officials have referred 16 food handlers at the restaurant for medical screening and the results will be known later.

Sentosa said all its kitchen staff will undergo medical checks and will only return to work after being given a clean bill of health.

Although two different strains have emerged in this incident, Sentosa Leisure Group said the Golf Club has decided to shut its kitchen as an added precaution.

NEA and MOH officials who conducted an inspection found the premises to be well maintained.

Sentosa Leisure Group added that the other two restaurants at the Golf Club were unaffected by the incident as they operate from separate kitchens. - CNA/ms

Seems like salmonella is getting quite widespread after the Prima incident... coincidence or isolated case??? Quite hard to tell.. certainly hope that it doesnt lead to more outbreaks.

Writing Xmas Cards

Just realised that I have nearly forgotten to write my Christmas cards out to my dear friends... a good tradition that I always do every year... bye to virtual cards, they lack the sincerity.....

Better start writing and posting before I get bogged down by work again and forget all about it!

Today we were supposed to have our class gathering for AFT at Amara hotel, but it was called off last minute... I guess it was probably due to the haphazardly planning and the fact that as working adults, its pretty hard to find a common slot that everyone is free..

Well, I hope our next outing will be a good one!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Working on Public Holiday...

It's Hari Raya Haji today.. supposed to be a public holiday.. but I'm still working today..

I need a break soon!!! After CNY!!!!!


where should i go???





Next most important thing is: Who should I go with?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Tonnes and tonnes of it..

I must start clearing all my homework soon before it buries me 6feet down under!!!!

So must to clear!!!!


Why must there be homework during the festive period!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ammonite and ring

Got this fossilized ammonite today as a birthday gift for myself..

I just like the rainbow play of colours on the shell... very nice!!!

Was give this ring carved out entirely of hematite, and iron oxide ore.

Some info I found off the net about hematite:
Hematite, known as the 'Happiness Stone', brings optimism; aids communication and speech; energy and vitality. Due to its strong connection with the blood, Hematite can regulate and restore the blood supply and can draw heat from the body. Hematite is also useful for easing leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. Hematite should not be used on inflamed areas.

Looks like I really need it!

Was on the way back when I saw this cheesy ad on the bus from Tiger Beer, it read that 250 quality checks have been made on the beer, and you will be the 251st when you sip from it...

Now, does that mean that 250 people have already drunk that same bottle of beer? eeew...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bad Service at Metro!!!

Was at Metro Causeway Point after dinner today..

Wanted to utilize my 20% birthday vouchers.

When i got to the shoes department, this whole group of sales people just clustered at the counter and refused to pay attention to me at all... Really wonder, what they are being paid for, this is the first time I really encountered bad service at Metro!

Another thing that pissed me off is the quick reaction of the lifts in Causeway Point, if an empty lift heading down arrives and someone elses comes in with you and presses the up button, the lift goes up!!!

Guess it just aint my day at Causeway Point!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quarter a Century old...

Yes.. Quarter a century old...

I am 25 today!!!!

This year has been an eventful year for me. Thanks to one and all for supporting me.

Also special thanks to people like Sheryl, Cheryl, Kenneth, Adrian and Jasmine for remembering my birthday.

Though its my birthday, I still have to work..

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Misquoted Again...

I just hate being misquoted by the media!!!!

Lianhe Zaobao quoted me as saying that there are few oriental high fibre foods today!!! Hello, you sure, I have seen high fibre noodles, high fibre beehoon....

It's supposed to be there are few high fibre meat products!!!

The news gives different names to the product launched.

Shin Min daily called it Xiang Gu instead of Hua Gu.

Straits Times even better... spelling mistake also did not discover..what ever happened to Shiitake, morphed into shitake?? Guess, they arent really using their spell check function for good eh?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Launch of new product!

The launch of a new SP product:

A lap cheong that has at least 25% reduced fat compared to conventional formulations.
High fibre content (at least 6%)
contains prebiotic fibre that helps maintain the healthy growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut!!!!

It's going to be available at selected Fairprice outlets in January 2008.

Would like to take the opportunity to thank my FYP team and lecturers in charge!

Don't cook at home??? Fret not, you may also wish to try the product in a wide variety of local delicacies at Yikowei! They have branches at Takashimaya, Centrepoint, OG Albert Complex, Bugis Junction, Tampines Mall and Bishan Junction 8!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why do strange people like to talk to me???

Just dont understand why do strange people like to talk to me???

Was at a kopitiam in Clementi eating dinner, when this person sat down at my table uninvited!

What the heck, I thought to myself and continued to eat as I still had Biotechnology lab session later.

After a while, he asked me what he should do as he was a Malaysian and he wanted to quit his job, but his employer did not want to give his permit back to him. The best I could offer him was to go to MOM....

Why do strange people like to talk to me?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nearly hit by a falling tree branch...

It's been raining the whole day today.

On my way back home from dinner today, stopped by a traffic light junction at Bukit Timah area and a whole tree branch came crashing down less then a metre where I had stopped my car from.

What a close shave!

This leads me to think are the trees planted by our road sides safe? If the tree falls onto a car, who is responsible for the damage?

Surely, Nparks cant be cutting down all similar trees of the same type after an isolated incident like what they did when the tree fell and killed someone earlier this year at Bukit Batok Nature park!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chocolate cakes.... and salmonella

Prima Deli, a well known bakery, is in the limelight for having its chocolate cakes with salmonella.

106 people have so far reported getting food poisoning after eating the cakes.

Six had to be hospitalised but have since been discharged. They tested positive for Salmonella Enteritidis.

The onset of illness for the last case was on 26 November. The effects are felt usually six to 72 hours after eating contaminated food.

The MOH was first notified of a food poisoning incident on 23 November.

As more cases of food poisoning were reported, investigations showed that the common food item in the various incidents were Prima Deli chocolate cakes bought as early as 19 November.

MOH and AVA conducted joint inspections of Prima Food Pte Ltd which produces the chocolate cakes for all Prima Deli retail outlets.

Food and environmental samples were taken for laboratory analysis.

Preliminary results suggest Salmonella is the likely culprit.

In such an unfortunate incident like this, the media keeps blowing things outta proportion, I heard this same piece of new "chocolate cake laced with salmonella that causes massive food poisoning" so many times over the radio, that I can probably memorise it already.

In times like these, the media should remain neutral and not instil fear over chocolate cakes. Give those poor guys at Prima Deli a break!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pamper myself

Sometimes... it just feels so good to pamper myself once in a while especially in times of all the hardwork and stress..
Today, I had a slice of ice cream cakes at Swensens before going to school to chase the Monday blues away.

Lecture today in school was kinda boring, but thankfully, for what I learnt during my General Elective Module in my full time days, I got to appreciate the science behind Genetically Modified Foods.

Homework seems to be piling up soon.. gotta start clearing before it gets over my head!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

JAM creations...

My mum got addicted to some of JAM Creations..

So i popped by their new premises at Sunshine Plaza to get some stuff for her.

Had a quick dessert break with them at TCC which is conveniently just opposite their shop. I tried their upside down cheesecake... bad choice, in my opinion, still prefer the good old ti-rum-isu.

Going back from Sunshine Plaza always seem to be a problem!!! I always cant get a cab back home and its location makes it lazy for me to get to the train station as the train would have to make a big loop before reaching Clementi.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

NS mob day....

Went to the opening of the largest fully automated Cold store in Singapore : Mandai Link Logistics in the morning!

Its really really huge...

Afternoon, got an open mobilisation and had to report back to Clementi camp.. its the first time since i got activated since I ORDed in 2004. Loads of unfamilliar faces.. some uncles here and there.... managed to find my friends back from SAFTI days.... one of my driver friends now working as a night shift delivery man...

I waited for some 3 hours before finally being allowed to go back.. what an utter waste of time!