Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tai Tai Hoohah

Back in Singapore this evening.. and went to a live fish shop near my place to stock up on my frozen feed supplies...

This tai tai, with LV and all, was kicking up a big fuss that the cardinal tetras she bought from the shop had ick when she introduced them.... and the ick wiped out her whole tank and she is facing a lot of troubles now and stuff, a lot of medication needed as her tank is very big (5ft).... overheard all her big fusses at the counter..

Obviously, she left her brains in the bank, if you are a fish keeper, the onus is on you to inspect the fish before you buy.

Also, the key word to introducing fishes is QUARENTINE.. how can one simply just dump newly bought fishes into a stablised tank... its equivalent to unleashing Pandora's box!

Another thing that made me chuckle silently was... if your tank is 5ft, try lowering the water level to half or even quarter the usual level, wont that be lesser water volume then usual, so you wont need that much medication?

Trust me tai tai, you should just jolly well appreciate ur LV... tsk tsk... by the way, fishes need oxygen... isnt that obvious enough... duh~

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