Friday, February 22, 2008

Wind Element Balancing Treatment

Met up with my friend Cedric today...

He's a alternative healing practioner... and he helped balanced the wind element in me...

apparently, he discovered that I am a very emotional and stressed at this point of time.. which is like so true!!!! High wind element within me.. maybe it's time I should just break wind and let go??? haha...

We had dinner at Megumi Japanese Restaurant at Sunset Way, which is near me..

The food was not bad.. I tried the Japanese Saikoro Beef Steak Set, which came with succulent beef steak, preserved radish, miso soup, steamed rice and watermelon.... The scallop chawanmushi that I ordered was also very good.. the egg steamed to perfection and the scallops was fresh!!!!

Desert was sesame ice cream, it was nice, but I felt that it melted too fast... thus the duration of time to enjoy something frozen was much shorter then expected.

Nonetheless, the service by whom I think is the lady boss was excellent, she never failed to refill my cup without being asked to!!! I just really appreciate that!

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