Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 1 ICT

First day of ICT today!!!!

Woke up at 2am this morning!!!!

Nope, its not that I was anxious to get to camp!!! But I swapped my SIM card from my HP PDA (which has a inbuilt camera Note: that SAF camps prohibits the use of camera phones) to a normal old generation Nokia phone.

Decided to use the HP phone as a alarm clock and set the timing to 0530 hrs. The damn thing woke me up at 0230 hrs and the worst thing was that it was only when I got out of bed to shower and back to my room did I realise the real time!!!!! Drats, forget to reset the time and calendar feature that goes haywire once the battery is removed!!!

Went back to get my precious eye shut, after which I got up at 530 hrs.

Choy, my colleague from my previous unit during my NSF life who is also in the same camp for ICT was supposed to come to my place via taxi and then head to camp. But he had difficulties getting a cab!!!! Yes, its really frustrating when you are in a hurry and there's no cab in sight!!!

So i called the cab and got it withing 5 mins and headed to pick him up and then head to camp!!!

ICT in processing was a chore having to wait for such a long time with not many familliar faces in sight. Good thing was that we managed to book out in the evening and had claypot rice on a rainy wet evening!!!

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