Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ikea Woes

Was at Ikea at Alexander today..

The building was undergoing a major facelift... but Ikea remained open... Of course, there was a huge crowd as usual..

What struck me the most there.. was at the Checkout counter at Ikea... customers are charged for plastic bags due to some green policy that Ikea has adopted..

However, I personally feel that its just some scam to pass off costs of plastic bags to customers...why so??? Because, if Ikea was really that conscientious about their green policy, they would have issued white plastic bags instead of printing their logo in two colours (blue and yellow : mind you, printing colours on plastic bags uses more resources like water and electricity).

Therefore, isnt it time that Ikea looks into their green policy and start having plain white plastic bags for sale and not get us, consumers to pay for their portable advertisment space!!!!

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NixX & Nero said...

It's the same all over the world.