Friday, March 21, 2008


Being caught up in ICT for 11 days, it's time to feast on some proper food!!!

Was with my family at Sakura Science Centre today for dinner... and it was really crowded!

The selection of food looked so great initially, but after 2 rounds at the buffet table, satiety started to kick in, and the range of food was a little too rich... (tonnes of mayonnaise, fried food, carbohydrate laden foods)
The BBQ area whereby the cooking of items like beef steaks, lamb chops, grilled prawns and all were pretty crowded, especially so since customers had to clip coloured coded clips at the counter and the service staff would serve the food later when it was done. Noticed that a service staff had dropped a whole clip down onto the floor and he stopped the entire human traffic at the area to search for the clip, only to locate it and clip it back onto the plate... gross.. don't they know anything about cross contamination?

Over at the cold seafood corner, there was this sign that read the management would not be responsible for any allergies arising from the consumption of seafood. Another kiasu step taken by the restaurant again, since allergens are mostly protein based, it would be easy for such allergens to land up on some non-seafood based food especially with shared common utensils.

Speaking of food, the only thing that appealed to me the most should have been the desserts. Yes, I get weak in the knees when I see them!!

But say to say, it wasnt really of high standards... I guess, you get what you pay afterall...
Gosh.. I still am feeling so full while posting this!

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