Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flesh Parade @ Singapore Polytechnic!!


i just really couldnt believe that I was in Singapore Polytechnic earlier!!!!

We went to the Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild for some event, and after the event, we went to Prince Edward Longue... Princely, it was not what it seemed to be..

They had a swim show parade.. whereby ladies sashayed amongst the crowd whilst getting wolf whistled by the hum sup men.... gosh.. was I in Singapore Polytechnic or some Geylang backlane bar or even worse, Thailand???

Half way thru the show, I even heard one of the hum sup uncle asking who-seemed-to-be-the=lady-boss "how much for that one????" I shall leave that to your imagination to what its intended meaning was!!

It is unimaginable that they have such swim show parade in skimpy clothes in Singapore Polytechnic....

Gee... talk about "Opening Minds, shaping lives"... more like "open minded, shapely bodies"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sensory Fatigue

Being sick and having to attend a sensory evaluation session is really not easy!

I could not tell the difference between a sample of tuna that had more salt added then to another sample.

Thank god, for the 2 out of 5 test (whereby we were given 5 samples of apple juice and had to identify the 2 unique samples) I was the assistant behind..

At least, I was able to pass the last test.. of differentiating Coke Zero and the normal Coke!

Under the weather...

Woke up this morning.. feeling dizzy and having a bad headache....

Looks pretty bad... as I have sensory practicals later in the day.. I wonder how my taste buds will be affected!!!

Also, it looks like I will not have any free Ben & Jerry's today!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Something's fishy @ Nuffnang!

This is really getting fishy...

Just look at this...

For my Red Nano by SPH campaign 20th April to 26th April 2008, I am being paid a meagre sum of $1.68, with it being stated that I am in Band 1 and the click thru ratio is -NA-

However, a quick check on Nuffnang analytics shows that from 14th April to 20th April, I have some 800+ unique visitors to my blog..

Does this mean that having 800+ unique visitors is still a Band 1 under the eyes of Nuffnang?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

SPG at work....

Sarong Party Girl????

Nopz... rather it reminded me of my homework in Primary school days whereby we were given a badly written paragraph full of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors... and we had to look through it and look for the mistakes and correct them...

Got this badly written email from those Singnet password phishers again!

Subject: Upgrade Your Mail Account
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 03:25:56 +0800 (SGT)
From: "Technical Support"

Dear SINGNET Subscriber,

We are currently performing maintenance for
our Digital Webmail Customers. We intend upgrading (grammar: intend to upgrade / have the intention to upgrade) our Digital Webmail Security Server for better online services.
In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption,Please you must (grammar: you must please) reply to this email immediately.

To complete your SINGNET.COM account, you must reply to this email immediately and
enter your password here (*********) and Check(punctuation: should be lower case 'C') out your new features and enhancements with your new and improved Webmail account,To (punctuation: should be a full stop) enable us (grammar: missing 'to') upgrade your Account for better online services please reply to this mail.

Customers Services (Grammar: Serious mistake... it is Customer Service and not Customers Services... is there a plural for this?)
enter your password here (********)
You for Using (punctuation : lower case "U" ) ( Note the differences in this email: Sometimes they use sometimes they use , cant they make up their mind?)

Thank you for using SINGNET.COM !

Do you think the real technical support centre has such bad linguistic skills?

Got smoked by Nuffnang

Got this email by Ming that day:

As most of you would have noticed by now, we have been running an extensive campaign for SPH's new search engine Red Nano.

This campaign has been running for 5 weeks now and is only applicable to those with Large Rectangle and Leaderboard ad units put up, and those who have at least 20 unique visits a day (i.e., above band 0). This was announced previously on the 6th of March 2008, in a community email and also updated on our blog.

There is still significant budget left over, so if you have not put up your LR and LB units yet, do so soon so you don't get left out in this income earning opportunity.

Judging from the lack of ad on my blog today, it looks like SPH has run out of budget? Anyone still hosting the red nano ad campaign? Or have we been smoked and given empty promises again??

Have seen many unhappy bloggers talking about more transparency needed in Nuffnang's operation... perhaps... another to add on?

I would defintelty be over Band O with more then 200 visitors a week.... so something must be wrong somewhere... Enuff of Nangs...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ring 911!!!!

Why Ring 911???

cos my ring is in trouble!!!!

The middle stone dropped out while I was washing my hands... and now.. all you see is a hole!!!

Now i have to go back to the shop to get it fixed...

Looks like I am unlucky with the number '3'...

Feeling kinda traumatised now....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finale at Food Hotel Asia 2008

Went on the last day of Food Hotel Asia 2008!!!

Boy.. its still so crowded with visitors.. and it gets even more messy on the last day due to the fact that people are running all over getting last minute quotes and demonstrations of equipment.

Took some last minute pictures:

various baked goodies!

Concentrated fruit fillings for chocolates, cakes, ice cream, etc... I tasted the mango one... its really sweet and fruity!

Asian Pastry Cup 2008
More yummy delicacies from the Taiwan booths
Sinful cakes and macaroons

Of course, being the last day of the exhibition, a lot of vendors were busy clearing their wares and goodies at rock bottom prices... Here's what we got today...

Organic chocolate and macadamia nut cookies from Australia!!
South African White wine and Australian Sparkling Dealcholised 'Wine'

Interesting alcoholic drinks we got for free..
One is an energy vodka drink that boost vitamin Bs and other energy giving active ingredients..
another is Gin Tonic..
That's all for FHA 2008... Gotta wait for another two years for FHA 2010!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MacSex ... Free Delivery and 'services'?

Got this from another forum..

A provocative video has been circulating around and the link posted on several fourms showing '2 men, dressed in maroon shirts resembling those worn by McDelivery staff members engaging in various sex acts with a woman dressed in a checked shirt, similar to those worn by MaDonald's counter staff.' According to TNP, 'They appear to be at a stairwell of a HBD block, in broad daylight and seem to be aware that they are being filmed.' Typical of some Sporean reactions were- 'I was shocked to see what they were doing. My main concern was how unhygienic it would be if they happened to go back to work and handle food.' Another netizen who saw the video said she was 'absolutely appalled'.

'When contraced, McDonald's senior manager, Ms Linda Ming, said that the company could not identify or confirm that the people in the video are employees of McDonald's. She added 'The company plans to take legal action against those who created and circulated the video.'

What a scandal!!!! Takeaway on the go.. have you had your 'service' yet?

Is Animal Cruelty Art???

LATELY, a number of emails have been doing the rounds, condemning the actions of the artist, Guillermo Vargas ‘Habacuc’.

Last year, the Costa Rican ‘artist’ is alleged to have paid some children to chase and catch an abandoned dog. He is said to have tied the animal by a very short rope to the wall of an art gallery in Managua and left it there for several days, without food or water, until it died.

During this time, many people visited the art gallery, paying absolutely no attention to the torment of the dying dog.

Photographs of the so-called exhibition can be found on the Internet.

The prestigious Central American Biennial exhibition incomprehensibly decided to consider this barbarous act as art, and Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action at the Biennial of 2008 in Honduras.

In his defence, the artist has claimed that what he was attempting to prove was that those who saw the suffering of the dog just walked on by and that if it had been left on the street to die, no-one would have even known of its existence.

It has also been reported that the dog did not die but escaped, and that it had been fed by Vargas and was only tied up during the gallery opening times. It has not been possible to confirm this.

The Managua exhibition attracted worldwide attention and many people believe it to have been an act of cruelty rather than art. A petition has been started in an attempt to prevent Habacuc’s involvement in the 2008 Biennial and from repeating the spectacle.

If you would like to sign the petition, visit:

All animal lovers out there.. please take note!!!

Is Nuffnang ripping bloggers?

Was reading this blog on whether Nuffnang is ripping bloggers of profits...

The blogger says that:

They roped in famous bloggers to help promote their business. They have staff to hire. They have expensive offices to maintain (their computers, servers and status). These things aren't free.

But still, is this 30% commission justified? I can't think of another business idea that charge such lofty fee, not a unit trust seller, not a car salesman.

Well.. my views are.. in the first place... is blogging suppose to be a money making scheme or a passion to us? Wouldnt even working somewhere like MCD pay better???

Also, in his post, the writer called on for more transparency in the payment structure ... will we ever get to see those??? I seriously doubt so... The main objective of every business organization is to make money.. so if these people cant make money.. will be ever have a chance to make ours?

Therefore, we should just be glad to make side income for a passion..

*PS - I ain't affilated in to Nuffnang nor did they pay me for my post... except for the banners I host on my blog

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The best fish and chips in town.....

Was at a eating joint that claimed that they don't just serve the best fish and chips in town this afternoon...

First thing that caught my sight was this:

Salt shaker full of salt stuck onto the walls.....

We tried something interesting.. supposedly no other sea food joint has this item on their menu: Swordfish Collar...

A wrong move... far too exotic for my palate... the fish was too fishy. and I had to use like 6 slices of lemon to mask the fishy notes as well as a dollop of the sauce, which had a strong garlic flavour, as I ate the meal..
Yes.. they don't only serve the best fish in chips in town.. they serve the worst swordfish collar too!

Funny Thai Noodle Ads

I'm laughing my head off over these funny Thai commercials that feature instant noodles!!!

I think they are all very good and creative because, even though there are no subtitles in the ads, one is able to get the message and the humour just by watching!!


Noodle Ad 1

Noodle Ad 2

Noodle Ad 3

Bet you'll never look at instant noodles the same way again!

Of pralines, marizpan displays and wedding cakes

Another picture intensive post...

Here are the pictures I took at the culinary competition at Food Hotel Asia at the Singapore Expo...

Mouth watering pieces of edible art...

Can you bear to eat them?

First check out the pralines :

This snow white one was pretty interesting.. a fairy tale.. immortalized into pralines..
The chinese traditional music instruments complimented the choice of ingredients used in this display, there were chinese herbs like wolfberry, luo han guo used in the formulation of the pralines.. Pralines also get a dose of functionality.
Erm, this one a little obscene.. haha.. a chocolate woman sitting in a litle seductive pose...

Next are the marzipan displays

The butterflies and flowers on this piece will definitely give any food a touch of spring..

I like this one too, looks like a underwater world display with fishes and corals..

The display below seems to be inspired by Harry Potter... Don't you think so?

Gorgeous wedding cakes..

The one below seems to be "East meets West" Note the use of the characters "double happiness" on the wedding cake
Auntie Chua said the one below is in a mess!!! To messy to be a wedding cake.. lacking in elegance and simplicity! Sure fail if Auntie Chua is one of the judges!
The cake below seems to have Precious Moments characters decorating it.. so sweet...

White washed....
Another "East meets West" theme.. The oriental dragon and phoenix is seen circling up the cake
Cinderella's cake with her shoe... I certainly hope she did not have Hongkong feet..
Pretty in Pink... Pink is the colour of passion by Aerosmith... haha
Hope you enjoyed the collage of pictures of the event...
Special thanks to all those who accompanied me on the day, and to all the wonderful people I met and chatted with!

Sights from Food Hotel Asia 2008!!

Got down to Singapore Expo on 22nd April morning to attend Food Hotel Asia 2008... special thanks to Auntie Chua for driving us there!!!

When we arrived... it was a crowd, so much for thinking that the early bird gets the worm, throngs and throngs of people were queuing up despite the fact that the pre registration scheme should have cut down on the queuing time. Perhaps, the organisers should practise better crowd control and even mail out the trade badges to local visitors before the show starts!

All right, I promised to share pictures of the event on my blog to my readers... Here we go

Let's start off with the , erm, more technical (and not so yummy part)... the machinery, without which we would not have all the mass produced yummy food...

*Disclaimer: Loads of pictures*

A particle size reducer... to put it in less bombastic terms.. a mincer or chopper..

Blast Freezer to freeze a product rapidly to prevent growth of large ice crystals in food, thereby improving food qualityFood processors to chop food like vegetables and fruits

Technical talks on equipment functionality

Frozen Yogurt / soft serve ice cream machine

Now for the more yummy items on exhibition.... Warning... take care not to shock your keyboard with your drool :p

Loads of cakes... a feast for the eyes..

Ice cream / gelattos... Just take a look at the many exhibitors showcasing it!

Yummy freshly baked waffles!

Macaroons.. Just love the variety of colours..

Tower of muffins, ginger bread man, scones and other delectable pastries

Interesting vinegar products from Taiwan, we even tried a carbonated version of vinegar.. which was suprisingly nice and bubbly.. without the sour after taste... they had many varieties of vinegar from aloe vera to grape to promegranate..

Green Tea with passionfruit amongst others

Taiwan mochi!

Chinese tea leaves infused with a variety of floral like roses, lavendar...

Traditional Malay Kueh from Malaysia... The packaging does seem interesting.. and I was told that the shelf life of the products can go up to 1 yr

Instant Lemon Grass Drink

Variety of breads on display

One of the most eye catching and unique product had to be the ready to drink, Singapore Sling.. All bottled up and ready to serve... formulated by True Heritage Brew... A Uniquely Singapore product... cant wait for it to be on the shelves!

More pics coming soon in another post!