Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools....

Started April Fool's Day off this morning when I logged onto my internet banking.... surprise... got extra $$$$... dont tell me POSB also plays April Fool's trick??? Being unable to view history of transactions.. I was left with the only choice - to do a manual update of my passbook!!!

When I was in the midst of updating my passbook at DBS Civic Centre, my passbook got caught in the machine.. the whole machine displayed an error message that the machine could not be used.

I went to look for the staff at the counter and when the staff came out... my passbook was placed next to the machine and there was another customer using the machine!!!!

Can you just imagine the security lapse... Why does the machine eject the passbook after displaying a message that it has been retained by the machine??? What would have happened if someone else took my passbook away.

And guess that the lady at the counter told me when she was by the side of the machine...

"Oh, this machine got problem lar... why don't you join my queue over there to update your book?"

Hello... if there is a need to join the queue to update the passbook at the counter with the teller... why is there a need to install a white elephant "passbook update machine"???

Gosh.. what a day...

PS.. It wasnt an April Fool's joke for the 'extra $', it was the money credited for the Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS)

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