Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cafe 18 Hongkong

It seems that there have been numerous Hongkong cafes springing up in Singapore lately..... walk into most shopping centres and other malls and you will find some... can already name some off hand like Wan Zai (in IMM), Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe (by Thai Express group).
I tried this particular one.. Cafe 18 Hongkong which is located along Cheong Chin Nam Road.. same row as Courts Bukit Timah.

Ordered this Wanton Noodles as the main.. tasted so-so.. noodles a little too hard for my liking.. perhaps due to under cooking...

The roasted pork was not too bad... crispy and served still warm!

Things that would perhaps entice people to go would probably be:

  • the 15% discount on all ala-carte, non-discounted items

  • the special promotion of $10 for a soy sauce chicken takeway....

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