Thursday, April 03, 2008

A choice of wrong cafe

I met Adrian today for lunch at a newly opened Hongkong cafe at Liang Seah Street which is very near my workplace.

When we stepped into the place, the staff offered us a seat in a corner next to a big group of people whom seemed to be from "Big Land" and were talking at the top of their voices... gee.. these foreign talent really make good parade commanders...

When we requested to seat in another section of the restaurant, the waiter refused citing that the section was closed. It was only when Adrian told the manager were we allowed to sit at the other section..

Looking at the set menu, there was a selection of main courses with a soft drink/coffee/tea.. when we were about to have our orders taken, we asked the waitress if we could upgrade the drink to a ice blended specialty drink and pay for the difference. She told us we would be able to and took our orders, when she repeated our orders, she asked us to choose if we wanted the soft drink/coffee/tea... Obviously she has not been to Macdonald's to dine....

The choice of meals were obviously wrong... the lunch set meal of pork chop and sunny side egg with rice came with rice that was fried with streaks and streaks of vegetables that it has such a strong raw green smell to it...

Perhaps the only thing to right the wrong was the offer of the day... mango pudding with pomelo..

Looks like we will not be heading there for meals again for some time!

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