Friday, April 25, 2008

Finale at Food Hotel Asia 2008

Went on the last day of Food Hotel Asia 2008!!!

Boy.. its still so crowded with visitors.. and it gets even more messy on the last day due to the fact that people are running all over getting last minute quotes and demonstrations of equipment.

Took some last minute pictures:

various baked goodies!

Concentrated fruit fillings for chocolates, cakes, ice cream, etc... I tasted the mango one... its really sweet and fruity!

Asian Pastry Cup 2008
More yummy delicacies from the Taiwan booths
Sinful cakes and macaroons

Of course, being the last day of the exhibition, a lot of vendors were busy clearing their wares and goodies at rock bottom prices... Here's what we got today...

Organic chocolate and macadamia nut cookies from Australia!!
South African White wine and Australian Sparkling Dealcholised 'Wine'

Interesting alcoholic drinks we got for free..
One is an energy vodka drink that boost vitamin Bs and other energy giving active ingredients..
another is Gin Tonic..
That's all for FHA 2008... Gotta wait for another two years for FHA 2010!

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