Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flesh Parade @ Singapore Polytechnic!!


i just really couldnt believe that I was in Singapore Polytechnic earlier!!!!

We went to the Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild for some event, and after the event, we went to Prince Edward Longue... Princely, it was not what it seemed to be..

They had a swim show parade.. whereby ladies sashayed amongst the crowd whilst getting wolf whistled by the hum sup men.... gosh.. was I in Singapore Polytechnic or some Geylang backlane bar or even worse, Thailand???

Half way thru the show, I even heard one of the hum sup uncle asking who-seemed-to-be-the=lady-boss "how much for that one????" I shall leave that to your imagination to what its intended meaning was!!

It is unimaginable that they have such swim show parade in skimpy clothes in Singapore Polytechnic....

Gee... talk about "Opening Minds, shaping lives"... more like "open minded, shapely bodies"

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