Thursday, April 17, 2008

For Singapore's sake, I must be gracious and learn to let go??

Someone from a local forum read my blog about the Guardian incident and says that I am a terrible person that take good intentions the wrong way.. and ends off my saying that "please, for the sake Singapore, be gracious. learn to let go."

I really wonder about the comments from such people.. as they obviously lack the EQ and the ability to analyze written language carefully..

In my post about gifts from the pharmacy.. I even mentioned the words 'gift' which meant that I appreciated and value the items as gifts, and please do note, I did not use any inverted commas that could otherwise be sarcastic.

Also, in the last ending paragraphs... I even had facial emotions like ":p" and the words "haha" to show the kind of joking emotions.. It's true that words have no emotional connoctions attached to them... but at least... read the facial emos and the language carefully....

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