Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gifts from the Guardian (Angel?)

Alrighty, after my post was featured in STOMP about aggressive promoters at a pharmacy... Read about it here ... I got a reply from them saying that for promoters that was assigned to their stores, the suppliers are aware that the promoters must be well equipped with product knowledge.

Also before they were assigned to a store, they have to undergo a session on Customer Service . They were also given a set of guidelines to follow strictly. For any promoters that do not follow the guidelines set by the Pharmacy , they will be couselled and feedback to the respective company for disciplining actions.

Amazing replies aint it, and they even prepared a gift set for me....


Adidas Deodarant and Shower Gel Gift Set

Vichy Energizing Shampoo

Scholl Gift Set

Sublimal messages that I stink and have bad hair and hongkong feet??? haha..

By the way, Adrian says that I should keep all the gifts.. they will come in handy for Christmas Gift Exchange.. so cheapo right... so if this Christmas, you find that your gift from me looks kinda familliar.. you'll know why... :p

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