Sunday, April 27, 2008

Got smoked by Nuffnang

Got this email by Ming that day:

As most of you would have noticed by now, we have been running an extensive campaign for SPH's new search engine Red Nano.

This campaign has been running for 5 weeks now and is only applicable to those with Large Rectangle and Leaderboard ad units put up, and those who have at least 20 unique visits a day (i.e., above band 0). This was announced previously on the 6th of March 2008, in a community email and also updated on our blog.

There is still significant budget left over, so if you have not put up your LR and LB units yet, do so soon so you don't get left out in this income earning opportunity.

Judging from the lack of ad on my blog today, it looks like SPH has run out of budget? Anyone still hosting the red nano ad campaign? Or have we been smoked and given empty promises again??

Have seen many unhappy bloggers talking about more transparency needed in Nuffnang's operation... perhaps... another to add on?

I would defintelty be over Band O with more then 200 visitors a week.... so something must be wrong somewhere... Enuff of Nangs...

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