Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Nuffnang ripping bloggers?

Was reading this blog on whether Nuffnang is ripping bloggers of profits...

The blogger says that:

They roped in famous bloggers to help promote their business. They have staff to hire. They have expensive offices to maintain (their computers, servers and status). These things aren't free.

But still, is this 30% commission justified? I can't think of another business idea that charge such lofty fee, not a unit trust seller, not a car salesman.

Well.. my views are.. in the first place... is blogging suppose to be a money making scheme or a passion to us? Wouldnt even working somewhere like MCD pay better???

Also, in his post, the writer called on for more transparency in the payment structure ... will we ever get to see those??? I seriously doubt so... The main objective of every business organization is to make money.. so if these people cant make money.. will be ever have a chance to make ours?

Therefore, we should just be glad to make side income for a passion..

*PS - I ain't affilated in to Nuffnang nor did they pay me for my post... except for the banners I host on my blog

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3POINT8 said...

30/70% is quite ok what...
I think they pay better than some of the charity organization out there. I know of one charity org which takes 40% for admin cost and 60% to the targeted charity fund. Ha! And I think there are org which does 90/10%...