Thursday, April 24, 2008

MacSex ... Free Delivery and 'services'?

Got this from another forum..

A provocative video has been circulating around and the link posted on several fourms showing '2 men, dressed in maroon shirts resembling those worn by McDelivery staff members engaging in various sex acts with a woman dressed in a checked shirt, similar to those worn by MaDonald's counter staff.' According to TNP, 'They appear to be at a stairwell of a HBD block, in broad daylight and seem to be aware that they are being filmed.' Typical of some Sporean reactions were- 'I was shocked to see what they were doing. My main concern was how unhygienic it would be if they happened to go back to work and handle food.' Another netizen who saw the video said she was 'absolutely appalled'.

'When contraced, McDonald's senior manager, Ms Linda Ming, said that the company could not identify or confirm that the people in the video are employees of McDonald's. She added 'The company plans to take legal action against those who created and circulated the video.'

What a scandal!!!! Takeaway on the go.. have you had your 'service' yet?

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