Monday, April 21, 2008

Marche still existed???

Gosh... I feel like a Mountain Tortoise!!!!
Marche still exists in Singapore... Vivocity to be exact!!!!!!

It's tucked away on the third floor at some corner... quite small a sitting area compared to its previous premises at Hereen and Suntec City...

I had rosti served with garlic sausages today... a bit of overdose of sour cream though... to an extent that the feeling of satiety just turned me off... anyway.. the rosti was cooked by someone who seem to come from the Big Land.. judging from his accent.
The usual fare still exists in Marche, fried pork knuckles, various sausages, roasted chicken with herbs, cooked pastas, DIY garden salads, crepe with caramel bananas... oohhh.. the list just makes my mouth water..

The cake, chocolate fudge cake, a treat from my army buddy, Jonathan was not too bad.. the fudge layer was nice and moist... Let's just say, if only the entire piece was made up of fudge, it would get an excellent review from me..

A candid shot of my host... had to blur up the picture.. if not, the next time, I wouldnt be eating cake.. but having it as facial! :p

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