Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Of pralines, marizpan displays and wedding cakes

Another picture intensive post...

Here are the pictures I took at the culinary competition at Food Hotel Asia at the Singapore Expo...

Mouth watering pieces of edible art...

Can you bear to eat them?

First check out the pralines :

This snow white one was pretty interesting.. a fairy tale.. immortalized into pralines..
The chinese traditional music instruments complimented the choice of ingredients used in this display, there were chinese herbs like wolfberry, luo han guo used in the formulation of the pralines.. Pralines also get a dose of functionality.
Erm, this one a little obscene.. haha.. a chocolate woman sitting in a litle seductive pose...

Next are the marzipan displays

The butterflies and flowers on this piece will definitely give any food a touch of spring..

I like this one too, looks like a underwater world display with fishes and corals..

The display below seems to be inspired by Harry Potter... Don't you think so?

Gorgeous wedding cakes..

The one below seems to be "East meets West" Note the use of the characters "double happiness" on the wedding cake
Auntie Chua said the one below is in a mess!!! To messy to be a wedding cake.. lacking in elegance and simplicity! Sure fail if Auntie Chua is one of the judges!
The cake below seems to have Precious Moments characters decorating it.. so sweet...

White washed....
Another "East meets West" theme.. The oriental dragon and phoenix is seen circling up the cake
Cinderella's cake with her shoe... I certainly hope she did not have Hongkong feet..
Pretty in Pink... Pink is the colour of passion by Aerosmith... haha
Hope you enjoyed the collage of pictures of the event...
Special thanks to all those who accompanied me on the day, and to all the wonderful people I met and chatted with!

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