Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sights from Food Hotel Asia 2008!!

Got down to Singapore Expo on 22nd April morning to attend Food Hotel Asia 2008... special thanks to Auntie Chua for driving us there!!!

When we arrived... it was a crowd, so much for thinking that the early bird gets the worm, throngs and throngs of people were queuing up despite the fact that the pre registration scheme should have cut down on the queuing time. Perhaps, the organisers should practise better crowd control and even mail out the trade badges to local visitors before the show starts!

All right, I promised to share pictures of the event on my blog to my readers... Here we go

Let's start off with the , erm, more technical (and not so yummy part)... the machinery, without which we would not have all the mass produced yummy food...

*Disclaimer: Loads of pictures*

A particle size reducer... to put it in less bombastic terms.. a mincer or chopper..

Blast Freezer to freeze a product rapidly to prevent growth of large ice crystals in food, thereby improving food qualityFood processors to chop food like vegetables and fruits

Technical talks on equipment functionality

Frozen Yogurt / soft serve ice cream machine

Now for the more yummy items on exhibition.... Warning... take care not to shock your keyboard with your drool :p

Loads of cakes... a feast for the eyes..

Ice cream / gelattos... Just take a look at the many exhibitors showcasing it!

Yummy freshly baked waffles!

Macaroons.. Just love the variety of colours..

Tower of muffins, ginger bread man, scones and other delectable pastries

Interesting vinegar products from Taiwan, we even tried a carbonated version of vinegar.. which was suprisingly nice and bubbly.. without the sour after taste... they had many varieties of vinegar from aloe vera to grape to promegranate..

Green Tea with passionfruit amongst others

Taiwan mochi!

Chinese tea leaves infused with a variety of floral like roses, lavendar...

Traditional Malay Kueh from Malaysia... The packaging does seem interesting.. and I was told that the shelf life of the products can go up to 1 yr

Instant Lemon Grass Drink

Variety of breads on display

One of the most eye catching and unique product had to be the ready to drink, Singapore Sling.. All bottled up and ready to serve... formulated by True Heritage Brew... A Uniquely Singapore product... cant wait for it to be on the shelves!

More pics coming soon in another post!

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