Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sudoku or Shokudo?

Sudoku or Shoduku???
Equally puzzling is the fact that I visited the eatery Shokudo at Raffles City Basement today after reading about it in STOMP that they charged 10% service charge even though its a self service restuarant. Perhaps, that's the power of the media that leaves one's curiousity waiting to be satisfied when news is out.

When I stepped into the place, it really reminded me of Marche with its familliar set up and menu, items like rosti, crepe/waffles with caramel bananas - all this just seemed to be a direct replica from the now defunct Marche.

Also, the place operated using a card system, whereby, the value of food is totalled up at each counter and one would pay only at the checkout counter.

They had cute 'reserved' tags for placing on the tables when you decided which table you would like to seat at.

I tried the Pork Katsu rice which was though it came out of Yoshinaya. The yogurt drink was nice though, the amount of acid in the drink was just nice, bringing out the flavour effectively.
For dessert, I had waffle with bananas and chocolate, which was not too bad to end a meal with.

At the checkout counter, I was pleasantly suprised when such a meal set me back by about $15!
I guess, I would only go there for the ambience and not really for the food as the range of food generally seems to be in the same league as Marche and the like..
I guess going cashless really seems to be the in thing now....

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