Monday, April 21, 2008

Temptation in Candy Empire

Lust and Greed isn't one of the seven temptations for nothing...

The lust and greed of these items from Candy Empire just made me go weak in the knees and I had to give in to temptation.
Finest Shortbread fingers with chocolate chips....

Simply sinful!!!!

I wonder is it a habit I have to buy things from Candy Empire that are in tin cans... judging from all the previous buys I had, it certainly seems so.

Came across this pretty interesting product I there!

It seems that Sugar Free Mints are also having a functional food makeover too... Saw this pack of Dills Digestive Mints. They actually incorporated the beneficial effect of essentials oils from aromatics plants that are well known for their digestive abilities.

Looking through the ingredients i saw peppermint oil, essential oils of clove, corriander, bitter orange peel, angelica. Which probably explains the very unique blend of flavour... yep.. Mrs Ngan tried.. she said she likes the clove flavour!

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