Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nuffnang CEO in some kinda scandal???

Gosh.. I read about this article titled, Nuffnang CEO should have some respect for his girlfriend, colleagues, clients and company. :

1. You're dating your employee, bad enough as it is, please keep it civil, private because now everyone knows who you're dating.

2. Now you insinuate in your blog you're fucking her and she's staying together with you. Repeat, everyone knows who she is and that she's an employee in your company.

What kind of an employer is that ? Hey, before you wanna announce this kind of thing, at least have some self respect, think of your company image and how your customers will think lah.

Everyone knows who that person you're dating is, and that she's an employee in the same company. How would other staff think about their boss fucking their colleague and announcing in the blog that they're staying and sleeping together in the same bed? Tongues already will wag with you dating your employee, and now this entry of yours admitting sleeping in the same bed with her is going to turn heads not just within but outside the company.

Wow..... looks like some kinda scandal is brewing...

The wonders of Networking

I signed up for Emailcashpro earlier this month..

Initially, was kinda skeptical about all this... Will people really pay you money just to read emails?

Well, after i signed up, I got some friends to sign up.. then they too, got their friends to sign up.. and after a while, my network was formed!!!

And amazingly, within less then a month, I got more then 20 members in my first level!!!

My own personal points I got is 17.0000
The points my referrals got for me is 37.3000

It would be interesting to note that my own points is less then half of my referrals earned for me, which clearly shows that, an active downline is very important, one has to motivate the downline to get the whole network to work!

Join now.. no harm trying! Just remember.. be active yourself and motivate your downlines!

Finally Butterfly

I finally got my Thai Butterfly amulet done completely, after getting it some time back.

After getting it wrapped and getting a clip too!!!!

Special thanks to Allan for all the guidance and tips!

Snorts about Smorty

Just in case you did not know, Smorty is a paid to review scheme whereby bloggers actually do reviews and blog posts for advertisers Smorty gets.

I did 2 for them on 9th May 2008 and 10th May 2008, well, they claimed to send out payment in the week the articles are approved, which is automatically done so 5 days after the posts are out! But till now, I have not received any news from them!!

I even sent them an email.. all they did was to send me an email that seemed to be copy and pasted from a template:


Bloggers generally get paid on a weekly basis, however Smorty do not
have a set payment day. The reason for this is because we pay via PayPal
mass pay. The transfer of tens of thousands of dollars through PayPal
can sometimes vary in time. As soon as your post has been approved,
which takes 5 days, we try to pay for that blog article on the first
payment day of that week.

Even though, it's really not much of money, but its the integrity and ethics behind it that matters! So please do becareful!

Friday, May 30, 2008

To cash out or not to?

I have been on Nuffnang for about 6 months now..

For the past few months, had been waiting for my earnings figure to grow bigger...

Now it has reached the sum to be able to cash out.. But I am not sure if I should cash it out.. or let it snowball more...

Any suggestions?
Are you in a similar situation?

Collected My Bio metric Passport

Collected my biometric passport today...

The online application really makes thing a breeze! I applied on Monday (26th May) and got an email yesterday (29th May) telling me to come down today to collect it!

Even though the waiting time was 1.5 hours, it was sure better then going down personally to apply and then having to go there again to collect it!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

So what if we won Pedra Branca?

Well.. apparently some disgruntled Malaysian who blogs from has criticised us Singaporeans us stealing Malaysia's Pulau Batu Puteh and he's calling on to fellow Malaysians to boycott product / services from Singapore's companies like Breadtalk, UOB, OCBC, Bee Cheng Hiang...

Actually, there is this part in the blog that goes like this:
Whatever "lack of exercise by the Johor authorities (on that island) for some 100 years", it does not mean that Singapore has the right to steal Pulau Batu Puteh from Malaysia. It's no different from the story above. Stealing is still stealing, yes, it's just plain stealing.

On a similar note, it is said that Singapore is managing the purification of the raw water in Johor. It is also said Singapore manages our air space as Malaysia lacks the facilities and technology. Hence it is very possible that soon Singapore will be able to claim Johor's purification plant and airspace as their own since they have been taking care of them for so long.

Some people are obviously sore about the issue.. and of course this highlights that people in Malaysia are very narrow minded... and we thought that ministers from both parties assured that they would be happy and satisfied with the results that the ICJ announced.

If school girls that are wearing white uniforms are to be blamed for rape, as proposed by some people.. it really makes accusations like this sound so true!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chocolate Biscuits Sensory Evaluation


When it comes to sensory evaluation, a lot of people are so hyped up!!!

Wah.. food tasting huh!!! So lucky, you get to taste so many kinds of foods for free!

But they simply do not know the other side of the story, especially when you have to put down certain attributes pertaining to colour, texture, flavour!!

Had an informal sensory today on chocolate biscuits within my own practical group. Joreen bought Chips Ahoy, Famous Amos, Chipsmore and cookies from Subway... it's pretty tiring to sit down and study food at the end of the day...

Anyway, can you guess what our preference was?

In terms of most preferred to least preferred:

Subway Cookies > Famous Amos > Chipsmore > Chips Ahoy

I really wondered what happened to Chips Ahoy, considering the fact that it was one of my childhood faves.. maybe our palettes changes as we grow too!


Lup Sup (colloquial for 'dirty') ... not really.. rather it means Lift Upgrading Programme...

Yea, the area that I am staying is currently having it.. when I got home today, one of the lifts was already blocked off to prepare for the work, leaving only 1 other lift left.

I can already imagine what's going to happen during peak hours when everyone rushes to get into the lift down... Also, what will happen if the one and only working lift breaks down..

Somehow, I can't help but feel that we are overly reliant on our humble lift! Imagine a whopping one year with just one lift in operation!!!

Anyone has any LUP experience to share?

A discovery in the Vuestar Scandal!!!

This was brought up by a fellow member, Zealot, in!!!

It's hardly believable.. and could be used as evidence of tax evasion! Looks like its time the authorities did something about it!

Basically to summarise it all, Vuestar bills its so called 'customers' invoices that are inclusive of GST. Example, in the case of, they were billed $5000 + 7% GST = $5350. But a check on the IRAS website indicates that there is no known company registered with them!

Anyway, the following was also brought up by Zealot, for offences under the GST legislations:

Offences under GST Legislations:

v) For failure to register, you are liable on conviction to:

- a fine not exceeding $10,000; and
- a penalty equal to 10% of the tax due in respect of each year or

part thereof commencing from the date on which you are required to make the notification or to apply for registration.

ix) For offences in relation to invoices (for which you issue a tax invoice
when you are not authorised under the Act), you are liable on
conviction to:

- a fine not exceeding to $10,000; and
- a penalty of 3 times the amount of tax shown on the invoice.

Or perhaps, there is another company involved here? Looks like there is more then it meets the eye...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

20k visitors... a new frontier!

Wow... I just noticed that some 20 000 visitors have viewed by blog...

Kind of surprising to me, cos when I first started this blog of mine, it was meant to be a personal collection of the things that happen to me. Somehow or rather, I got inspired by events happening around me, like the recent STOMP / Koji saga and the vs Vuestar incident that I blogged about recently.

Thanks to people that actually talked about my blog on .
Thanks to people that posted about my blog on STOMP too

This new frontier will motivate me to write more textually provocative stuff and feed more information to my readers.

Once again, thanks to all for the continous support, I do hope that you will be continue to visit my blog regularly. The best is yet to be!

Within 50km? No petrol for you!

Malaysia will ban the sale of petrol on its borders with Thailand and Singapore from selling fuel to foreigners, in an attempt to contain the spiralling cost of subsidies, reports said Tuesday.

This move affects up to300 petrol stations, and extends up to 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the border in the northern states of Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan; and Johor in the south which faces Singapore.

Can you imagine having to travel 50km away to purchase petrol. Does that mean that Singaporeans shoppers who travel within the 50km radius to shop, or for business, will also be penalised?

What will happen if visitors are in the area (50km radius) and keep travelling? All these incovenience could probably just hinder foreign registered cars from even entering... Would business within the 50km radius even be affected?

Will we even see black markets emerging due to such a move? Imagine the illegal siphoning of fuel to be resold to foreign cars, which will serve as a great fire hazzard!

Only time will tell.. so.. in the mean time, venture to greater distances!

I will never eat this again...

Went to Marina Square and decided to try out something new at a Jap restuarant which is located near a corner of the building..

After the food was served to us, we realised that it was all over hyped!

Miso soup was clear but tasted weird.. and the tofu cubes inside was hard and tasted like anything but tofu!

I had pork katsu rice.... One thing about the menu was that they labelled the food according to sizes M and R... I really thought that M was medium and R was regular.. until the waitress tole me M was for Mini and R for regular... Wow! New vocab!

My favourite portal got billed!!!!

My favourite portal,, got $5350 by this company that claimed that claim is that Arofanatics had infringed their "A method of locating web sites using visual images" patent, which is basically, using dynamic methods of linking images to external websites.

Apparently, this issue made it to the Straits Times today, and it was reported that such technology patent can actually even be at the disadvantage of Internet Giant Google and Yahoo. This Singapore firm has threatened to sue websites that use pictures or graphics to link to another page, claiming it owns the patent for a technology used by millions around the world.

This technique is the de facto method used to connect websites across the globe, from personal blogs to the biggest search engines. It now seems that linking a picture from your site to another site infringes the patent.

From Straits Times:
VueStar managing director Paul Smith said if sites want to keep using images as links, they will have to pay his company - located in a single-unit office at The Adelphi off Coleman Street - between '$200' and 'millions' annually.

It is a claim, however, that has its doubters.

Technology and intellectual property lawyer Bryan Tan of Keystone Law Corporation said that while VueStar has been granted a patent, it is an extremely wide one.

In fact, 'if the patent is allowed to stand, it will probably bring the (Internet) industry to its knees'. And VueStar's patent may be contested and overturned in court, he said.

The firm has been sending out invoices to Singapore companies since last week asking them to pay up, said Mr Smith. He declined to say how many have gone out, but there have been 'enough to keep my phone busy'.

Those who do not pay up, warned Mr Smith, face legal action, and his company is 'highly confident that (a court decision) will be in our favour'.

Mr Alvin Koh, who runs the non-profit Arrowana fish website, received one of VueStar's invoices last week for $5,350. He does not intend to pay up and said: 'I would rather close down the site'.

Mr Smith recognises that Mr Koh's stand will likely be a popular one, and his firm is already girding up for a public backlash.

'Website owners are just upset because they never had to pay for it before,' said Mr Smith.

VueStar will begin enforcing its patent claims in Australia and the US 'soon', he said, and the firm is also working on invoices for Internet heavyweights like Google and Microsoft.

While governments and charities will need a licence, VueStar will not be asking for payment from these parties, he said.

Mr Tan urged companies to contact their lawyers before 'paying VueStar anything'.

Well, it really seems to make labelling a bottle of water as 'water' a big issue!

Beware, you really could be next to be sent a letter!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Someone posted about me on STOMP

Someone actually posted about me on STOMP talking about my posts about STOMP's Singapore Seen and Koji saga...

Seems that there are strong defendants of STOMP with people saying that if one does not like what they see, don't see.... I really wonder if thing were to happen, and if they were in else's shoes, would they still be thinking this way!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

How unique is Singapore?

Just how unique are we???

Searching the net on Uniquely Singapore immediately shows the answer that Singapore is unique because:

If there is one word that best captures Singapore, it is “unique”. A dynamic city rich in contrast and colour, you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here. Brimming with unbridled energy, this little dynamo in Southeast Asia embodies the finest of both East and West.
Sourced from Singapore Tourism Board

Rojak... or rather an eclectic mix, I would put it as!

Singapore is way being influenced by so many different cultures that its facade seem to be changing nearly everyday... From Japanese culture to Western media influences, are we as unique as what we think to be? Or are we unique, just like everyone else is?

The confusion of the Singaporean identity is evident even from overseas: In parts of the world, it is not common to step into a Chinese restaurant and find a dish called 'Singapore noodles' but in fact back in Singapore, there isn't any thing that sounds like or even looks like 'Singapore noodles'! So what exactly is Singapore noodles? They are probably Cantonese in origin, possibly from Hong Kong, and they were first very popular in European Chinese restaurants.

Another world famous thing is Chicken Rice.. Singapore's Hainanese Chicken Rice is world famous to Singapore... but just look at the number of versions of chicken rice we have in Singapore, its different versions and sensory attributes could already be a testament to what is Uniquely Singapore!

More recent is the launch of Asia's tallest Ferris Wheel, the Singapore Flyer... Experience sipping a drink 165m in the air while admiring breathtaking views of the scenery... But what drink are we as guests being served? I polled this questions to 10 people and 9 of them got the answer wrong!!! Singapore Sling???? Afterall, this drink is known to most tourists who travel to Singapore, especially so since its debut appearance in Raffles Hotel... But the answer is wrong!!! It is the Singapore Flyer Cocktail drink that is being served 165m in the air!!!

So where is the True Singapore Identity?

Get paid to read emails?

Sounds a tad bit too good to be true?

Another scam in the making???

Well, that was what my initial response was too!!!

Until my friend who is now also known as my referral sent me this:

He got paid under the scheme!!!

According to him, there is a need to have a very active group of people under you and he is always motivating the people under him to spread wider networks and pass down the message.

Quite a interesting concept I must say!

So join now!


I guess, it just wont hurt afterall!

Vending Machine Woes

Has anyone encountered a malfunctioning vending machine?

Well I did encounter one that failed to vend out its drink, and when I called the hotline as written on the machine. The support staff jotted down my particulars and told me that it would need 2-3 weeks to refund me in the form of a voucher!

Wow... in this era of technology they still need 2-3 weeks to do a refund for a dollar??? Havent they heard of e-banking?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

PRC girl apathetic about Sichuan Earthquake

This PRC girl keep bitching about her own people that were affected by the earthquake.

For our non Mandarin speaking friends, I managed to find a translation of what she said from this website known as Shanghaiist :

"I turn on the TV and what do I see? Dead bodies, injured people, corpses, rotten bodies, all the crazy acts you guys are putting up. It's not that I want to watch these things. I have no choice. Look, now the entire internet is black-and-white and without colour. Do you think we're all colourblind like you? Have your eyes been hit by so much rubble you can't see any colour now?

"Sigh... all you guys... if you're hit by the rubble just go suffer by yourself quietly... What are you screaming for? What rescue are you asking for? Not that I'm blaming you... you guys in Sichuan are in a terrible position in China. They say the Indian plate is moving in crashing into you guys. Don't you think you guys deserve it?

"I think this earthquake was not strong enough. If only it had just been a bit stronger to flip you guys over. Today we're mourning for you. Tomorrow we're donating money to you, huh? May 21 is such a great day. Lots of people trying to get married this year. And now we have to mourn for you. Do you think those couples should get married or not? What a spoilsport. May 20, May 21, such auspicious days, now all spent mourning for you. Come on, how many of you guys are dead? Just a few, is it not? We've got so many people in China anyway.

"F*ck... You're annoying everyone to death... What tricks are you guys playing! Do you think you're all very goodlooking? Which part of your body is that precious? People are giving you cash and giving you food. And you guys are now doing nothing? Sigh... these few days, it's just impossible to go anywhere without getting reminded of you silly c*nts... Everywhere I go people are saying 'Argh, there are aftershocks in Sichuan again, this and that'...

"As for that old lady who's been lying over there for over 100 hours? Why haven't you died yet? You trying to play the mummy?

"F*ck... the earthquake might as well rock all you guys to death... All you have given us are catastrophes... all your children are jinxes...

Which makes me wonder.... if there is really too much freedom on the Internet to the extent that people are just making statements that shoot them to fame overnight without thinking of the consequences, which is pretty similar to the Singapore blogger that was arrested recently for racist remarks.

It's a sad thing that even amongst the locals, such feelings do exist!

Also, speaking of Earthquake, this lead me to think about the famous ice cream groups Swensen's which is famous of which their rendition of Earthquake is, according to their website, a earth-shaking indulgence which will send tremors of delight right off the richter scale! 8 scoops of ice cream of your choice, plus 8 toppings.

From their website, I also found out that they do have outlets in China namely in Shanghai. At this point of time, I really wonder if it is sensitive to have dishes called Earthquake, particularly in China, especially when such a dish is supposed to evoke happy moments and memories...

Hmm.. food for thought..

Sex sells everywhere...

From magazines, to fashion, now even to our local shopping centres... SEX does sell... and maybe even well!

Just look at what I saw at Bugis Junction.

No offence... but why the capital letters for B & J? And to make it outstanding, the use of different colours!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

SNDA-SIFST Symposium

Gosh.. I am so tired while typing this..

Attended the symposium today...
some of the speakers were really good!!! But there was one particularly that was such a bore.. listening to him was a chore! Lol.. it rhymes!

Some of us did actually leave early.. to go some first day of Great Singapore Sale shopping!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Koji-STOMP Saga

Well.. some updates on the whole thing if you have been reading my previous posts about this incident...

STOMP has reinstinated the article that a stomper sent in and used some picture has been on file, removing the original picture.

Apparently, AVA replied STOMP is an email today that arapaima produced in our local farms are for purpose of export and not for sale in our aquarium fish shops. AVA has informed the fish farms and all aquarium fish shops that arapaima are not for display and sale in pet shops. AVA will take action against any farm or aquarium fish shop that fails to comply.

Also, STOMP has stated clearly in their email to Koji that they would not reveal the identity of the person that sent in Koji's picture? A protectionalist policy or privacy policy? Or are they even able to accurately deduce the correct and factual identity of the person that sent in the pictures?

Pot calling Kettle Black

The Singnet phishers are doing again.
This time round, they sounds so legitimate, that I nearly fell for it too.

From: SingNet Business
Date:Thursday, 22 May, 2008 12:24 AM

Dear Customer,

It has been reported that SingNet Email users have been receiving an email
from "SINGNET SUPPORT TEAM" requesting for their email. Please do NOT
respond to this email. This is a phishing email and is not sent by
SingNet. In view of this SingNet is upgrading all SingNet Email users'
account starting from 20th day of May 2008. Do provide us with the
following to be part of this latest development: User id and Password.

SingNet Email.

Wow.... quite fluent this time round.. not bad... your standards have improved!
But does singnet really use an email address with such domains?
Also note the way the date is written in the body of the letter, 20th day of May 2008, not very frequently used unless its a lawyer. And I noticed that there's not proper paragraphing too!

Never Roleplay in your office!!

If not, you will really regret.. Judging by the case of the doctor that was caught up in some kinda scandal recently!

A doctor had sex with a clinic assistant in his consultant room after the clinic closed in December 2006, unaware they were being watched by a spy camera.

Dr Tam Tak Chuen was shocked to find pictures of the sex tryst shown by his partners, Dr Khairul Abdul Rahman and Dr Ashraff Shamsuddin Eilyass, at a business meeting on March 4 2006.

Dr Khairul insisted on ending the partnership. Dr Tam claimed he was 'blackmailed' into selling him his share of the business for $50,000.He made a police two days later but investigations were discontinued in August last year.

He is suing Dr Khairul, 44, and another doctor to get the agreement declared null and void.

Dr Tam and Dr Khairul are equal partners of the Eden Family Clinic and one-third partners of Eden Medical Aesthetics in Kembangan with Dr Ashraff.

The businesses are worth more than $2 million and Dr Tam was earning about $250,000 a year. He took up the civil action after the futile police report.

Dr Tam said in court on Tuesday that his affair with Ms Joanne Chew, 25, started when she joined Eden Family Clinic in Jurong West, in 2004.

When it came to his turn to testify on Wednesday, Dr Tam said that on the evening of May 4, Dr Khairul gave him two options:

* Sell his shares in the companies to Dr Khairul for $500,000 and resign as director from the companies;

* Buy Dr Khairul's share for an undisclosed sum, after which Dr Khairul would resign his directorships

If he rejected these options, Dr Khairul threatened to wind up the companies and make public the photographs by disclosing them in the proceedings, Dr Tam said.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Butterfly fever

No no...

not the catchy little Ah lian ditty that goes:
Ay, Ay, Ay, I'm your little butterfly
Green, black and blue, make the colours in the sky
Ay, Ay, Ay, I'm your little butterfly
Green, black and blue, make the colours in the sky

But rather... on a more religious note.. Butterfly amulets, I got more connected to the religious side of me recently and managed to get these from a friend:

In soup for racist comments?

Read that a blogger was arrested by the police for making racist comments on his blog after being complained by members of public.

It is sad that bloggers do not have codes of conducts to abide by afterall, bloggers should be responsible for what they post on their blog, even though, it seems that no one actually reads their blog...

However, the thing about blogging in the virtual world and the real world seems to have been merging together judging my the number of brushes bloggers get involved with in the law!

So do remember, blogging is fun... make it TEXTUALLY PROVOCATIVE.. but remember.. Just follow LAW!

I cant speak Mandarin...

I really cant help but feel that my Mandarin speaking standards have really dropped..

I was doing this media feature on the tie up of Singapore Polytechnic and Massey University for the Food Tech Degree Programme this morning, and was asked to be interviewed in Mandarin... somehow or rather, the lack of knowledge to express certain terms like degree programme, made me stutter so many times.. so many NG scenes until I just did the whole thing in English...

Ok.. call me a potato then.. I really need to brush back up on my Mandarin!!

Another thing that happened this morning was I really couldn't recognise some of the familliar faces present at the event.. Like this part time lecturer who taught me for my advanced diploma came up to say hi to me, but I just couldnt figure out who he was until he introduced himself!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who's Koji????

Koji Who???

A quick search on yahoo showed the following results: koji yakusho, koji kondo, koji suzuki, koji tamaki... wait a second.. there's even koji enzymes....

But that's not the koji that you all should know... The Koji whom I am writing about this blog post of mine is someone I know from or maybe even everyone in knows!

Someone posted his pictures of his tanks on STOMP, a portal that is run by SPH, claiming that it is cruel to keep monster fishes.

Koji was affected by the distribution and feature of the pictures by STOMP.

STOMP did a sensational run of the news on 18th May 2008 on their website.

Somehow or rather, Koji's picture of an arowana with the headings of "Cruel to keep monster fishes as pets" even made its way to the printed version of the Straits Times!

Being affected by the misuse of his pictures without his permission, he contacted STOMP to request for the pictures to be removed, claiming that his pictures were submitted with all water markes removed.

In a response to Koji by STOMP on 19th May 2008, STOMP editors claimed that they would remove the items from their site, which they did, however, a check on the portal today (20th May 2008) shows that not only are the pictures still on STOMP, the editors have even changed the original words to make it sound less harsh!

But is it ethical to use a picture without seeking permission from the owner?

Does a portal like this actually sticks to its terms of conditions, specifically "If you do not like what you see on this site, you must inform us immediately and tell us exactly what is bothering you. If you don't, then we may take it that you permit us to leave the site as it is. If you contact us with your complaint, you must allow us a reasonable time to act on your complaint. "?
A price too high to pay for the freedom of press which claims to be a forum of lively discussions - where topics range from weighty national issues to where to get the best bak chor mee?

Fruit-Fool Fallacy

I picked up a bottle of bright red juice, cranberry pomegranate and apple juice with the words no sugar added screaming in front of it!

Without any hesitation on a hot day, I gulped it all down in a few mouthfuls, when I read the label on the bottle (as all food technologists do have this similar occupational hazard), I realised...

All the goodness about the drink could be a little well over hyped...

The ingredients of the drink reads Concentrated Fruit Juices (Pear * , Apple, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera Juice), Vitamin C, stabiliser, preservative, colorings.
* for natural sweetness

Firstly, the nomenclature for labelling ingredients of food is to label the ingredient that is the most used in the formulation first, and the ingredient that is the least used last. So in this case, it seems that Pear and apple are the predominant ones used, but we have the drink marketed as Cranberry, Pomegranate with apple juice (the words apple juice even appear smaller then other fruits mentioned! Perhaps, it would be more accurate to label the drink as Pear, Apple with Cranberry and Pomegranate juice?

Next, the most important part, no sugar does not mean sugar free! Let's compare the nutritional guidelines for both this terms according to Singapore's Health Promotion Board Standards. The information stated here is quoted from a Handbook on Nutrition Labelling (Singapore)

The claim 'no added sugar / without added sugar' is used when no sugars or ingredients with added sugar, honey, malt and malt extract, with the exception of sugar alcohols, are added during processing.

The claim 'sugar fee' is used when a product has less than or equal to 0.5g of sugars per 100g or 100 ml of food!

So in this case.. Just because the drinks claim sugar free because there is no addition of the above sweeteners, but the use of the concentrated pear juice could have added its own share of sugars, in the form of fructose, naturally... Arghhh... the loop holes of laws?

Do take note, especially to diabetics! Of course, my disclaimer is that I am no nutritionist, if in doubt, please contact your nutrionist for more information!

Featured on Today...

Yea.. They set you thinking...

Was featured on the article "New Heights in Food Paradise" about the tie up of Singapore Polytechnic and Massey University

An excerpt:

News of the degree programme, which was soft-launched on May 3, when
applications opened, has got students excited about even better prospects.
"Having a diploma from SP is certainly recognisable by our industry in
Singapore, but by having Massey’s degree, it would definitely
enhance one’s portfolio," said FIREOPAL (Real name removed) who is
pursuing an advanced diploma in food technology.

Nuffnang appears on Digital Life!

Nuffnang and other famous bloggers of Singapore appear on Digital Life - A supplement of the Straits Times today!

It seems that there are bloggers like typical Ben who earn $200-$500 a month by blogging.. Others like Dawn Yang earn a few thousand a month!!! Wow.. really so much to learn from this professionals!

I have been Nuffnang since December last year, and I just only qualified to cash out my earnings this week!

There is this part of the article in the Straits Times that Ming did reveal that some bloggers do earn only $1.68 a week for campaigns, I guess a lot of us do fall in the category... At least, there is no attempt to cover up the truth from the media, I applaud Nuffnang for that!

Must work harder, fellow lesser known bloggers!

The Loopholes of Warning Signs

I came across this warning sign in a furniture shop recently..
Pretty interesting, I must say...
To me, this sign would actually be a deterrent to buy this product because from this sign, we all know the disadvantages of the sign:

It is extremely fragile! (Note the word extremely which speaks for itself)

The price of the item is also shown (which could be costly to some, also it shows competitors in the same industry how much one is selling the item for)

Perhaps, its time that the store actually looked into their signs first!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reporter surfed in...

I got a reporter from Today who surfed in my blog today...

He wanted to know more about my views about the tie up with Singapore Polytechnic and Massey University for the Bachelor in Food Technology Degree Programme, well, and so I gave him my views about the course...

It will be published tommorrow!!!

My first media splash from my blog!!!

Finally Nuffnang!

Yes... Finally, I achieved enough earnings to actually cash it out!!!

Now, I am actually pondering on whether to cash it out or to leave it in my accounts! That's the thing about life, you worry over issues when you are far from it, and when you have it, other issues set in for you to worry...

Also, I am pretty pleased that I have been ranked #376 of the top 500 blogs in Singapore... yes.. 376 is nearly the last few of the whole lot, but I am still contended afterall, this blog was just meant to be a collection of my thoughts and mundane life!

Therefore, I am sure fellow bloggers are also capable of doing so.. hopefully this post inspires them! You CAN do it too!

Oxygen Sensor Chips from BMW

What does BMW mean to you? To me, it means performance and technology. I was just taking a look at some BMW Chips sites and was amazed that there is a BMW Oxygen Sensor Chip claims to exchange engine output by 10%, what’s more it is also easily installed into a car.

The site also offers other interesting BMW Chips like BMW Surge Performance Chip and Stage 3 Surge O2 Chip Combo!

Die hard BMW fans, now that’s really something for you!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

STOMP misleads readers again!!!

Gosh, I actually got to know about this happening from a local fish keeping forum called Arofanatics, someone actually posted another members pictures of fish to STOMP!

I personally find the article very biased...

Firstly.. the pic that shows the article short cut from the main page that shows the Top 8 "Must See" shows arowanas with the words "How can these monster fishes be sold as pets?" when a click to go the article actually reads that it is about the Arapaimas Gigas? Isn't this misleading to the average reader especially those without fish keeping background?

Secondly, Arapaimas Gigas is graded as CITES Appendix 2, includes species not necessarily threatened with extinction, but in which trade must be controlled in order to avoid utilization incompatible with their survival, which in accordance to what is stated on the website . It can be clearly seen that is a form that has to be completed and our AVA is informed of the sales of the fish!

Lastly, STOMP has again failed to verify the ownership of the pictures and clearly, without naming the person who actually submitted the pictures and complaint, the portal has obviously placed itself in a position that shows that it is nothing but a tabloid with no true facts!

I strongly urge our brother whose picture was used without his permission to take strong action against such a portal!

Budding Blogger Tips

To every budding blogger or webmaster, selecting a good web hosting site can be indeed a mind boggling chore. To pay or not to pay for web hosting services? Getting cheap web hosting? All these factors have to be carefully considered as this will determine the success of the blog and even the number of repeat visitors!

I just discovered a portal that actually reviews and gives very good tips for the beginner who would be very confused by the technical jargons of
multiple domain web hosting.

This site carefully weighs the pros and cons of the various factors and gives really sound advice on issues like hard disk space, determination and analysis of how good web hosting site is, and more! However, it does not seem to written from a Singaporean context, nonetheless, do give it a good read for advice…

My blog has turned into a flaming zone...

It really has become..

I have someone posting a message on my shoutbox about another pretty popular blogger....

Gosh... there is even a link... should I click on it?

My Favourite Family Routine

I remember doing a radio show on 93.8FM entitled the Living Room with host Mahesha Thenabadu with the topic on Family Business. Other speakers that were also present were Mr Adrin Loi from Executive Chairman from Ya Kun Kaya Toast and other prominent figures like Mr Marcus Kam, President and CEO of Pathlab, Mr Ken Chua , CEO of iCell Network.

While the whole feature of the interview was on running family businesses and the possible conflicts that could arise from it and even to how to handle the situation should these actually happen, what left a great impression on my mind was the numerous views on running a family business from how a business can be family owned, family run or even family managed!

Therefore, this interview actually brought about the inspiration for this post themed “My Favourite Family Routine” which is a highlight of the National Family Celebrations. To me, being part of a family business if my favourite family routine because I feel that it actually brings the family closer together.

One might often ask: “Staying together is already a difficult thing to do, working together would even be worse, wouldn’t it?”

I feel that as human beings, conflict between one another, be it at school, at work or even at home would be inevitable! But to be able to understand your family at work and home and therefore find a quickest way to iron out problems before conflict arises, would certainly draw ties closer and.

Which is the reason, no matter how busy I am, or how stressed I am, I still enjoy my job a lot, because it means a lot to me and my family! It’s our family business and our favourite family routine, in fact, the word routine should not be used, because it brings us new challenges everyday!

Cheers to having a happy family!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The problems with bicycles!

The bikes have invaded our pavements and roads...

In such an era of increasing fuel prices, more ERP gantries coming up, and increasing green awareness, it seems that a possible alternative would be to cycle!

However, along with it comes another social problem, the parking of bicycles along pavements at MRTs and other venues! Not only does it poses as an eye sore, but it could also block off certain important escape routes and thus hinder any evacuation purpose should there be one!
It's really time that cyclists being users of the roads be also held responsible, many a times, this cyclists go by some unknown version of the high way codes, from cycling in the opposite direction a road to riding abreast with other cyclists! Also, some cyclists are so adept at roleplaying that they can take on the role of a pedestrian by cycling on the pavements and pedestrian crossings and then, taking on the role of a road user by riding in the wrong direction of the road!
Something must really be done about such a social problems before it balloons up!

Exposure on Nuffnang

Nuffnang really gives great exposure...

For this week, my blog had a steady stream of more then 200 unique visitors on a day, and even peaked at 529 unique visitors!

Its really a good increase in readership of my blog. Perhaps, I should even anaylse using a normal distribution statistically and see if the result has indeed significant differences!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Single and available?

We all lead busy, hectic live. Find yourself in a situation when you hardly even have time for your social life? Ever wondered how to make new friends online? Friendster? Facebook? SocialSpark? Who’s the fairest of them all? Unfortunately, there really isn’t any magic mirror to tell you the answer…

But thankfully, there is a portal known as which actually does reviews of different dating sites like,, . Each review clearly shows users the advantages of the website in a depth and impartial manner, therefore, the user is able to easily compare and determine which match making services will best fit their needs.

Single and available, try it today?
Married but not available… try it secretly..
Single but unavailable… Give it more serious thoughts!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stomped on?

Well well.. someone's been reading my blog and making comments... a good sign.. positively, I would say..

In his actual post he said:

Why should GMP disclose how the video was made? And what has that go to do with
STOMP? Is it because of in STOMP's Terms & Conditions it's mentioned that
"You must not use STOMP for any commercial purpose..."?

That's why the
blogger was furious because of the thought that GMP is exploiting STOMP for
commercial purpose?

Ah, the Terms & Conditions do say: "If you do
not like what you see on this site, you must inform us immediately and tell us
exactly what is bothering you. If you don't, then we may take it that you permit
us to leave the site as it is. If you contact us with your complaint, you must
allow us a reasonable time to act on your complaint."
First of all, let me clarify that the part on GMP not revealing how their video was made was a quote from STOMP itself.. An important Term to look under their policy is you must not impersonate anyone or post false messages since these activities may be criminal offences. Isn't this video in the first place, a false message sent out to the readers? Do note, that even in printed newspapers, we do have some advertisements that resemble news articles, but they will bear the word "advertisment" on it.

Perhaps the fine print does really count on STOMP's Term and Conditions "We do not warrant nor agree that STOMP will provide accurate information, be of satisfactory quality, fit for any particular purpose, or be free from any programming defects or malicious codes. All implied and statutory warranties are excluded. " Thus, doesnt this make STOMP just another thrashy portal that has no proper screening of newsworthy articles?

Should'nt a portal maintained by our Singapore Press Holdings be more prudent in selection of news? At this rate it is going, I seriously don't see how different it is from any other blog whereby the authenicity of the content cannot be properly or even accurately verified.

Anyway, the blogger also claims that "The post, by the way, was also self-submitted & self-recommended & featured in " Is there any clause that say's that someone can self submit an article on Moreover, the prove was approved by editors who could have easily not approved my submission for publishing!

Killer Differentiators

Spent my day today at a workshop / seminar at Carlton hotel. The topic of the day was Branding... Just in case, you didn't know, Branding was done some 4000 years ago by heating iron plates and then brandishing scars onto cows for farmers to identify them?

Today, in a modern era, branding has of coursed evolved into a more complicated thing as explained by prominent speakers Jacky Tai and Wilson Chew from StrategiCom, whom spent nearly the entire day to explain the basics to us.

It was really a mind opening talk to attend.

They even gave us books written by themselves for us to further enrich our knowledge. Titled, Killer Differentiators: 13 Strategies to Grow Your Brand, it has been given good reviews by many prominent figures in the industry!

I even got my copy autographed by the authors after the event!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Belt up or fly out?

Belt up or fly out…

Shape out or ship out, does that apply to belting up in buses?

Following the death of Russell Koh in April 24 2008, after he was thrown out of his school bus in a traffic accident, there had been calls for a law to make it compulsory for school buses to have seat belts.

There have been numerous calls, especially from parents to make the installation of belts a compulsory legislature for school buses. However, while it may seem easy to simply install seat belts, ensuring that children are belted up will be nothing but easy.

With increasing fuel costs, seat belts will be an increase in cost for bus operators to run their operations, so will it be fair that this cost is passed onto consumers who are already complaining of rising transportation costs?

Besides that, there are also other discrepancies of the same kind in our transport system – Have you ever gotten up on a public bus service during the peak hours to find that there are more passengers on the bus that what it is licensed to carry for both standing and seating passengers. In the event of a accident, will the humble seat belt be able to save lives, especially of the standing passengers?

Also for foreign workers, whose main mode of transportation would probably be traveling on the rear of Lorries, shouldn’t there be some form of safety precautions for these group of people too?

Surely, we don’t need o have statistics before some action is being taken, do we?

Trust in an organization?

Is your business in such a situation where you find it hard to achieve good security governance across the enterprise or even hard to manage the risk of inappropriate access to enterprise information, which could probably put your entire business in an unfavourable position? ‘Trust’ is not the word that can easily be used these days!

To help security teams and business managers collaborate on these objectives, Aveksa has focused on the automation of the many critical, yet manual tasks associated with access governance, risk and compliance management across the enterprise. These developers strongly believe that in order to rapidly respond to security and regulatory demands, organizations need Enterprise Access Governance – robust, auditable business processes that enable policy-based automation and deliver visibility into who has access to what; how they got that access; whether they should have access; and whether security and
compliance objectives are being met!

Already, Aveksa has already many leading organization who are happy with their product. Examples are Amscan, who is the largest party ware designers, manufacturer and distributor in the world! Just see the potential when you are with them!

How the Aveksa team works is indeed a hands on approach whereby their experienced staff will first work with the internal team of the company to define a mutually agreed upon success plan and compliance solution that includes project goals, scope, success criteria, along with key milestones and deliverables, this ensures that there is degree of customization to suit the company, and not some shoddy generic plan used. Next the team then develops a detailed project plan that is specially customized to the customer’s needs and identifies the tasks within the project. Such a multi-phase implementation strategy ensures that the Aveksa compliance solution is seamlessly integrated into the company’s existing environment.

Therefore, it can be seen that the company is indeed very dedicated to the successful implementation of Aveksa’s technology in every unique business environment.

Maybe its time to contact them now!

Please do take note of disclosure policies!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Test Woes

Sensory Evaluation can be pretty fun to conduct and participate...

but certainly not evaluating the results statistically.. Just had our first test today, and it was horrible... I certainly feel so brain dead after the whole thing.

Need a break.....

Featured on!

Can't believe this, a blogger, Quachee, who read my post on "Are you ready for the influx from the Big Land" submitted my post to and it was actually featured!

Some comments here and there.. but this really means that more and more people are really reading my blog, I seriously do feel very honoured that you all are taking the effort to read my humble blog...

Will continue to post up more stuff.. stay tuned for more...

Once again, to all readers, welcome to my blog and thanks for the support!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lewd Chinese Picture!!!!

Is it only me????

Check out this picture...
Looks seemingly historical and cultural...

but with a press of "Ctrl + A"

What do you see?

Now you see it, now you don't!
Speak about the Emperor's new clothes!

The Quest for Pedra Branca

The quest for Pedra Branca will end on 23rd May when the reading of the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) judgment in the case concerning sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge will be carried out.

Who will win the quest?

Prof Jayakumar, who stepped down as Law Minister on May 1 and was succeeded by top litigator and veteran PAP Member of Parliament K Shanmugam, said in a press conference on Monday morning that his work on Pedra Branca was one of the highlights of his 27 years in the Law Ministry.

He continues to oversee foreign policy matters that involve legal negotiation or international adjudication, also said he was 'quietly confident' that the Pedra Branca judgement will be in Singapore's favour. (Source: The Straits Times, 12th May 2008)

Will it be another win like the inaugural Youth Olympic Games for Singapore? Or should we not be too complacent? Will there be another victorious ceremony like the one for the Youth Olympics? Only time will tell...

Would both parties remain harmonious after the disclosure too?

Oh my.. it's starting...

I'm penning this before the start of the Library Online Database workshop... gee.. It's really been some time since I walked into the Main Library.. things have not changed much.. still quite cosy and brings back fond memories...

After getting a call from a classmate from Year 1 yesterday about his thoughts to drop the Advanced Food Technology Course, one of my classmates from Year 2 sms-ed me early to inform me of his decisions to quit the course and apparently, he has already submitted his withdrawal letter to the office.

It's pretty sad to hear that people are quitting after not being able to cope with the course especially if they have heavy workloads.

I certainly hope that this will not trigger a domino reaction of others quitting the course in the near future.

God, give me the strength to continue this course..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are you ready for the influx from the Big Land?

Are Singaporeans ready for the big influx of population from the Big Land?

I really doubt so judging from the problems that the media have been focusing on recently.

Cases involving soliciting the public for indecent business have been fast sprouting up our sunny island ; even places of religion have been not been spared as I heard over the radio station 95.8FM that such soliciting of business even took place outside the Guan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street. That’s not all as these acts do not include the ladies only, even LianHe Wan Bao had featured an article on the guys soliciting for indecent business. Let’s not forget the recent case about the young beautiful ladies from the Big Land promoting Tiger Beer in the heartlands coffee shop, to think that they are even ‘helping’ the locals keep their jobs?

The list of such vices hardly even stop there, there has been an increased littering offences, bad cycling habits, these people from the Big Land obviously have no idea what highway code is all about and they ride their bicycles like no one’s business, not to mention that they chain their bikes like no one’s business too! Bad hygiene habits are also carried here, here you ever seen these people spitting in public? And these people obviously have no idea how thunderous their voices are!

Even though that we share the same common ancestry roots in the big land, but are we locals even viewed as being the ‘same’ through the eyes of these Big Land people? The answer is NO! As I personally have encountered so many experiences with these group of people who complain that Singapore is so small, everything so expensive, they complain that Singaporeans cant speak Chinese properly and the like.. but they fail to realize whose land they are own and whose money they are earning!

One cloth to rule them all...

Doesnt this sound like Lord of the Rings?

haha... well, this happened in Singapore, to be more precise, Ghim Moh market. Was having my Sunday breakfast at this popular hawker centre when this female cleaner from the 'Big Land' when around clearing the dishes from the table... and then when she came over to our table, she cleared the dishes off the table, a usual routine...

But when she noticed that a particular chair was stained with bird droppings, she took no qualms into cleaning up the mess with the same piece of cloth she used to clean the tables...

Now, can you just imagine, at the end of the day, most of the tables would probably be contaminated with the same bird dropping! eeewww....

So one cloth to rule them all, let's hope that the avian flu won't be on the rise again!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shopping Cart Software Review

Have an ecommerce website / online store and need to get a shopping cart or e commerce software?

Look no further! The award winning
shopping cart software by Ashop Commerce is definitely a must try with its ten day free trial period, which is good news for small medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore! Not forgetting unlimited free upgrades for life!

The advantages of this system is its security (128 bit SSL), what’s more, no in depth HTML skill is needed as the software is fully coded and ready to run, a gift from the heavens for the less technologically inclined!

The software is also 100% customizable, which means that no matter how your site looks, it should be able to match the looks for your site! What's more, the multi currency targetted by visitor country also makes shopping for the end consumer a breeze! Forget about manual and cumbersome conversions from US dollars to Singapore Dollars.

Try the online store software today, afterall, it has a free ten day trial!

Spark up your social life

Social spark???

Sounds unfamiliar to you? Well, it better not be as this portal offers more then what just a normal social networking website , like Friendster, Facebook has!

I picked to do a quick click on a SocialSpark blogger ,
Hmei’s profile which is located at because she is from Malaysia, somewhat near me, so it would be somehow easier to relate to the things on her profile. Her entry tage, I use my lense to see the world also drew me to picking her profile!

I really like the fact that this is really a social networking site that is similar to Friendster / Facebook but also it allows us bloggers to make money. The other thing I like about this site is that other personal information like education level, marital status, children, industry can even be found. In this case, it’s interesting to find out that Hmei is from the Asian region, particularly Malaysia (which means that the network is fast expanding even into the Asian region) which is good news to us users from Asia because it means that expanding my blogger network in the region can be accelerated!

However, as a social networking site, I feel that it lacks the interactivity, perhaps having a mediabox and other widgets, like albums, or perhaps even a platform to showcase the best blogs, will encourage a better flow of interactivity amongst the users.

Also, another thing I feel that should be improved is to have more language platforms in addition to English! Another things that I dislike is that, there should be more smiles and emoticons!

Disclosure policy applies..

Huplee Angels Strike Again....

Got greeted by this 3 girls who looked so familliar when I opened an envelope today...

On further inspection, I realised that they were my classmates from my basic diploma class, the Huplee Angels (Angeline, Magaret, Xinyi), the angels that gave us Yamie rice...

Yep, an invitation to the launch of the Bachelor of Food Technology Programme by Massey University and Singapore Polytechnic!!

Finally it really is starting.. that is good news!

Spring cleaning!

Another eight more months to Lunar New Year, it may seem long for the customary spring cleaning whereby everyone rushes to upkeep their existing furniture, or throw out the old, and buy new sets!

Be it
home furniture, office furniture, bedroom furniture … I came across a good site furniture care, that tells you how to care for your furniture!

You get to know more tips about caring for your furniture, for example, did you know that by rotating or reversing cushions during your weekly vacuuming will help your furniture wear longer and more evenly, and can result in increased comfort and improved furniture appearance? That is a great tip to make your furniture last longer and save money in the long run!

Navigating through the site is a breeze too, thanks to the clear and concise headers on the page, you will never get lost there! If you realise that your furniture is beyond hope, its time to get a new set, and yes, they do have a wide variety avail!

Site disclosure policies apply!

A surprise from Nuffnang...

Delightedly surprised by this email I just got from Nuffnang!

It has been a drought of lack of campaigns! for my blog for some time!

Incoming advertisment notice from them!
An advertiser has chosen to advertise on The Fire in My Life.
The advertisement details are as follows:

SPH Search LB WK 8

1. 11 May 2008 to 17 May 2008

Nokia Music Portal LB

1. 18 May 2008 to 24 May 2008

So that's like 2 campaigns back to back! Thanks Nuffnang and thanks to all readers for the support!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Rugby Strip Show!!!!!

VILNIUS (Reuters) - The Austrian national rugby team tried to get over their 48-0 defeat by Lithuania by staging a mass striptease in the capital Vilnius late on Saturday, only to find they had been caught on video and put on the Internet.

The video, put out by a blogger on social community website Virb (http:/ and then taken up by the Lithuanian news portal Delfi, showed a group of 20 men singing and stripping off their clothes on a street in central Vilnius, while people in a nearby bar clapped and cheered.

"Yes, these were the men we played against on Saturday ... I guess the defeat could have prompted them to do that," Lithuanian rugby federation President Aleksandras Makarenka told Reuters.

Delfi quoted the Vilnius police chief as saying stripping in public could be considered an act of hooliganism -- but by then the Austrian team had gone home.

The video is here! NSFW!!!

Can you imagine if this were to happen in Singapore? tsk tsk

Link Exchange

Calling all Nuffnangers....

Anyone keen in link exchange on my site??

Please leave a comment onto this message....

Goodbye Loansharks... welcome BadCreditsOffers

Seventeen suspected loansharks were arrested in Singapore on Thursday for issuing unlicensed loans, making it the year's biggest moneylending syndicate arrest. (Source: This shows that being in debt is indeed a reality despite the glamorous economy prediction!

Having bad credit loans??? O$p$ ( Owe Money, Pay Money)???

Came across this site featuring a loan comparison website whereby the debtor is able to find a credit offer customized to their financial needs... Be it for credit cards, home loans, auto loans...
By clicking on personal loan on the site, I discovered many ‘packages’, ranging from loans of 1500 to 15000 instantly, and these loans actually are not dependent on one’s credit reports which means that there is high chance of it going through.

There is even a credit report and credit counselling section which offers great references!

Good bye bad credit cards!

Forget having your door splashed with paint and getting chained up…

Log on today...

Please kindly take note of my disclosure policy located at the bottom of the page!

Nightmare this morning..

Was walking to get the car this morning, when I got a shock of my life!!!

The whole car was covered in leaves after the down pour last night... which makes me wonder if the choice of trees choosen by HDB or Nparks is a good choice...

Compound leaves with so many leaflets! What's more, they don't offer much shade in relation to their size...

Time to do something please!

Spoiled for Choice

Own a BMW?

Owning a car in Singapore can be pretty expensive.. high road taxes... and other miscellanous fees...

Was browsing BMW Body Kits earlier, and realised that they do have a good deal of parts avail!

From bulbs to wheels, there's bound to be something to purchase for your BMW car... What's more, there are even descriptions of the individual parts to assist the needs of the not so car-parts-savy crowd!

Prices seem competitive enough too...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of a schooling week... and more good news..

Finally.. end of a schooling week...

Been really tough this week having 4 evening classes!

Today's lesson was kinda different... lecturer actually used the transparency and OHP rather then the power point presentations / visualizer... a somewhat ancient way of presenting I would say..

The module was kinda interesting.. as it is new to me, some what non food related, I would say..

Also, I just got an email from Nufffnang saying that I would be hosting a series of banners for an upcoming campaign for Nokia... more revenue coming in from my blog!


any Nuffnangers for link exchange?

Rising food prices...

You really know when prices of food is increasing when the sizes of food is getting smaller!

Just look at this prata from Casuarina I had this morning.... it looks like a came out from the classic movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids!"
Anyway.. this morning, I got an sms from someone I know asking me for a favour... Really wonder, does technology aids in such a way that people just take things for granted.... Feeling kinda unhappy about it...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Disclosure Policy

Just added a disclosure policy on my blog today...

This is in line with the terms and conditions of Pay Per Post...

It kinda makes sense to put up one since I am with Nuffnang too...

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Fireopal. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

Have you gotten your own disclosure policy yet? Visit Disclosure Policy to get yours today!

Hot Weather

The weather recently is so hot....

even the loaf of bread is sweating....

My friend, Adrian, sent me this pics of bread seen at a upmarket supermarket, with loads of condensation on the inner packaging...

Singnet Scammers Trying to Make it Look Real!

Subject: Singnet!! Warning!! Unused Account Removal Confirm Your Account....( KM567867867801... )
Date: Wed, 07 May 2008 07:11:12 +0800 (SGT)
From: "singnet Customer Care"

This time they even attempt to put in some make believe case no.

I like this part of their mail!!!!

After Following the instructions in the sheet,your account will be interrupted (then should not fill in and reply to this email in the first place) and will continue as normal.Thanks for your attention to this request.We apoligize for any incomvinience (spelling mistake again). and Check out your new features and enhancements with your new and improved Webmail account,To enable us upgrade your Account for better online
services please reply to this mail. (Severe punctuation errors)

Customers Services
enter your password here ( )
You for Using

Thank you for using SINGNET.COM !
repaly (replay is it? please remember to use spell check) to through this singnet email account

Crappy scammers.... please get a life!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Miracle Find

Was just browsing through the net looking at some inspirational money making blogs when I came across this particular one!

It is pretty interesting reading through the many articles on the site.. I particularly liked this one titled "Use blogs to help build your business in several different ways"

I kinda share the same views as the authour of the blog! And he is very focused in his writings, giving a lot of tips to amatuers like me..

A must read, will include the article Adwords optimization .... Be inspired today!

Simply love his anaelogy on blogging about umbrellas:

News. If you partner with a new fabric supplier or purchase a new line of exotic rosewood to use in creating your umbrellas, you should announce that in your blog.
Humor. If you or someone in your company has a good sense of humor you can gather jokes or humorous anecdotes about umbrellas and how they have been used through the ages.
Instruction. You know a lot about umbrellas, and you can convey your knowledge about materials, sizes, or rare brands to your customers in your blog posts.
Positive publicity. Use your blog to spread positive information about your company; a blog is the perfect place to announce a charitable donation or a campaign to help a good cause, for instance.
Give out inside information. You don’t have to reveal trade secrets in your blog, but you can talk about individual employees, manufacturing techniques, or other ‘‘behind the scenes’’ glimpses into your company that will put a human face on your products.

Kindly refer to the disclosure policy at the bottom of the page for more info.

Make up Lessons tommorrow

Gosh.. I have make up lessons tommorrow!!!

This makes the total number of schooling days up to 4 this week!!!


Getting really tired going to school after work!!

Another sad thing is that our proposed class gathering this coming Friday is cancelled due to lukewarm response!!! Really wonder why this always happens! Is it due to the fact that this is a part time course which results in the lack of cohesiveness amongst classmates?

Studying never ends..

The Sea of Knowledge is never ending..

Having been studying for some 20 years now, exclusive the time I spent in National Service and stuff, it is really amazing how education has shaped and molded my life.

With just a year more to go in my Advanced Food Technology Diploma course, I am starting to think ahead of what should I do next?

Heard about the newly launched degree programme, jointly organized with Massey University, a couple of days back. Yes, it is finally going to start after so many years of discussion. But when I looked through the course details, I realized that it is going to be a two year full time course programme. I really don’t have time to continue full time (or at least, that is what I am thinking now).

Distance Learning really makes live easier....

Browsed thru the websites and I discovered that there is an organization called Kaplan. They do actually have a ‘branch’ in Singapore called APMI Kaplan which also has operations in Hong Kong, APMI Kaplan offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education – including MBA and doctoral degrees – through affiliations with institutions in Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.

This really sounds good to me as I heard that Kaplan uses distance learning whereby learning is done from home. They also do have a wide genre of foundation degrees in Business & Management, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing.

Business does really sound interesting to me now after all the technical jargon from food, perhaps it is really time for me to do something non food related. So marketing food products will be a breeze for me!

I can already imagine how flexible it can be, a perfect juggle between a hectic work lifestyle and school! The wonders of technology at the convenience of one’s home… A dream come true.. Now its time to make the decision!

Ebanking for Dummies...

It's been a long tiring day today...

Just got home from sensory evaluations earlier and when I looked through my email, I nearly died of laughter..

There's this course that I registered for happening some time later this month, and the person in charge actually told me that I have to make payment before they would process my registration, to which I replied to her if I could do it at the door of the event on the actual day.

Guess what she said... She asked me if it would be possible for me to fax to her the money...

Wah.... I seriously wonder what is the colour of her hair... :p

Monday, May 05, 2008

What happened to the cookie...

What happened to the cookie we baked for practical today???

A total disaster, we were supposed to evaluate the use of fat replacers in the baking process of chocolate chip cookies... and after following the steps to bake the cookie..

If you ask me, it looks nowhere like a cookie at all!!!

We realised that the 'cookie' so gross.. there's this cockroach-like smell to it... and even some notes of rancidity... Thankfully, it was'nt much of a sensory evaluation session!
What went wrong?

Red Centipedes!!!

Check out these red legged centipedes I saw at Aquastar today...

really gross and scary!!!
These critters are actually sold as delicacies for feeding fishes like arowanas!!!
I can really imagine a nightmare when I realize that there is one missing!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pay per Post

Getting Paid to Blog seems a tad bit hard to believe...

I just registered myself with Payperpost, it works by paying bloggers to blog about specific areas of interest from arts/literature to travel / destinations... there's so many topics to choose from and I really cant wait to start blogging and blogging..

One thing to note is that the campaigns from the companies are actually targeted by areas.. like North America, Asia and the like.. so one has to first find the same targeted audience you are in before you can start blogging...

Next, do note that most of the content do actually have a word limit... so forget about earning money with one or two liners!

Alright, I really cant wait to start choosing my topics and blog now!! Hopefully, it will pay more then ahem, hosting Nuffnang banners… Shall see about that… get paid to blog now..

By the way, the money from Payperpost is credited into Paypal direct and Paypal handles the money in US dollars… not a good sign since the rate of US dollars seem to be dropping… nonetheless, any money is still money… Will update once I have gotten any money credited into my account as evidence!

Pay per post… Here I come! Just blog it!

Rice bag

Was at NTUC today, when I came across this sight..

It really brings a new meaning to the word 'bean bag'.... a kid using sacks of rice as cushions...

Playground in NTUC???

Wonder if his mum ever taught him not to play with food.. especially in times like these when the prices of rice is increasing so rapidly..

Consumer abuse!!!

Japanese Food Scare!!!

Went to a Japanese REStaurant today to have lunch with my family..

Ordered a udon soup.. instead of my fave Chicken Katsu Curry because I am not feeling well.... sigh... it must be that new strain of flu that hit Singapore!

Anyway... was eating halfway, when my younger brother exclaimed!!! "Look at that!" while pointing to his plate of fried tempura... The culprit.. a strand of steel wool!!! It's hard to swallow (not the steel wool lar) the fact that we had a similar encounter at the same Japanese restaurant one week ago when my mum discovered a long strand of hair in her rice!! Talk about being HACCP certified!!!
It's pretty ironic ,especially so, that the Japanese are supposedly pretty particular about hygiene standards. At least, the management had the courtesy to wave off the charges for the item!

Walked out of the restaurant and came across another sight:
Another store that always displays this closing down sale sign.. displaying for some years and still have not closed down!

Do they have to resort to 'cursing themselves' to get customers to buy their stuff? In fact, I find it pretty misleading and fradulent to have sales labelled this way..