Friday, May 09, 2008

Goodbye Loansharks... welcome BadCreditsOffers

Seventeen suspected loansharks were arrested in Singapore on Thursday for issuing unlicensed loans, making it the year's biggest moneylending syndicate arrest. (Source: This shows that being in debt is indeed a reality despite the glamorous economy prediction!

Having bad credit loans??? O$p$ ( Owe Money, Pay Money)???

Came across this site featuring a loan comparison website whereby the debtor is able to find a credit offer customized to their financial needs... Be it for credit cards, home loans, auto loans...
By clicking on personal loan on the site, I discovered many ‘packages’, ranging from loans of 1500 to 15000 instantly, and these loans actually are not dependent on one’s credit reports which means that there is high chance of it going through.

There is even a credit report and credit counselling section which offers great references!

Good bye bad credit cards!

Forget having your door splashed with paint and getting chained up…

Log on today...

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