Sunday, May 04, 2008

Japanese Food Scare!!!

Went to a Japanese REStaurant today to have lunch with my family..

Ordered a udon soup.. instead of my fave Chicken Katsu Curry because I am not feeling well.... sigh... it must be that new strain of flu that hit Singapore!

Anyway... was eating halfway, when my younger brother exclaimed!!! "Look at that!" while pointing to his plate of fried tempura... The culprit.. a strand of steel wool!!! It's hard to swallow (not the steel wool lar) the fact that we had a similar encounter at the same Japanese restaurant one week ago when my mum discovered a long strand of hair in her rice!! Talk about being HACCP certified!!!
It's pretty ironic ,especially so, that the Japanese are supposedly pretty particular about hygiene standards. At least, the management had the courtesy to wave off the charges for the item!

Walked out of the restaurant and came across another sight:
Another store that always displays this closing down sale sign.. displaying for some years and still have not closed down!

Do they have to resort to 'cursing themselves' to get customers to buy their stuff? In fact, I find it pretty misleading and fradulent to have sales labelled this way..

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