Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pay per Post

Getting Paid to Blog seems a tad bit hard to believe...

I just registered myself with Payperpost, it works by paying bloggers to blog about specific areas of interest from arts/literature to travel / destinations... there's so many topics to choose from and I really cant wait to start blogging and blogging..

One thing to note is that the campaigns from the companies are actually targeted by areas.. like North America, Asia and the like.. so one has to first find the same targeted audience you are in before you can start blogging...

Next, do note that most of the content do actually have a word limit... so forget about earning money with one or two liners!

Alright, I really cant wait to start choosing my topics and blog now!! Hopefully, it will pay more then ahem, hosting Nuffnang banners… Shall see about that… get paid to blog now..

By the way, the money from Payperpost is credited into Paypal direct and Paypal handles the money in US dollars… not a good sign since the rate of US dollars seem to be dropping… nonetheless, any money is still money… Will update once I have gotten any money credited into my account as evidence!

Pay per post… Here I come! Just blog it!

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