Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shame on you , STOMP...

Following a heated debate in STOMP on the ghostly sightings seen at Raffles Place, a recruitment firm has revealed today (May 3) that the ghostly figure of an old woman in a lift with two men in a Raffles Place building is part of a marketing campaign.

The story was published in STOMP after STOMPer Mike sent in pictures and a YouTube link, showing what seemed to be a ghostly figure of an old woman on a CCTV footage captured in a building in Raffles Place.

It created a heated debate among STOMPers, on whether the video was real or fake.

In a video sent to STOMP, GMP Recruitment, the company responsible for the video, says the aim of the video is to tell people that with the right job, they do not have to work till late at night, thus reducing stress, fatigue and ill health.

However, it says it will not reveal how the video was made.

What does this make STOMP????

A portal for online gossips? Free publicity? A platform for malicious backstabbers???

Mind you, GMP Recruitment services is no small local firm... checking out their site has showed that they belong to GMP group with business activities in China, Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand. Their clients in Singapore even include Changi International Airport Services Pte Ltd , DBS Bank Ltd, Government of S’pore Investment Corp. PL , Hitachi Semiconductor S’pore Pte Ltd , IE Singapore, National University Hospital (S) Pte Ltd, Nokia Pte Ltd , PSB Corporation Pte Ltd , Unilever ( Singapore ) Pte Ltd , United Overseas Bank Limited , any many more...

Should any company, or rather any organisation whose main concern is profit making, resort to ways of cheap, or shall I say, free, publicity on STOMP, even to the extent of misleading the public?

Will we get more such 'sensational' news about freak accidents and other juicy gossips only to find out that they are hoaxes?

Doesnt STOMP take the effort to scrutinise and authenticate 'news' before they publish them?

It is disgusting that such a portal run by SPH would be run is such a manner! Readers are trusting enough to read STOMP... and yet fall to such cheap publicity run by a recruitment agency..

A price to pay for 'freedom' of the press?


krisandro said...

I don't know how stomp intended to portray it's image as but, right now I believe most of the public see the site as a "What you see is what you get and stories are publicized as it is. Its up to the readers to decide if its real UNTIL its proven wrong"

terence said...

Blogs and online portals aren't usually subject to the same quality control as mainstream media. I don't think people should be trusting of anything they read on STOMP to begin with.

Anonymous said...

wah, you must have really believed this 'ghost story' to sound so irritated in your blog entry. lighten up! everyone knows you can't trust everything you read anywhere...

Wake Up Your Idea said...

STOMP has never been credible to begin with and is simply a shameless attempt to get free content from the unsuspecting masses for SPH publications.

Instead of posting the 'latest news' on a person's own blog, the person 'donates' to SPH via STOMP and it gets published in the papers as an SPH story with a small byline.

The result is that any follow-up does not need to be credited to the originator who gets forgotten. Read the clauses and you'll see that anything posted on the website becomes the property of SPH.

If you post it on your own blog, it remains your Intellectual Property. If people are smart, they'd leave basic info on STOMP and direct traffic to their own website with the full details.

But, a) people are too stupid to realise and do this; and b) STOMP would just remove such posts anyway.

STOMP is counter-productive to the power of the internet. The sooner people 'wake up their idea' on this, the better...

brian koh said...

i don't think anyone on STOMP aggregates any content unless it's flagged by the public.

don't really see why SPH should be blamed for anything, it's meant to be a platform for you to post something up.

ethics behind what GMP did? *shrug* i'm no big fan of such viral campaigns, takes away more than it delivers in my opinion.

Fireopal said...

once again.. STOMP has mislead people again.. read my post about it!

日月神教-任我行 said...