Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spark up your social life

Social spark???

Sounds unfamiliar to you? Well, it better not be as this portal offers more then what just a normal social networking website , like Friendster, Facebook has!

I picked to do a quick click on a SocialSpark blogger ,
Hmei’s profile which is located at because she is from Malaysia, somewhat near me, so it would be somehow easier to relate to the things on her profile. Her entry tage, I use my lense to see the world also drew me to picking her profile!

I really like the fact that this is really a social networking site that is similar to Friendster / Facebook but also it allows us bloggers to make money. The other thing I like about this site is that other personal information like education level, marital status, children, industry can even be found. In this case, it’s interesting to find out that Hmei is from the Asian region, particularly Malaysia (which means that the network is fast expanding even into the Asian region) which is good news to us users from Asia because it means that expanding my blogger network in the region can be accelerated!

However, as a social networking site, I feel that it lacks the interactivity, perhaps having a mediabox and other widgets, like albums, or perhaps even a platform to showcase the best blogs, will encourage a better flow of interactivity amongst the users.

Also, another thing I feel that should be improved is to have more language platforms in addition to English! Another things that I dislike is that, there should be more smiles and emoticons!

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