Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Silver Scandal Saga Part 2

Following the 925 Silver Scandal Saga that I posted a couple of days ago, the company called me and actually confirmed the piece that I bought was not pure silver as indicated on their 'certificate of authencity'.

They claimed that the stock was pretty old and was unique to that particular branch only and as such, their staff did not actually know the material used.

What was the best part was they actually told me that the piece is definitely unique (of course it is unique, it probably is the only piece that was mistaken for silver) and they planned to offer me a $10 voucher as well as a life time member card, which I have to go back down to the branch and get the staff to call the person who called me to verify the details..

Gosh.. too much red tape involved.. Guess what they really need is better PR skills...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Price of Being Late

Today, was at Swensen's for lunch with some friends..

Eating and talking away.. when the waiter came to us to tell us that they had forgotten cleanly about the order of pizza (guess we were too engrossed to even realize this). The thing was that the manager was pretty nice to give us complimentary sundaes/cones as well as the extra calories that came with them! haha..

Another high calorie intake today was durians.. more D24 and Cat Mountain King.. Some sinful pictures:

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Priority Sitting for you?

Priority banking..

Priority mailing..

Priority privelleges..

Priority club...

And now priority sitting in MRT trains???

Can you believe that?

I feel that's such a sign that Singaporeans are getting more apathetic about the people around them. It's pretty sick to see able bodied people snatching away seats from the old and the people that need it.

Yes, able bodied young people can be tired too and need seats to rest, but certainly not everyone in the train, right?

I wonder if such signs will actualy 'encourage' people to give up their seats to the needy, if all doesn't work.. maybe the "Singapore is a fine country" campaign might work!

Monday, July 28, 2008

925 silver scandal..

All the glitters is not gold...

That's certainly for this case of silver accessory that was purchased from a pretty well known shop in Singapore. It was being sold was made of 925 silver with gold plating.

However, when I used a magnet to test it. The material proved to be magnetic, which is certainly not a characteristic of gold or silver.

With that, there is also no hall mark on the item itself to indicate the material!

Went to the store today, and I was terribly disappointed!

The sales person that sold me the item was not there, and the lady covering her duties did not know anything about the item. When a call was made back to her HQ office, they claimed that the purchasor was not in Singapore and that no one know anything about product.

Questions of the day: How can sales people not know anything about their products?
Is silver sold in Singapore even magnetic?

I really cant believe this chain of stores believe in building strong relationships with their customers when they do not even know their products. I certainly did not buy something from their store and leave one notch happier on the happiness scale..

I really urge people to be careful when buying from these stores!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coffee: The Most Popular Drink?

Alright, the main purpose of this post is not to discriminate against coffee drinkers/ coffee planters / coffee manufacturers, wholesalers, etc...

I know coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world..

But could anyone, please before you get me a drink ask first.. and not get me coffee???

It has happened so many times this week!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hang Goat head...

... Sell dog meat...

Gosh... think I had a bad experience today!!!!

Hopefully things can be ironed out...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Start of the nightmares

Gosh.. logged into the intranet and found the following info:

FDINGR 20 Aug 2008 6:00pm - 8:10pm
FMKPRJ 25 Aug 2008 6:00pm - 8:10pm
FPDV 27 Aug 2008 6:00pm - 8:10pm

Exams coming really soon.. and I still have not recovered from my US trip

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think someone just got 'aeroplaned' (colloquial for stood up on) me.....

I was being nice to get for someone some items on my trip to NY, thats despite that fact that my bags were already bulging and so heavy...

And now.. its been some weeks after I have been back, but that guy has not even arranged to meet up with me... Even after fixing appointment with him to meet today, I waited so long but there was not even a confirmation at all...

I really wonder... am I just being too nice?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fat fishes are ugly fishes...

It seems that the perception of size and beauty does not apply only to humans.

According to a article on Qian Hu reports 32% rise in H1 net profit to S$2.8m.

Kenny Yap, Executive Chairman and Managing Director, Qian Hu Corporation, said:
"The food cost for ornamental fish is relatively not as costly as compared to
(that for) catfish breeders or maybe sea bass breeders. "If you keep an
ornamental fish, you'd better not feed them everyday. Because if they are very
fat, it's an ugly fish.
Because they are beautiful, they are
ornamental. So the fish food cost to the ornamental fish food industry is not
that important as compared to edible fish."

So fat fishes are ugly fishes???

Does this apply for ornamental fishes that tend to be more rounded in shape, for example, goldfishes? Perhaps, Qian Hu will only sell slim fishes from the start of today and even offer slimming packages to over weight fishes... Thus corners can be cut by not frequently feeding fishes?

Another ironic thing about his statement is hobbyists are told not to feed their fishes everyday, so does that mean, purchasing less of fish feed from Qian Hu?

Food for thought...

Thanks for making my post most 'nanged'

A big thank you for bloggers for 'nang'-ing my post yesterday to make it the day's most nanged!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Nuffnang 150...

Yes.. another new milestone with Nuffnang!!!

I broken the $150 mark for advertisements with them!!!!!

Thank to all the readers who frequent this blog of mine!!!

Think, I will most probably let the amount snow ball!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tea away!

If you have been reading my blog, you would probably know that I enjoy drinking tea... judging from my previous entries about the various teas, like Lavendar with White Tea, Rose Tea, that I bought.

Combining floral with tea is not really new in the industry. But I was pleasantly surprised when I was given this box of Osmanthus Green Tea manufactured by local food company GoldKili.

What I really liked about the product is that it gives the green tea a mild floral note that is so pleasing to the senses. Also, the tea comes in tea bags which means added convenience. The gourmet teas I bought the last time all had to be brewed in tea pots. Which means, I can sip my fave cup of gourmet tea without having to brew it traditionally in a tea pot!

Looks like I will be addicted onto this new tea for quite some time! Especially since that green tea has been shown to have quite a fair bit of healthy benefits!

More Spam from HP

Worst case this weekend of spam from HP!!!

Will it reach 200 tomorrow?

My States Trip Music Video

I did a little music video using the pictures I took during the trip...Sit back and enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

HP rewarding SPAM!

I just can't believe this.

After not checking my email for the last day, a huge stack of spam from HP!

It's all the same message entitled "A special reminder" from them! And just by looking at the interval timing that they sent out all the emails, you can tell that they are darn desperate!

So much for apparent laws in Singapore that protects users from spam emails. IT giants, like HP, do not seem to be even affected!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pouring Cold Water on STOMP...

Another misleading article again on STOMP?

Someone bought mineral water from a supermarket and claimed that there is some mucus/mould sediment at the bottom of the bottle!

And even attached these pictures, which I have reproduced from the STOMP website:

I wonder if these can even be taken as evidence, firstly, the pictures do not even show an unopened bottle... anyone can jolly well get a bottle, open it and dump in some discriminating evidence into the bottle and make such claims!

Secondly, the writer even makes a more then personal dig that "How can the quality be so bad when they have been awarded superbrand?" shows that there is more then meets the eyes, perhaps, even some form of business feud?

Thirdly, the writer claimed that he bought the bottles on July 12, and lodged complaint with STOMP on the 17th, but he did not mention the conditions in which he kept the bottles. It could have been abused by placing in full sunlight!
It is high time that STOMP actually looks into the authenticity of the articles in posts up. It's not the first time that such incidents happen. A whole industry might be shattered due to the irresponsiblity of one's such postings on STOMP. While making a platform for free media, it should not be used as a platform for sabotage!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here we go again...

Yet another scandal of the charitable organizations...

The Health Ministry found 'possible irregularities' in Ren Ci's books after an

At the heart of the issue were questionable loans made by the
hospital, amounting to several million dollars. Some of these loans were
allegedly given to companies with links to the Venerable Ming Yi.

were also loans given to a helper with the charity as well as investments made
over the years in his name.

As a result of the probe, Ren Ci lost the
right to grant its supporters tax exemption for donations.

yesterday, the monk's lawyers, Senior Counsel Andre Yeap and Mr Hamidul Haq from
law firm Rajah & Tann, told The Straits Times that their client has
cooperated fully with the authorities.

The Straits Times understands
that while Venerable Ming Yi has surrendered his passport to the police, he was
told he would be allowed to travel, subject to conditions. His assets were not

In times like these, the people who are affected the most should really be the needy. I think more and more people will be less willing to donate to charities after incidents from the NKF incident and this in particular.

Advertisers Needed!

Perhaps, to every company that offers blog advertisement (that leaves included too), one of the biggest overall hurdle is to find sufficient advertisers to advertise on the new media.

Let’s face it, bigger players in the market like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Nike, Motorola, etc are often more willing to embrace advertising in blogs.

However, for smaller, medium enterprises, such forms of advertisement is often unheard of.

I would think that blogs would be a good way to start campaigns, example, go green, save the earth campaigns by government agencies.

Other advertisers that I hope would be on, would be perhaps, fashion companies like Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole New York, GAP, Banana Republic, Guess Marciano, Louis Vuitton. These fashion companies would be able to make use of the wide readership of blogs to advertise about their latest fashion trends that they have. It would be a win win situation for both the advertisers and their consumers alike.

Another area which I hope to see more advertisers is in the Food and Beverage Industry. Being a technologist, I understand how hard it is to launch a product on a wide commercial scale, and thus, by targeting consumers wisely, using blogs to advertise would therefore be effective and relatively inexpensive compared to wide scale mass advertisements!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Blues

I just can't help but feel the blues this Monday...

Perhaps, my physical self is present, but my soul is stuck somewhere in New York city???

Anyway, lesson ended so abruptly today with a surprise!!! Surprise assignment that has to be handed over in 3 weeks time!!!


Anyway, after heading back home early, got this stray dog, affectionately known as Rajah, lying down lazing...

See.. even dogs have the blues..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A New Milestone!

I just realised that this humble blog of mine has reached a new milestone!!!

3272 hits in a single week!

Thanks to all my readers and supporters of this blog!

Cat Mountain King Durians!

猫山王... or literally translated to English... Cat Mountain King!

It's one of the more popular hybrids for durians.

Characterized by its small seeds and creamy flesh... sweet with a slight tinge of bitterness... Look at its bright yellow, custard like flesh!!!
Extremely sinful and to die for..

My family bought this one durian for $24! And there's only like 8 seeds...

Nonetheless, it's really worth the quality!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Durian Season @ Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre

The setting sun somehow complements the scene at the usual bustling with life, Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre ...

With not many stores open in the evening, there was not much choice of what kind of durians to get!

So settled for these D13... small fruits with bitter tasting flesh...

Durian, anyone?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Where's Wilson????

Where's Wilson?

Wilson Who????

Well... A particularly famous Wilson that nearly every driver should know... Wilson Parking..

Sometimes ERP parking system does a good job in regulating the number of cars in a car park, especially for smaller car parks...

But when it fails like today, plenty of lots... but still a long queue forming... It really makes one wonder... is ERP parking really as good as it is?

Plenty of lots:

Long queue awaiting to enter car park:

Where's Wilson?? someone call him please!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marketing and Branding

Was back in SP today for lunch..

Somehow, this very simple Japanese fare offered in Food Court 1 brought back memories for me:

Lessons today seemed a chore today....

Same topics.. different manner.

Perhaps, the only things interesting was the cartoons and the real life examples of this American Doll company! Other then that, it was a struggle through..

Got notified also about my next ICT which is going to be next year, which will be end February to early March!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Making money with Emailcashpro!


I am expecting my first payment from Emailcashpro soon!!

Started out 2 months ago! And started to build my own network of referrals!

And now.. It's payment time...

A useful tip for people is tell all your friends using different ways, be it MSN messaging, Friendster/ Facebook/ Myspace, blog about it....

It's pretty easy to make money by reading emails! Just click the link in your email and the credits will go to your account!

Try it today!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


This restaurant at Raffles City is another that charges for iced water....

It only offers free iced water to customers who orders their drinks... like.. how many camels do we have out there?

Food wise, not fantastic..

Service... horrendous speaking the big land staff that speak English in a tone no one seems to understand! For God's sake, if you cant speak English, please don't be a wannabe, it certainly get's you no where!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Mug Mug Mug...

I'm just trying to recall how to do all the statistical calculation for my sensory evaluation.

Mann Whitley, Chi-square.... all so complicated..

Guess, thing's been really rusty for long...

Anyway, today, I got news that some people have dropped out of the course, one happens to be in my click, and the other a year one student.... looks like the prophecy is coming true...

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Reflection of my States Trip

What I really learnt....

Lesson 1:
I learnt that staying in a more luxury hotel does not mean that you get better amenities...

I was pretty much impressed by the Amalfi in Chicago as I thought it was pretty cosy and comfortable, sort of like a boutique hotel. Breakfast was even served at the lift lobby of every floor daily! Free wireless access everywhere in the hotel!

When I got to New Orleans and stayed in the Westin New Orleans Canal Place, I was a little disappointed, even though the Westin is pretty much a big name in the hotel industry. The basic amenities were not even provided for. No bath slippers, stained towels in bathroom... No free wireless in the rooms (guests had to pay some $12 per day for access). Thankfully, there was still free access of internet that was limited to 2 working stations in the business centre!

Moving on to New York, when I stayed in the supposedly luxurious hotel, The Waldorf=Astoria, apparently a renowned New York luxury hotel in midtown Manhattan, the facilities were even worse! No bath slippers, a room so small that once you open the door you see your bed! Carpets in the room even smelt musky! No security in lifts, anyone could simply go to any floor as the lift did not control access by card. No free wireless access in the room, I thought there was free internet access in the business centre, but you had to swipe your credit cards in order to use the stations!

Thus, it shows that luxury hotels do not necessary supply you the best of amenities!

Lesson 2:

Being Singaporean does not mean that you have ease of access within the country!

Even though we travelled as a group comprising of prominent people in the industry accompanied by government officials (civil servants), our entire group was still subjected to the highest screen checks when we boarded the planes for internal flights!

Take a look at the boarding passes below, near the bottom of the pass, there is an area labelled 'SSSS' which stands for highest security clearance required for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) , which is the U.S. government agency, to conduct on us! Everything had to be checked, belts removed, lap tops out, shoes out, swap tests done on our bags, shoes!

At one of the last internal flights from New Orleans to New York, I did ask the TSA official nicely after the check was completed that is it a norm for this to happen. And he replied that the computer picks at random passengers to undergo such high security screening. However, the fact that nearly everyone of us in the group had to undergo such screening really makes me wonder about the definition of randomly!

In fact, the official even stated that Singapore was not even on the list of high screening! To which, our group really wondered, are Asians discriminated at the airports?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Nuffnang's down...

... and so is my blog..

for the last few hours, my blog haas failed to load properly!!!

It has to be the Nuffnang scripting cos other blogs without Nuffnang banners are fine!
See what happened when I tried to get to Nuffnang main page:

Hope it will be settled soon!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Drama on MRT train

saw this video on a forum when i got back!

seems like I have missed a lot when I was not in Singapore!

Back to Singapore!

I'm back in Singapore finally after spending nearly 2 weeks in US!

It had been fun there! But somehow or rather, I learnt to appreciate Singapore even more..

Nice clean green cities..
Nice buildings...
Pretty good transport...
Nice and comfy airport
and of course great local food!

Will do some back posting of my trips pretty soon!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Last day of work in NY!

Yes.. Last day of work in the States before returning to Singapore later in the night!

Checked out of the hotel rooms early today...

Parting shot of the clock tower in the The Waldorf=Astoria:

We headed on to do some last minute supermarket research in Walmart which was some 2 hours drive away from out hotel... It's pretty big but ulu (out of the way) location!

Some nice products I saw, I just love these tea canisters!

Next headed to Woodbury Premium Outlet for some last minute shopping!

Plenty of shops there from Burberry to Samsonite and more! Most of the items were at special discounted prices too!

The items were pretty cheap and most of the people bought quite a lot of stuff!

We were caught in a traffic jam on the way back to the hotel to collect our luggages and therefore packing of the shopping stash could only be done on the bus itself...

Here's our shopping queen doing some last minute squeezing and packing on the bus:

Finally reached the airport... I smell the air of home ground!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Liberation Day

The events that took place in this back-dated post took place on the 1st of July 2008 (New York Time)

We headed for the Fancy Food Show 2008 which is one of the major food shows in the States!

There was really lots of different kinds of foods on display from bread to drinks to hams and more! We literally had breakfast and lunch on the go when we zipped from booth to booth!

After completing the whole exhibition, we rushed back to the hotel , The Waldorf=Astoria, to place all our brochures down before rushing off via cab to catch the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island!

View from cab:

After buying our tickets, we were subjected to stringent checks, almost similar to those at the airports before being allowed to board the ferry!

On the ferry:

We reached the island and were welcomed by the beautiful sights:

The American flag flying high!

Up close and personal with the statue of Liberty:

After visiting the Statue of Liberty, we headed to the 911 site, when I was there, a sense of sadness overcame me, after some 7 years, the site is still in works and the new building will only be ready in 2012.

911 work site:

Tribute to fire fighters that sacrificed:

We then decided to experience what it was to take the Subway...

and boy, I really thought that it was so complicated and handicap unfriendly... there was almost no lifts and elevators!

After shopping, we went for Korean BBQ:
Next stop was Times Square and Broadway area, the bright lights from the billboards really made it seem like day time: