Thursday, August 14, 2008

The day Earth ended...

We wake up every day to a brand new morning and a brand new day… but have you ever wondered… If it was the end of planet Earth, what would you bring along with you?

Sure you might say, we leave nothing behind… but would you really leave empty handed?

I would probably bring along my favourite, Goldkili Green Tea with Osmanthus Tea Bags… haha… yea.. I am admitting I am a tea drinker…

And I really cant sleep without this tea.. remember.. green tea does have mild sedative effects! Imagine all the trauma, when Earth is destroyed, I will certainly need something to calm myself down and put myself in the right frame of mind!

Anyway, if you are wondering about the objectives of this post, here is the answer: Well, this blog post is actually about the game Tabula Rasa also known as Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. where you get to play for free online! Yes, free, you did not get me wrong!

Operation immortality is a game set in a era of terrorist attacks, greenhouse warming threats, genetic science gone awry! In this game, you have to save mankind and the human DNA! Its indeed a sight full of graphics and flash movies as you navigate your way through the site to find more information!
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