Friday, August 15, 2008

How to avoid getting car park summons!!


I just read this on STOMP..

sounds so unethical:

I witness an incident at Bt batok cetral Pizzahut cum Macdonald carpark on 10
Aug 2008 round 7 pm. A certis cisco officer was there to issue summon for
parking offences.. Not to mention as it was a Sunday, there were plenty of
motorbikes, cars and vans parked there. What surprised me was that the owners of
the vehicles were actually the Mangers of the pizza hut n Mac. They quickly came
out address the officer. The pizza hut manager offered him pizzas
and pointed out to him the cars which belong to them. The Cisco officer ate the
pizza slices and ignored all the cars which were pointed out to him thou they
were parked at double yellow line.
Just because he ate the pizza
he failed to carry out his duty. He ignored the cars of the Pizza hut and Mac's
manager. The cars were their personnel cars not the company's cars too.
Definitely they are not there for loading or unloading of food. There is no
excuse why he ignored them. He proceeds to summon other cars which were parked
there. I felt that was not fair. If the other car's owners had given him Mac or
pizza would he have ignored them too? This is really a serious issues it can be
also considered bribery. I didn’t get a chance to snap photo as I was a distance
away but I noted down the Cisco officers' Bike number plate FS6860Z.

So next time you see a parking auntie/warden... stop all the excuses, please take out your handphone and call for delivery!!!

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TsuChong said...

Hi there,

Yea, that's how much their integrity, values and dignity are worth - a piece of pizza.

Real sad.