Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tips for getting more readers...

Well, this post is specially for the numerous requests I got from other readers on how to increase their viewership of their blogs..

I've compiled a little list of them:

1. Make real connections : Interact with other bloggers to form 'networks'

2. Fix it before it breaks : If topics that you are currently blogging on have not been attracting readers for a really long time, say 1 year, its probably time to get a new topic!

3. Keep your readers close: Blog about something that your readers would be able to associate. No point whining about how it is raining in Singapore when it is snowing in Alaska!

4. Be Genuine: Be yourself when you blog! Do not over exaggerate on happenings! Acting cute is passe!

5. Law of focus: Be focused on the topics you blog. While it is good to cover a range of topics, it would be difficult to appeal to so many genre of readers!

6. Law of expansion: The more different topics you blog, the less focused your blog will be!

7. Law of contraction: Be focused, and readers of the common genre will soon flock to you!

Most important tip!!!!

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Louis said...

Sound advices from an experienced blogger.

Let me be the 1st to comment on this post and join your network of bloggers.

J E Z said...

ill keep that in mind.