Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Limited Resources, Unlimited Wants!!!!


Such a title is so apporiate for the Amazon widget I just added on my blog... my wish list.. for Christmas and my Birthday!!!

Hint Hint Clue Clue... alternatively, there's always the Paypal button too!


Wishing and Hoping

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to Fish Hobby

It's really been some time since I have been active in the fish hobby again.

Well, I have not really left the hobby, but somehow or rather, the passion in fish keeping has suddenly been rekindled and I feel the urge to get more stuff for my aquarium now!

So many things to buy... limited resources!!!

But it feels good to be back actively in fish keeping!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Nuffnang will fail?

Was browsing thru the web today..

And I came across this site: Why Nuffnang will fail!

It sort of exposes why Nuffnang charges a sum for cashing out of accounts and yet lowers the minimum required to withdraw the money.

The site also accuses the founders of Nuffnang as having other big names in celebrity blogging as the people to have the lion's share of earnings. In fact, I did not know that the owners of Nuffnang even feature the ad units on their own personal blogs and are even making money from it. Doesnt this make them competitors to other users???

All the big hoo haas and 'exposures'... it's really making me lose confidence!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Google Page Rank

My Google Page Rank is back finally..

Yesterday night I saw that it was 4.... but it fluctuated to 0 then to 2 today.... Could be Google working out its coding...

Nonetheless, I am glad to have my Page Rank back!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Soupid Reply

The Founder of the restaurant that is well known for its soups actually emailed me back to reply.

She gave a whole lot of excuse onto why the scallops are surimi and not the real seafood, claiming that there is no seafood wholesaler that is willing to sell her the real breaded stuff anymore. If so, why even bother to put it up on sale, it's still considered misleading to consumers!

Ignorance is certainly not bliss!

And maybe for her information, there are plenty of seafood retailers that sell frozen scallops, she probably just need to do the breading herself!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More then Milk!

I guess milk isnt the only thing to be careful of about in China!

One should really beware of all the numerous business scams this schemers have up their sleeves! I personally encountered one such ploy recently... which is pretty similar to this case here!

My warning to all is to.... becareful, be aware and look for suspicious tell tale signs in all correspondence with you!

Really.. with all the business scams and food scares going on these days, it will only be a time that everyone strives to be 'China-free'!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seafood Salah


I just had this experience during lunch today at a well known food outlet known for its soups at Raffles City Basement.

I was with a friend and I ordered my soup (which was excellent as usual) as well as a side order Fisherman's Basket, which was described at the outlet as, having pieces of Scallops, Calamari, Pollack and Mackerel.

When the order arrived at our table, we were dismayed by a multitude of reasons:

1) that there was no calamari, I understand that seafood tends to be seasonal and sometimes there could be a market shortage, but the staff should have at least informed us about the change on the menu

2) the 'scallop' that was served was no more then extruded surimi made into the shapes of scallop and nothing like the marine bivalve mollusk. Shouldnt such surimi based products be labelled properly under the Sale of Food Act? In fact, I have seen local manufacturers in Singapore labelling the similar food product as 'Imitation Scallop Cake'. I personally feel that it is misleading to consumers to call such products 'scallop'.

3) Since there was no calamari, the quantity of fish fillet was automatically upsized from 2 to 3 ,without the staff asking me. However, the fish was not as fresh as what is promised on the menu as ' a combination of the freshest seafood is breaded '. In fact, both my friend and I could even smell the fishy notes on the fillet and we left the fish nearly untouched.


Moral of the story: If a restaurant is well known for soups, do not order anything else and expect it to be fantastic!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loyalty to Nuffnang

I sent an email to Nuffnang to ask them if my Glitterati status will be affected if any of my blogs I have run ads from their competitors.

And they replied "Yes, Glitterati membership will be affected if any of your registered blogs have ads from another competitor."

So much for being loyal to Nuffnang, they havent seem to be giving me campaigns for the past few weeks, so why should I wait for campaigns when their competitor is already paying for page impressions on their ads!!!

Sometimes I really wonder.. Is Glitterati status really worth it?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blame Game on AVA?

The recent milk scare that is taking the whole world by storm has led many Singaporeans to think why did AVA not do anything to test the food items, before reports of melamine was known in other parts of the world leading to numerous finger pointing, letters to the Straits Times forum, lamenting in forums about the ‘inefficiency’ of AVA.

While the role of AVA is to ensure a resilient supply of safe and wholesome food in Sinapore, has one ever wondered how many different types of toxic material are there on the planet? Obviously, AVA does check the known additives that unscrupulous merchants often add to their food to adulterate them. But when it comes to toxic chemicals that have not been used before in such systems, how would one expect AVA to determine which chemical has been used? The time taken to check every food for every chemical would certainly be time consuming, and by the time the tests are completed, the foods might have already gone bad. Also, this will also cause food prices to escalate, due to the many logistics costs and testing costs involved.

Therefore as consumers, we have to play a part in food safety, finger pointing, playing the blame game does not work in times like this. The best option we have is to be aware of the latest happenings in the news and take proper precautions to prevent the consumption of any milk products or products incorporating milk as an ingredient from China.

Remember: "Food Safety is a shared responsibility"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aquarium shops having blog?

I guess the current trend now in Singapore is that more and more shops are having blogs to update their customers on their stocks!!!

Was just told that this fish shop in Yishun, Aquastar, has its own blog now... some news after another popular fish shop's blog was stopped earlier this year!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Got Milk???

With light of the recent food scare in China, let's just hope that not many products internationally are using tainted milk with 'enriched' melamine content as ingredients in their products!

Already, Yili Ice Cream and Dutch Lady Strawberry Milk have had their sales in Singapore stopped! Check out this site for pictures of the affected product! So if you have any of the food products at home, dump them!

Weight Loss

In a affluent society, obesity is a trend that many people face today!

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally Sony...

I finally got my Sony USB cable sent to me today...

Nearly could not receive it, apparently, when the courier person called me when he was outside my office, I could not hear him as it was too muffled, he was about to drive off, when I saw him... thankfully!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nuff a Desert?

These recent weeks, my nuffnang ad campaigns have been worse then a trickling tap...

No ads at all on my blogs... somethings really wrong with Nuffnang, last time, they used to have many global CPC ads, which could at least have compensated for some lack of ad campaigns. It's really getting a waste of blog space for this unused ad slots.

Someone told me that Advertlets have better pay out scheme, and told me to consider using Advertlet. So now, I am still considering whether to cash out all my earnings with Nuffnang, yea, its been like coming to SGD $200... I've been showing support to Nuffnang by not cashing it out so soon, but seems like the lack of campaigns is getting me to have second thoughts!

In fact, even Payperpost has is much more successful compared to Nuffnang, considering the fact that I have been paid in US dollars to just blog on topics. Actually, fellow bloggers out there should try using Payperpost. They even pay you US$ 20 just to try out their system, which credits to your account in 30 days! You just need to have a blog that is active and has been around for at least a month... easy peasy! Join today:

You are baby love...

I'm supposed to feel upset.. by somehow or rather, my senses have been numbed.. its all so familliar... so expected... deja vu? Time to give up?

Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger

I remember like it was yesterday
First kiss and I knew you changed the game
You have me, exactly, well you want it,
And I'm on it

And I ain't ever gonna let you get away
Holding hands never made me feel this way
So special, boy it's your, your smile
We so in love

La la la la
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floral Law Suit

Louis Vuitton, known popularly as LV, is taking issue with a series of watches being sold by City Chain under its Solvil brand.

LV says the watches have a floral design similar to its trademarked motif - a flower with four pointed petals. Not only does this create confusion for the consumer, selling lookalike watches in the mass market will also damage LV's image of exclusivity and dilute its market, it says.

Last year, LV obtained search warrants and raided four City Chain outlets in Singapore to seize the watches. The same watches are sold in China and Malaysia.

Mr Wong argued that the prominent floral designs on the Solvil watches are similar, if not identical, to those on LV watches. Unwary members of the public may think the watches come from LV, especially with the small typeface of the 'Solvil' name on them.

He said that LV products are intended to be exclusive. Selling in the mass market, as City Chain does, would damage its image of exclusivity, causing LV's existing customers to turn away, he said.

But City Chain, represented by Lee and Lee, argues that the floral designs on its watches are not similar to LV's marks.

It says it is using the designs not as trademarks, but merely as decorative elements; the trademark 'Solvil' is clearly indicated on its watches.

Moreover, the prices of Solvil watches are different from LV's watches; its customer base is also different from LV's.

LV has also launched criminal proceedings against City Chain, which has applied to quash the search warrants and effectively dismiss the criminal charges.

The watch that caused it all.. picture from LianHe Zaobao

The Real McCoy? LV watch image taken from LV website

First, how exclusive are LV products, especially when you see them nearly everywhere these days... not forgetting the pasar malams as well as the make shift peddlers that sell them at the underpass at Orchard?

Also, LV is well known for leather products, and how many people will actually buy a LV watch?

And do they even look similar?

The spirit of the Olympics

The Olympics 2008 might already be long over, but its spirit is more then alive...

SportsVids is a site which enables people to play, watch and share their favourite sporting video, think youtube of the sporting arena! The vision for this site is to provide a vehicle for sports enthusiasts of all ages to share their favorite highlights and videos with friends and family everywhere. The goal is to create a social network and to provide quality video content with the ability to view past and current sports videos as well as news and commentary.

The top three contestants who refer the most people to the Web site will receive Sports branded prizes.
The September contest requires you to signup as a SportsVids member in order to participate. Once registered, you will be presented with specific contest instructions on the Web site.

Each time a unique person clicks on your link and visits the SportsVids site, your account receives a point. At the end of the contest (September 30, 2008), the top three users with the most referral points will win the contest.

The prizes are:
1. The new XBox 360
2. Tickets to Michigan vs. Penn State, Saturday, October 18, 2008
3. $100 Gift Certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sony, Wake up your idea

I finally got my spare USB cable from Sony today..

The fact that there is only one customer support store in the whole of Singapore really makes it inconvenient for users to gain customer support. Moreover, all I needed was a cable, which the counter staff , even claimed that it was a generic part, and yet, they did not have it in stock!!!

Just imagine that, I've already been to the place 5 times, and I all these times, I waited for more then an hour in queue, until I was so fed up, I just left!

So finally today, I went when they just opened.

The person serving me, was like did not even know what was happening, I had to place a order for the part, make payment, wait another 1-2 weeks for the part to arrive, and then go back to the customer service counter again, queue up and collect the part.. WHICH IS SO LAME.. I even told them that I was willing to pay for shipping to my mailing address, to which they turned down the offer

I just told the manager that he can have back my SONY player... I will get another one, and it will not be a SONY!

Only then did he say that he will get the courier service to mail it to me..

Speak about good service...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Amber Cuffs

I'm just so happy with the workmanship of my cuffs..

so i'm just going to keep this post short and sweet...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Wishing all my blog readers a Happy Mid Autumn Festival...

Enjoy eating your mooncakes...

Actually, I was looking at the mooncake packaging today and a thought flashed across my mind... look at the amount of packaging that goes into a box on of mooncake..

From the primary packaging, PE trays to plastic packaging to pack them up, smaller boxes to place them in.. to another bigger box on the outside...

wow... amazing.. so now you understand why we pay a premium for these... cos of the packaging!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eating Snake? Think again..

Came across this video...

Moral of the story: Do not film people when they are "eating snake"

Apparently, the person who recorded the video:

I stress that im not trying to eat full find st to do. I will not do this if they nv guai lan to my dad.

The original intention was to go up to the police officer who was extremely extremely unfriendly and rude to my dad(my dad say shouted at him to come over machiam like shouting at dog like tat) and find out from him in details on video what had actually happened at the mscp. Y did the police react this way to my dad. Halfway, i tot jus take vid of car plate then complain to spf as me being a introvert, im not good at talking and was really dumbfounded when confronting them.

If my sole n only intention were only to sexposed them, i can easily park my vehicle beside them n point a cam at them. I can always park my vehicle at the lot beside them before they r there as police vehicle are there almost the same time and location everytime. I can take a few more videos b4 publishing it if my sole intention is to sexposed them. I can also leave my cam there to capture in minutes how long they were there. U be surprised that spending up to 1.5hr there is 'normal'.

In short, they had been making a nuisane of themselves there for some time le. I do not know if its always the same group of officers or notch but, its a public eyesore. U dun zi xiao my dad i dun sexpose u simple as that. What triggers this filming is their rudeness to my dad. They must be thinkin dun knoe england, can bully, cos wont complain. I want to prove them wrong! Pls treat all citizens with respect and talk politely!

In the vid, u can see that he is quite pissed for being sexposed. Cos, kept asking me 'u ok or not? why chiu do this' etc.

Payment from EmailCashpro in!

Got my payment from Emailcashpro today!

It's the first time I received it from them.. I actually opted for the send payment by Paypal option, because the website says that for a cheque of $10 to be sent, there has to be a $1 deduction. So being the Paypal savvy person, I realised that it was not that good to have money sent thru paypal! Why?

Because Paypal charged me a transaction fee of SGD $0.84 cents for accepting payment from Emailcashpro!
So after all the hassle of converting the remaining money into US currency, I am left with just USD 6.19 . Perhaps enough for a GAP shirt that is on sale, if I am in New York now.. haha..but its better then nothing..

So if you arent already with Emailcashpro, sign up today!


If you are already a member, quit slacking.. and start referring your friends! Don't forget, break the 20 friends barrier, and you will be rewarded too!

Reliving Childhood Days... in the New IT era..

As a child, I grew up watching Disney with Mickey Mouse. Growing old with Donald Duck, running after Steamboat Willie, growing along Pinocchio, being enchanted by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan, charmed by Lady and the Tramp, entranced by Sleeping Beauty, chasing after the 101 Dalmatians, getting wild over The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, investigating with Dick Tracy, roaring with The Lion King, Hercules, Fantasia, etc….

What are 5 of your favourite characters / movies? Do we have similar choices?

It’s really been a long time since I actually spent good quality time in front of the TV with Disney. Especially so in these days, one actually spends more time on popular video hosting websites like Youtube then on TV.

Until I came across this new ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD game with comes loaded with tons of real clips, trivia questions, and all kinds of on-screen puzzlers.

It contains movies, TV, music, and sports trivia. The Lion King is one of the themes in the DVD and is indeed a good way to have good clean family fun, especially during the school holiday... It will definitely make a good Christmas gift, check it out on Amazon.com.

What are you waiting for? Get amused with animation from Disney with ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD game today! No regrets!


Friday, September 12, 2008

SIFST Dinner 2008

Was at the SIFST Annual Dinner 2008 at Swissotel Merchant Court

As usual, the annual dinner had many activities.. and I was 'sabo-ed' to participate in the know your wine game.. which was like so difficult!
Food wise, was pretty nice.. really appreciated the special Durian pudding the chef made for us!

Anyway, got back in a cab.. when I went home, I realised, I was charged $3.00 for a cab because the location of the hotel is in the CBD... If that was in the day time, I would probably understand as the taxi driver would have to pay for ERP rates to get into the town area... but at 10pm at night.. do we have ERP???

Wonder if there is any authority that looks into this issue!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years... In Memory of 911

It's been 7 years since the horrific 911 incident that took the world by shock!

Hope things will be better...

Anyway, for this post, sharing some pictures of the 911 site I took a couple of months back when I was in New York.

The work site now:

Was told that human remains could still be exacavated during works.

Memorial for the firemen that sacrificed during 911:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My insurance agent cum childhood friend, Dunstan, gave me this box of mooncakes from renown Hongkong bakery, Kee Wah!

It comes in an elegant box.. with individually wrapped mini mooncakes and even a nice canister of tea...

Thanks for mooncaking me....

Smells are free....

I was at NTUC Fairprice earlier today when I came across this!!!

This lady from the big land opened many different loaves of Sunshine Pandan Flavoured Bread to smell them... and left without buying any! Well, perhaps, she needed to judge the sensory characteristics of pandan leaves before buying them... or that the Big Land doesnt have pandan leaves, except maybe on Hainan Island?

Gee.. don't they know that freshness of bread can be seen on the plastic labels on the packaging?

On hindsight, this kinda makes me wonder of the vulnerablity of bread packed this way with just a mere plastic clip to hold the bread in its packaging. The lack of tamper proof features will make this product an easy target for sabotage!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

ACS(I) Class of 1998 Reunion

Details here:

Time and Place Date: Saturday, December 20, 2008
Time: 5:30pm - 11:50pm
Location: ACS(i) Auditorium (the one from our time)
Street: Dover Road
City/Town: Singapore, Singapore

Contact Info Email: acsiclassof1998@gmail.com

Please spread the message around!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Goodbye, Kampung!

Bidding the quite kampung farewell, I headed back to urban Singapore.... I miss the urban lifestyle!

good bye... see you again!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Chendol at Tan Kim Hock

Was at Tan Kim Hock to buy some local produce back to Singapore today..

The prices are shockingly high these days.. wonder if its due to inflation too!

Anyway, I realised that not all the foods there are even local produce.. I saw quite a lot of Taiwanese mochi and rice bars there too! The effects of globalisation?

Anyway, this is their famous chendol store!
The dessert as you see here... is highly overhyped!!!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Satay Celup in Malacca

Had satay celup for dinner in Malacca today..

Somehow or rather... I find it overhyped... It's not as nice as what they claim it is to be on those tourist promotion shows..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Boost Academy

Was invited to the launch of Boost Academy today!

Boost Academy is a bursary given out by , Wanin Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of bottled drinks such as Pere Ocean and Boost Sports Drink, has announced the launch of the Boost Academy to provide much needed support for young talented athletes in Singapore. Significantly this new initiative is launched in partnership with the Singapore Sports Council.

As you can see, the company really makes effort to support and nurture young local talent! Do support them by drinking BOOST!

Vending Machine Woes 2

I simply don't understand... why am I so unlucky with vending machines...

Was buying this pack of nuts today to munch on... and the whole pack got stuck into the machine because of the way it was folded when placed into the machine!

And when I called the technical service number, they told me that they will refund me if I actually get back to the place another time or asked me to purchase another packet of the same product to push the stuck item out!So much for the words service... sometimes I really wonder... are we really lacking the human touch these days?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Caught Wall.E today at Lido cinema! It was an invitation by a company with plenty of stars attending too like Zhu Houren, Apple Hong, Nick Shen, etc

It's a really nice show.. somehow or rather, I feel that its kind of a 'prediction' what the future will be.. when mankind gets too lazy and overly dependent on robots.. and earth's environment is destroyed by the massive amount of undestructible trash!

I shant review too much, lest, I get accused of being a spoiler! haha..

Anyway.. catch it in theatres... worth watching!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Money from Emailcashpro!!

Here's proof that Emailcashpro pays....

Reached the cash out point of $10...

Went to redemption centre to arrange for payment through Paypal
Payment in process.....

It's simple!

Join today.


Which host?

Deciding on webhosting?

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