Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blame Game on AVA?

The recent milk scare that is taking the whole world by storm has led many Singaporeans to think why did AVA not do anything to test the food items, before reports of melamine was known in other parts of the world leading to numerous finger pointing, letters to the Straits Times forum, lamenting in forums about the ‘inefficiency’ of AVA.

While the role of AVA is to ensure a resilient supply of safe and wholesome food in Sinapore, has one ever wondered how many different types of toxic material are there on the planet? Obviously, AVA does check the known additives that unscrupulous merchants often add to their food to adulterate them. But when it comes to toxic chemicals that have not been used before in such systems, how would one expect AVA to determine which chemical has been used? The time taken to check every food for every chemical would certainly be time consuming, and by the time the tests are completed, the foods might have already gone bad. Also, this will also cause food prices to escalate, due to the many logistics costs and testing costs involved.

Therefore as consumers, we have to play a part in food safety, finger pointing, playing the blame game does not work in times like this. The best option we have is to be aware of the latest happenings in the news and take proper precautions to prevent the consumption of any milk products or products incorporating milk as an ingredient from China.

Remember: "Food Safety is a shared responsibility"


TNH said...

Singapore is always known to have a good system in all kind of field.So i think AVA had try thier very best in their job.

Desmond Lim said...

i think it is rather a typical singapore thing, anything happens blame the gahmen and gahmen agencies. mind you i'm not a PAP supporter but i think one must see things as it is and not blame the gahmen and the agencies for things that are beyond their control and also things that NOBODY expects to happen.

what is said is true, are we willing to fork out more money for AVA to test for everything that is considered toxic/bad for us? furthermore, testing (all over the world) is done by using sampling, which means that a small batch that is contaminated might not be detected, so what now, you want AVA to open every item that is sold in sg and test EVERY item for ALL the toxic things in the world and then repackage it again? Or should AVA just start they own packaging plant and get all companies to just import the unpackaged products?

sometimes i think common sense 101 should be taught in school as i see and read more and more ppl without it.

Xtrocious said...

I don't see how it always has to be that the CONSUMERS are the ones must fork out more...

Isn't the AVA funded by the government and having "safe" food products a part of their responsibility?

I don't advocate stringent testing for each and every product but at the very least, the first batch must be subject to a very thorough testing...

Anyway in this case, there were so many Chinese dairy products that have issues with them...does it not suggest that there is a lapse somewhere?

Anonymous said...

It is another honest mistake. Let's move on.