Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eating Snake? Think again..

Came across this video...

Moral of the story: Do not film people when they are "eating snake"

Apparently, the person who recorded the video:

I stress that im not trying to eat full find st to do. I will not do this if they nv guai lan to my dad.

The original intention was to go up to the police officer who was extremely extremely unfriendly and rude to my dad(my dad say shouted at him to come over machiam like shouting at dog like tat) and find out from him in details on video what had actually happened at the mscp. Y did the police react this way to my dad. Halfway, i tot jus take vid of car plate then complain to spf as me being a introvert, im not good at talking and was really dumbfounded when confronting them.

If my sole n only intention were only to sexposed them, i can easily park my vehicle beside them n point a cam at them. I can always park my vehicle at the lot beside them before they r there as police vehicle are there almost the same time and location everytime. I can take a few more videos b4 publishing it if my sole intention is to sexposed them. I can also leave my cam there to capture in minutes how long they were there. U be surprised that spending up to 1.5hr there is 'normal'.

In short, they had been making a nuisane of themselves there for some time le. I do not know if its always the same group of officers or notch but, its a public eyesore. U dun zi xiao my dad i dun sexpose u simple as that. What triggers this filming is their rudeness to my dad. They must be thinkin dun knoe england, can bully, cos wont complain. I want to prove them wrong! Pls treat all citizens with respect and talk politely!

In the vid, u can see that he is quite pissed for being sexposed. Cos, kept asking me 'u ok or not? why chiu do this' etc.

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