Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nuff a Desert?

These recent weeks, my nuffnang ad campaigns have been worse then a trickling tap...

No ads at all on my blogs... somethings really wrong with Nuffnang, last time, they used to have many global CPC ads, which could at least have compensated for some lack of ad campaigns. It's really getting a waste of blog space for this unused ad slots.

Someone told me that Advertlets have better pay out scheme, and told me to consider using Advertlet. So now, I am still considering whether to cash out all my earnings with Nuffnang, yea, its been like coming to SGD $200... I've been showing support to Nuffnang by not cashing it out so soon, but seems like the lack of campaigns is getting me to have second thoughts!

In fact, even Payperpost has is much more successful compared to Nuffnang, considering the fact that I have been paid in US dollars to just blog on topics. Actually, fellow bloggers out there should try using Payperpost. They even pay you US$ 20 just to try out their system, which credits to your account in 30 days! You just need to have a blog that is active and has been around for at least a month... easy peasy! Join today:

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a-n-9-e-l said...

Thanks for the great advice! I'll try them out.