Saturday, September 13, 2008

Payment from EmailCashpro in!

Got my payment from Emailcashpro today!

It's the first time I received it from them.. I actually opted for the send payment by Paypal option, because the website says that for a cheque of $10 to be sent, there has to be a $1 deduction. So being the Paypal savvy person, I realised that it was not that good to have money sent thru paypal! Why?

Because Paypal charged me a transaction fee of SGD $0.84 cents for accepting payment from Emailcashpro!
So after all the hassle of converting the remaining money into US currency, I am left with just USD 6.19 . Perhaps enough for a GAP shirt that is on sale, if I am in New York now.. haha..but its better then nothing..

So if you arent already with Emailcashpro, sign up today!

If you are already a member, quit slacking.. and start referring your friends! Don't forget, break the 20 friends barrier, and you will be rewarded too!

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Treat me a KFC enough, hahaha