Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seafood Salah


I just had this experience during lunch today at a well known food outlet known for its soups at Raffles City Basement.

I was with a friend and I ordered my soup (which was excellent as usual) as well as a side order Fisherman's Basket, which was described at the outlet as, having pieces of Scallops, Calamari, Pollack and Mackerel.

When the order arrived at our table, we were dismayed by a multitude of reasons:

1) that there was no calamari, I understand that seafood tends to be seasonal and sometimes there could be a market shortage, but the staff should have at least informed us about the change on the menu

2) the 'scallop' that was served was no more then extruded surimi made into the shapes of scallop and nothing like the marine bivalve mollusk. Shouldnt such surimi based products be labelled properly under the Sale of Food Act? In fact, I have seen local manufacturers in Singapore labelling the similar food product as 'Imitation Scallop Cake'. I personally feel that it is misleading to consumers to call such products 'scallop'.

3) Since there was no calamari, the quantity of fish fillet was automatically upsized from 2 to 3 ,without the staff asking me. However, the fish was not as fresh as what is promised on the menu as ' a combination of the freshest seafood is breaded '. In fact, both my friend and I could even smell the fishy notes on the fillet and we left the fish nearly untouched.


Moral of the story: If a restaurant is well known for soups, do not order anything else and expect it to be fantastic!


Anonymous said...

You should have complained to the manager that the fish was stale! I thought you like to complain?!!

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