Friday, September 12, 2008

SIFST Dinner 2008

Was at the SIFST Annual Dinner 2008 at Swissotel Merchant Court

As usual, the annual dinner had many activities.. and I was 'sabo-ed' to participate in the know your wine game.. which was like so difficult!
Food wise, was pretty nice.. really appreciated the special Durian pudding the chef made for us!

Anyway, got back in a cab.. when I went home, I realised, I was charged $3.00 for a cab because the location of the hotel is in the CBD... If that was in the day time, I would probably understand as the taxi driver would have to pay for ERP rates to get into the town area... but at 10pm at night.. do we have ERP???

Wonder if there is any authority that looks into this issue!

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