Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sony, Wake up your idea

I finally got my spare USB cable from Sony today..

The fact that there is only one customer support store in the whole of Singapore really makes it inconvenient for users to gain customer support. Moreover, all I needed was a cable, which the counter staff , even claimed that it was a generic part, and yet, they did not have it in stock!!!

Just imagine that, I've already been to the place 5 times, and I all these times, I waited for more then an hour in queue, until I was so fed up, I just left!

So finally today, I went when they just opened.

The person serving me, was like did not even know what was happening, I had to place a order for the part, make payment, wait another 1-2 weeks for the part to arrive, and then go back to the customer service counter again, queue up and collect the part.. WHICH IS SO LAME.. I even told them that I was willing to pay for shipping to my mailing address, to which they turned down the offer

I just told the manager that he can have back my SONY player... I will get another one, and it will not be a SONY!

Only then did he say that he will get the courier service to mail it to me..

Speak about good service...

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