Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Nuffnang will fail?

Was browsing thru the web today..

And I came across this site: Why Nuffnang will fail!

It sort of exposes why Nuffnang charges a sum for cashing out of accounts and yet lowers the minimum required to withdraw the money.

The site also accuses the founders of Nuffnang as having other big names in celebrity blogging as the people to have the lion's share of earnings. In fact, I did not know that the owners of Nuffnang even feature the ad units on their own personal blogs and are even making money from it. Doesnt this make them competitors to other users???

All the big hoo haas and 'exposures'... it's really making me lose confidence!

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Calvin Soo KJ said...

hihi....i came across your blog thru "why huffnang will fail". kinda interesting huh? i myself have taken nuffnang out, took advertlets instead. btw, you have an interesting blog. cheers....