Friday, October 31, 2008

Dad and Mum will provide...

Mum and Dad will provide for them???

What is becoming of undergraduates, like this NTU undergrad, Agnes Lin, who think that their parents will provide for them??

Especially for their extravagant ways of living like busting $1000 bucks on a shopping trip?

Also, I find it disgusting that she says that it is stupid for students to find work to earn extra cash, isnt it even worse then sponging on your own parents?

I like the last part where she says that she will spend her first pay packet on a $4000 Chanel Bag. Like as though she will able to find a job of that amount as soon as she graduates and for all you know, with the current inflation going on, the price of a Chanel Bag will cost more then $4000 of today!!!

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Serene said...

GOSH! Read already hot man!

It's time to instil the right attitude into ya kids parents!